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No you can. If the Wii U is at a bad situation at the moment, it will only get worse once Sony and MS announce their new consoles.

The Wii is seen as it controlled this generation sales wise, but when you compare numbers, it doesnt seem that far from the PS3 and X360. The Wii has sold 100 million while the PS3 and X360 are close to 80 million. Besides, the Wii market that bought all the shovelware is gone, and all the gamers are waiting for the next PlayStation and Xbox.

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lolwut I just went to GAME today and it was packed, I had to wait about 10 minutes in the qeue. With hits like Skylanders and CoD, the UK market is actually growing.

No one cares about Nintendo anymore, that's the matter. Do you think all the moms and kids that bought the Wii will care if Wind Waker gets a Wii U release or not? lol

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Looks as good as the new God of War, congrats Nintendo /s

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IMO it's the gameplay core mechanica of the special attack being the only thing that can kill. It kinda ruins the fun the game should have. There should be a kind of health/damage system where you would die when you take to many hits, and the special attacks would kills as well. Because when you fail a special attack, you lose, that's it. A game like this is not supposed to be that competitive and tactical, it's supposed to be more fun oriented. That's the only thing I didnt l...

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ND released another gameplay trailer today featuring the clickers (aka zombies) and there was the Gamescom/PAX gameplay demo (which was the same as the E3 one but played in a completely different way).

TLOU is deserving all the hype it's getting, and to be honest, I only expect to be even better.

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Everything is better than a game running in UDK. I don't understand how that became a standard, I guess its because its cheap and easy to use in comparison to other branded engines.

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Why would R* release it next gen when it has no userbase? Sure, many would buy it because its GTAV, but thats not the majority (I doubt most people would buy a 400-500 dollar console for GTAV).

Besides, it launches in September, which means its before next gen launches.

IMO GTAV will be released BOTH in current gen in September and then next gen whenever they come out (but with no graphical differences at all). It's seems a bit odd, but I guess R* doesnt ...

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This game looks bad even if it was coming to the PS1 lol it all looks so clunky and rushed, even the dialogue. Gameplay looks absolutely atrocious. I'm not even talking about the graphics since it's a downloadable title. They should've done like The Walking Dead game and go for a cartoony/cell shade look and point&click or simpler gameplay.

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The Deus Ex one is simply amazing...

Btw, this would be his favourite trailers of this gen, not THE best trailers of all time. Go watch GT's top trailers, there are some masterpieces there.

Not even a mention to AC cinematics, Gears 'Mad World' or Dead Island?

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Square and Square Soft changed not only the JRPG genre but the industry as well, they ruled the times of the PS1 and PS2 and were extremely important with the first FF's during NES and SNES.

Monolith? Ok, Xenoblade is a magnificient game, but this generation is full of talented devs and amazing games.

If you said Level-5 or Atlus, it would be odd enough, but Monolith? no way

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Is this the 3rd part support Nintendo was talking about? :P

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Yes. Some games are pure entertainment (like mobile games, arcade games and games like sports, racing and such), but deep down most games have a narrative. Even Super Mario has a narrative, as simple and straight forward as it is, it's still a narrative, you have a purpose and a goal.

Let's take a look at Journey for example. It has no dialogue, no text whatsoever. It's going from here to there. But why is it so good and memorable? Because you're able to inter...

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I wish that guy isnt the main character, he looks so generic :/ I would love to have that girl as a main character like Ghost in the Shell. I hope this game is also influenced not only by the world and style of Ghost in the Shell, but also by its psychological and metaphysic dilemnas.

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So TLOU will flop because it wont sell well? Well, the first Uncharted didn't sell well either. And UC2 isnt even the best selling game of the PS3 despit being probably the best one.

Besides, I find it very unlikely for ND to continue TLOU after this game, I think it's a solo game, just like Heavy Rain. They'll be working on UC4 for the PS4 and maybe a new game idea. TLOU was simple something out of the box, Sony gave them space to create something new and they di...

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The problem is that Nintendo is trying to go both ways now. They have the Wii Sports U and all that sholvelware no one really cares about anymore. And they have some (but not enough) 3rd party support. Then for 1st party they have the same games and series for the past 25 years.

If PS4's and new Xbox's specs are confirmed to be as powerful as they've been rumoured and if they have such innovations as illuminroom and AR and they launch with some epic 1st party alon...

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150 million PS2s vs 20 million Gamecubes...70 million PS3's vs 90 million Wiis

Spot the failure.

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So highest rated mean they're the best? So GTAIV is the best game ever? SMG are hardly the best platformers of this gen, and they're far from being the best games around.

Mario games are getting saturated, Nintendo has done a wonderful job at rebooting it, going 3D, HD and all that, but it's always the same, it doesn't change as much as Nintendo wants it to change. We need something new, stop throwing Mario games at us.

No one ever criticises...

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I like how when it was Uncharted 2's multiplayer, no one gave a fuck and everyone criticise it (and judge it by saying it would damage the SP campaign, lol). Now with TR they're trying to get excuses on how the series needs a MP and how good it looks.

To be honest, this MP will be dead in less than 6 months. FYI, Uncharted 2 MP still is active and UC3 has a very strong community (as well as worldwide competitive tournaments once in a while).

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Yeah, no wonder all the best handheld games of last year were Vita games. It might not sell, but it sure has some quality games. The 3DS (pretty much like all Nintendo consoles) is remake after sequel after port.

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As much as I despise Pachter, his statements about the Wii U and Nintendo have come closer to the truth.

Deep down we all know the Wii U is just a Wii with the HD and online features the PS3 and X360 already had back this gen.

Fanboys come saying Nintendo always innovates when it comes to controllers. You know what? Since the NES that they've changed their controller every single new console release. The DS is 15y old and is still up to date. Without the ...

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