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A Franchise that defined a generation? lolwut no one gives a fuck about ME anymore, it wasnt even in the top 5 games of last year and it is far from 'defining' this gen.

If I was to pick a game/series that defined this gen I would say Uncharted 2 for example, because it brought so many new things to the table and influenced so many other games, that it can truly be called gen-defining. But ME? It's not even an RPG anymore, it's a TPS with some lousy moral choi...

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So something like Ni No Kuni? lol

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Sony always wins when it comes to flops :P /lamepun

Can't wait for the next gen announcements, all these rumours are making me anxious. I hope we don't get disappointed with the actual specs after all these rumours.

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To be honest, the fact that it might have another short haired, caucasian main character is much more alarming than the female character. If she was the mains character (like Ghost in the Shell), that'd be awesome. But another generic guy?

Btw, I don't understand why it's sexist because the girl is kinda hot. All female characters in films and tv are hot or somewhat pretty. And like someone said above, it's supposed to be some kind of cyborg.


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I have an Uncharted 2 limited edition signed by Justin Richmond and Arne Meyer...I have all kinds of limited editions (from infamous to killzone, uncharted, skyrim, AC, ME, GT, GoW, FFXIII, etc...) but this one is probably my most valuable one (as it's kinda of unique). Eventhough I have numbered editions like the Deus Ex and Naruto ones, this Uncharted 2 is my gold gem (I also have the first uncharted signed as well).

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If ND does that in a year where games like Bioshock Infinite, GTAV, new MGS and so on are also released, it's a big, a giant accomplishment for ND. They've established themselves as probably the best devs this gen. TLOU might launch them to the best devs ever hall of fame. And I'm pretty sure they have something amazing for the PS4 as well.

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Let me get this straight. Is it an all time greatest dev awards? So Mojang seems stupid and Nintendo should be at the top (no discussion there, it's a fact!) followed by Valve and Rockstar. Or is it a greatest devs of this gen? Because ND would probably be at the top probably followed by Nintendo, Ubi or Bethesda (maybe Valve and R* as well).

Oh, it's EDGE.

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The first Uncharted was heavily influenced by TR, but ND has given the series its own personality and identity. It's an action/adventure rollercoaster cinematic blockbuster. It's more of the likes of Indiana Jones, Die Hard and James Bond than of TR and Lara Croft. And this TR has been heavily influenced by UC2/3, that's a given.

I just don't feel TR has an identity of its own anymore, its trying to be new with action set pieces and a cinematic feel, but tries...

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Pure classy journalism. Where 6 gifs (not that good either) make it an article.

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The fungus is not only capable of affecting the human body but also its behaviour and psicology. Just imagine Joel or any other character is infected all the way through the game and it's behaviours are all controlled by the fungus. Man, I wish it fucks up our minds and hearts, I wish it's something like the indocrination theory in ME3 (which never happenned, but it's amazing just thinking about it) in which the whole game is just a big mind fuck and you don't know how to sepa...

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lol, this are some delusional and innacurate predictions.

I believe next gen will be teased at GDC, announced at E3 and fully playable at Gamescom.

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Games have the power to create unique, unrealistic and fantastic worlds, yet, most of the devs this gen just chose to go for the realistic war scenes or post-apocalyptic zombie crap. We need more sci fis, steampunk, cyberpunk games!

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If Nintendo doesn't even appeal to triple A 3rd party studios, do you really think it will appeal to indie devs? Indie devs have established themselves in the PC and XBL in last couple of years and recently in the PSN. It won't happen by magic in the Wii U, specially when Nintendo never supported or had any interest in the indie market and devs.

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Troll GOTY award of the year? lol

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We understand Xbox exclusive sell more, so does Wii Sports and CoD, does that make them the best games out there? I don't think so.

And don't try to fool anyone, Uncharted 2 completed killed it in 2009, it won everything it could won.

And Journey has been the most awarded game (with also the most GOTY awards) this year, TWD had the VGA's, but no great gaming site actually picked it as their GOTY.

And last year was really competiti...

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Yeah, in a year when Sony didn't really have their biggest series launches, it still manages to grab all the GOTY awards with a downloadable game against the biggest Xbox exclusive series.

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stop putting TLG and Versus XIII as games due to next just remind us gamers how they'll never come out :(

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More gimmicks? Gimmicks have been around in gaming for decades now, but how do we play games? Controllers and keyboard/mouse. Just give us games, better games. Better graphics, engines, physics, AI, scripts and creativity above all. Screw those AR crap. Maybe one day that'll be good, but it's too early, it's still too gimmicky.

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UC MP works because it adds the comedy of the SP to the MP as well. You have taunts, pull downs/kick offs, some ridiculous platforming and ziplines, kickbacks and so on. That just doesn't work in this TR that is trying to be a survival game.

Seriously, this TR has no identity whatsoever. Is it a TPS? An action/adventure? A platformer? A survival? What is it??

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So after 15 years, the Pokemon series go 3D (some wacky 3D, seems like a N64 version) and somehow it's new and fresh again lmao

As much as I like Pokemon and still keep playing them, it's a shame how Nintendo doesn't even try anymore and just gives the fans what they want (which is more of the same). And since everyone still has that nostalgia and love for Pokemon, no one can really admit how milked the franchise has been and how uninteresting it has become.

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