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I could not agree with you more.

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Could not disagree more. This appears to have a great mix of Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed in a graphically appealing environment.

It's going to do well.

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@ commonsense

If I look at a BF3 trailer and compare it to Warface Trailer, I'm telling you, Warface looks better.

But, like tubers said, it's the cinematic effects that adss to the realism. I don't see how this game could be bad. It's out in Russia already.

And freakin free. Or at least it will be. But also, on tricked out Rig, the graphics and sounds effects I think will out do most shooters.

If Crytek wa...

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This game looks absolutely epic. The insane trailer is included the the full post. Makes BF3 look like child's play. Crytek may be on to something here.

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Yeah, that;s the thing. The term does generate some contempt among some people. But I think it's mainly a source of pride.

I'm not trying to wonder off here but for a long time Gays had to live in secret and ostracized. They had to push themselves on the scene and generate their own confidence by uniting. "We're here, we're queer, get used to it". And guess what, most of us did get used to it.

But it would not have happened had the...

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I think the article takes a hardline against the term "Girl Gamers" and girl gamers in general, but I agree with about 10% of what the Anonymous author says.

I've seen many a girl gamer that's just a poser, which discredits the real ones.

I have no problem with the term Girl Gamer itself. I do think women have been playing games for a while, but it's only recently that they have started to really put their mark on the scene. I say Kudo...

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Almost there. Seriously taking the day off of work.

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man, can't wait!!!

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agreed!! cant complain about the current boss but ive had some i wanted to take out back and hadouken.

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Every culture is different and has different values. How they perceive the world etc.

For example, Americans will gladly criticize their own leaders and government, but if a foreigner or a foreign country makes the very same criticism, Americans fiercely defend their country.

Another example is that European countries, and the Eastern block has a more pessimistic, or your could say realistic view of the world, while Americans are incredibly optimistic to the...

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This is easily the best article on Halo 4 I've had the privilege to post. Kudos, Veritas!

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Everyone knows elves are strong!

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That's your opinion bro. And your entitled to it.

I personally like the piece even though I did not write it.

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Any and all approvals are gratefully accepted and very much appreciated.

Please note: This is an Opinion Piece.

Please do not Report it because you don't like the title or article, unless a report truly applies.

Please Do not Comment unless you actually READ the article.

Also, I DID NOT WRITE this. Don't kill the messenger.

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Then My Job Here Is Done! The Ass Pic Worked!!! :-)

Although it totally applies. They ARE wearing PINK, and they are GAMING!

Nothin wrong with clickin' for the ass. It's a beautiful thing!


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The short answer. YES!

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Pretty freakin awesome review!!!

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That's the deal. You have to go to PC to play. You can't find anything decent on console.

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