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Nice Post Emilio!!!

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Good luck!!

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Good tip!!!

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Well done... Well done...

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This post is funny as shite!

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I think many gamers would find this opinion piece useful. If your an expert in where to find games you might find this story lame but others may find it very useful.

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Not gonna happen. Read my post and you'll see why.


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To be fair, you probably could not get much dumber...So it's really a wash in your case. LOL!

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The Obamacare and Entitlements sentence was meant to be satirical.. And to your point. Ok, so there is some political content, but I am neither cheering for, nor castigating Obama in this article. Let's just make that clear.

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It's not a politics article nor a Red and Blue debate. read it before you speak your mind. It's about gaming folks.

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Good point but these are the Top 3 "Speculations" revealed, or the "Top 3 revealed speculations". Either way, they are the "Top 3" for both the Xbox 720 and PS4,and that is the essence of the piece.

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Enemy Crab, our newest Author breaks down for us the top 5 free MMORPGs.

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Pretty Sweet Walk Through.

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Sometimes it's just about straight fun with your friends. Hanging out and trash talkin'.

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Hate to waste a comment on this but I have retitled the submissions. Just want to be sure this will work so that the "Report" can be removed.

Thanks, and thanks to all who approve!


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PETA? I'm sure it's a nonprofit so donations and some government funding.

Rich people, anyone really, who love pets have no problem donating money and taking a tax deduction.

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PETA is straight up trolling.

They picked a popular kids and adults video game series and used it to spread their message.

I don't disagree with their message. I love animals.

The strange thing is that they made such a bold approach by using a game that does not encourage cruelty to animals. In fact the opposite.

So with that said, like so many others that target games without fully understanding them, are they just m...

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Making a Pokemon game to make their point, is the wrong way for PETA to approach this.

Publicity stunt. Pokemon has nothing to do with cruelty to animals.

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Yeah. The changes in the flashlight should please both sides of the issue. It's a good compromise I think.

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being on a console should help with the PC requirements. No more worries on that end.

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