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We all know Crysis 3 has 'a lot of graphics', but what about quality content?

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“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this”

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Bioshock, Fallout 3, MGS4 (and the rest of the series) and Heavy Rain/Ico and Shadow of the Colossus/Jak and Daxter Collection (never finished them :/). Most recently, Far Cry 3 and ACIII. It was kinda tough in the past few months with uni and all that but I'm getting more free time now to play. But sometimes I just dont feel like playing a certain game and go play FIFA or any shooter online just to get entertained.

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It's bad if its the games fault. If a feature or game design option is restraining you or blocking other options, then it's a malfunction. Now if you cant do it because the boss is too hard or you're not fast enough, then it's your fault. It's not that hard to distinguish both IMO

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To be honest, this list could be the other way around and it would still make more sense than it is atm

The first Portal was a 3h puzzle game, I found Portal 2 to be better in every single aspect, it has better characters, dialogues, better puzzles and tricks and a overall better flow and pace.

And there are many games that deserve a top 10 spot. Games like LBP, MGS4, RDR or Heavy Rain deserve the top 10 much more than Batman, Walking Dead or even SMG. And im...

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[email protected]

PS3: close to 80 million
Xbox 360: close to 80 million
Wii: just reached 100 million

PS2: 155 million
Xbox: 24 million
Gamecube: 21 million

now that was wiping the floor hardcore mode! The Wii has been dead for over 3 years now, and the Wii U looks like a reanimated corpse.

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The big selling point of the Wii U was its controller. And it sucks. What makes it different from current gen consoles? abosolutely nothing, apart from the lack of games and terrible ports. When the next gen comes, the Wii U will be history if Nintendo continues like this. I dont even know if Zelda and Mario can save Nintendo if the PS4/Xbox720 are really sucessful. If Nintendo wasnt so sucessful with the handheld market, you could say they were facing doom, but since they have that pretty mu...

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Hero: Journey's character
Villain: Vaas

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Peter Molyneux 2.0. Expect this one doesnt hype his games (since he has none now), he just talks shit.

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"It’s just a shame that even after a 2-hour presentation I’m left with more questions than answers. "

How is this guy a journalist? Srls, no wonder no one respects gaming journalism anymore, this is just getting ridiculous.

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Competitive gaming is utterly boring to watch, either its RTS, FPS or fighting games. Fighting games have some epic moments, but its not appealing enough.

But a Video Game Channel would be a good idea. With news, events, reviews, previews and competitive gaming, why not. They could also have some youtubers around. But i guess thats too expensive and wouldnt have the effect people wanted (why watch it on TV when you can watch it on your pc?).

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Yeah because Nintendo had all the innovative indie games and the big aclaimed triple A series right?...oh no it didnt.

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Tbh the biggest design faults are the missing L2 and R2, how are you supposed to cross-play console games without it? I understand no clickable analog sticks, but missing buttons is too much. Also I think it could be a little bit more comfortable to handle, it's bulky, but not in a good way.

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Everyone is like "once zelda, metroid and mario 3d come out, it will outsell everyone". Those werent the titles that made the Wii sucessful. And those titles didn't make the Gamecube sell a lot either. Nintendo is traped, they either go for casual or hardcore. And they dont have the 3rd parties to for hardcore, and the casual market has changed and MS is trying to grab the rest of it.

Dont compare it to the 3DS, the handheld market is completely different, it...

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So, Knack, Driverclub, WatchDogs, Destiny, deep down and The Witness were all new IPs...while the only sequels were Killzone, inFamous and Diablo III.

People are trying so hard to trash Sony that it's becoming borderline retarted.

Besides all that, the Meeting was just a tease, Sony will bring out the big guns at E3 (Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Sony Santa Monica and such).

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Last week: Killzone is CGI, all pre-rendered

This week after Jimmy Fallon's demo: It looks like crap, it doesnt look like next gen, crysis 3 and pc games are miles ahead

there you go, pc gamers logic

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Frostbite 2 with new physics system and i'm sold!

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More pc butthurt fanboys? Go play your mediocre Crysis 3 which has great graphics and let Sony deliver the quality games.

Remember Uncharted 1? Look what happen 2 years later when ND dominated the console. It's all about the devs talent, which is lacking in pc nowadays (most worry about the money, others worry about the graphics, no one worries about the game and the gamers, thats a fact, just look at Diablo for example, the f2p and indie games are probably the best game...

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That was at E3 when they promised they would show the new console. This was a PlayStation Meeting about the PlayStation future, Sony never even mentioned the PS4 previously. Besides, it was just an announcement, a tease. You'll see the console at E3 at the final reveal. If by then Sony doesnt show the console then there's something wrong with them.

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Do you want to play Journey 2? Just finish the game, you'll be able to play your 2nd journey then ;)

Srls, Journey is one of those games that surely doesnt need a sequel, i dont even understand how they'd make a sequel out of it tbh

All i'm interested is in their next project, which will focus even more in the online aspect, and with the next gen consoles being to social and having so many online features, it will be a interesting game.

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