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I love the way she puts the smack down on Batman. That's a good fight!

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dude, N4G had it on Vita!

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While you have valid points, and ones that I agree with, I think you may be missing the the big picture.

I've always been hesitant to believe that racism existed in gaming. Gender problems YES, but racism, no.

But wait. As I pay closer attention, I am able to see more of it. Sometimes it's subtle and sometimes it's pretty obvious.

This is not to mention what goes on during COD matches in chat. That's a whole can of worms and...

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I think this list is unique and very diverse.

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Wow! really good article. Pretty bold and in your face.

I think it may be a little flawed though. Google does not look are just at the title. It looks at the content also.

But nonetheless. I think the strategy is sound. I may just try it. But I'll use XBOX 720 instead. Theoretically, it should also work, right?

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Did you filter by category, "Games Console"?

Your findings were correct, but it's in how you search. Junk in, Junk out. To properly gather data from any of Google's tools, you have to know how to use Google.

For example some people do not know that under the Local column, the results mean U.S. And global means global.

There are so many nuances to using Google's information.

This is too why so many sit...

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Seem like some decent deals along with a coupon codes applicable to AC3 and Far Cry 3.

The 75% seems to be on older PC titles like Risen 2: Dark Waters.

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Well, I will use my last bubble to agree with you.

I don't think they care much about the PC community, or as you put it, they don't give a shit.

I know that's where I got my CoD start. On my trusty PC. Today, I don't think I could afford a rig that could run this game at full blast.

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Black Ops 2 in my opinion has put the FPS Genre in the limelight like no other shooter has since the first Halo.

I have played BF3. I actually prefer it, but no game since the original Halo has made such an impact in the industry such as this latest CoD game.

You can't re-invent FPS. By definition it's standardized. First Person Shooter (Until they go Minority Report Style later in the future), but you can, and CoD HAS, taken the Genre to a new Comm...

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Your most welcome, haha!

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Disregard my previous comment. User entitled to post articles with ads.

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ninavoljic is upset I marked her submission is SPAM because it was full of ads and sexual content.


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2009d ago

It's hard not to go with Gamestop with all the dang deals they got.

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Jek, I'm pretty sure you did diss his mother... Totally uncool.

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I could not agree with you more.

Xbox Live is becoming for me more than just a way to play games.

I watched UFC 154 GSP vs Condit on Xbox Live and it worked perfectly, in HD and for $38 instead of the $60 I normally pay for UFC fights.

With their deals with Fox, The UFC, and Hulu, Xbox Live is stronger than ever. The story is almost laughable.

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This is an interesting story and proposition.

I think, however, that what is not being sufficiently considered is the inroads that Xbox Live has made into other media.

For Example, I watched UFC 154 on Xbox Live instead of my Dish Network PPV, for the first time and had no problem, and intend to watch every UFC PPC event on Xbox Live after this "test".

Xbox Live has Deals with the UFC, Fox and Hulu just to name a few.

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My Bad. Click TWICE on the Calendar!!!!!

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Color Coded for easy Reading. Once you go to the full story click on the Calendar to maximize it.

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Get Your Black Friday Game Plan Together Now!

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