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Man, I was used to the insecure Nintendo and Xbox fanboys, but PC fanboys? sheeet, the PS4 is really doing some damage and it isn't out yet lmao #15
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PS4 = The best devs in the world that really know how to work with all the console has to offer ´

PC = a bunch of graphic whores that just deliver mediocre games (im looking at you crytek) #29
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There are 2 problems with the Steambox. If it's supposed to be like a high end pc with a similar price, then why wouldnt you build a high end pc? And if it's just a midclass pc then why wouldnt you buy a console or stick with your pc?

Valve has to offer more with the SteamBox than power, because PC gamers won't be interest in it, and neither will the console gamers. #19
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It's not about the console, it's about sending the message.

Sony showed us what's inside the console and what the console does (from features to software). Tbh the console itself is the least important bit, but it seems it's the one that captures people's attention. Just wait until E3, then you'll have that epic moment where the PS4 will rise from the middle of the stage and Kaz will hold it Lion King style. #6
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"Okay guys, everyone is getting tired of Mario games, what should we do?"
"What about starting make Luigi games instead?"
"Brilliant!" #10
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As much as mouse is more accurate, I think the console controller is more immersive, the triggers and analogs 'simulate' shooting and spriting, the vibration is also really cool when you're shooting and the fact that you use your whole hand instead of your fingers makes it more practical as well (i know the keyboard has more hotkeys and customisation).

Overall I think it depends on the player, I'm not used to keyboard/mouse for FPS, but I have friends that are... #7
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The fresh smell of a vaporware. Available 2018. #9.1
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Versus and TLG on the PS4 = internet explodes #11
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Because theres a lot of variety. You have a lot of TPS, Hack n' Slash, FPS, Platformers, Racing games, etc... Some people may like GT5 but they dont like Motorstorm. Others prefer Killzone to Resistance or LBP over Ratchet and Clank.

Xbox exclusives sell because it's one of each genre, you have Halo for FPS, Gears for TPS, Fable for RPG, Forza for racing...

Sony doesnt really care if their games sell a lot or not, they gives us variety and thats good.... #17
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Just show a ND, GG and MM game and tease GT6 and TLG. #6
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Such a lackluster list. I'd say Journey, it's the perfect game for everything and every moment. #4
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Not even one Final Fantasy mention? Gears of War? GTA? lolwut #2
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The PS4 has no games. /s #27
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Almost as good as Nintendo Dogs! #18
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I admire the fact that he respect Sony for everything they've done for his company and his games. He's not like Phil Fish that only wanted the money and the contract. Jenova knows Sony helped not only through money but through knowledge and experience, each games is better than the previous and Sony let him take risks.

No wonder we only see games like Journey, LBP or SotC from Sony, they are interested in gaming above everything else. #3
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I actually dont remember not buying or buying a game solely because of its demo. I dont even remember the last time I played a demo lol I just watch trailers, see some gameplay footage, get some background story on what going on and if I'm interested, ill buy the game. Sometimes there are games where you need to get your hands to with (RPGs or racing/sports games), but even so, demos dont hurt their sales.

I remember playing inFAMOUS and Uncharted demos (the original ones... #7
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This guy is even more pretentious and arrogant than David Cage (and that's a particular hard achievement!)

Cage doesnt want a game without violence. He wants a game where you get a gun and the game makes you wonder why you have the gun, how you'll use it, what will happen when you'll have to point it at someone and pull the trigger. That excitement, that fear and regret. Not the game where having a gun and shooting people is routine and its a simple gameplay mecha... #10
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Man everyone has been talking about Guerrila, ND, QD and Sony Santa Monica and no one remembered MM. And you know a game coming out from this guys must be good. Cant wait. #4
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This article is 4 years late lol Have you noticed that they're releasing FFXIII-3 right? I'm pretty sure everyone has dropped that idea of being xbox's fault a couple of years ago. #8
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A gamer is someone that plays and cares about games. Just like any film or book enthusiastic. I watch films, but I don't consider myself as a film person because I dont really care. But I care about games, I care about the industry, the news and releases, the rumours and reviews.

I have friends that played Uncharted and RDR but they're not gamers, because they dont care. They bought them because those games were in the top charts and everyone was talking about them. N... #1
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