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I came for the puns...i was disappointed D:

Nevertheless, both of them had childish and immature behaviour and none of them are correct in what they've been saying. Besides that, Fish has always been a d*ck about everything in the industry, criticising everyone and everything when all he has done was a game in 5 years and a documentary about how much of a d*ck he is.

This is actually bad to the indie community. Most indie devs are actually really nice peo...

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tbh the 3D is still a gimmick, but most games dont care about it. Besides, the 3DS has a ridiculous good library now and awesome games to be released. As good as some Vita games are, i have to say the 3DS has more appeal.

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Joel lived 20 years in 'that' world. He knows nothing works anymore. Even if they discovered a cure (which would be very difficult since they've been trying for decades now), they would never be able to get it to everyone. There are no cities, the quarantines zones are disapearing, its everyone for themselves. Besides, Joel still has that gruge from when her daughter was killed. It was for humanity because they were eliminating any human with signs of infection is sight, but it ha...

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Thats why the only F2P game i play is LoL because its definitely not P2W, the only exclusive paid features are skins, and sure you can buy champions, but you can do that with in game currency as well. Some F2P models are crappy which leaves the game and the players to the P2W situation.

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The problem is that if ND made that you'd kill women, it would be a problem because you would murder women, but since there are no women to kill, the problem is that there are no women to kill.

Srls, feminists need to stfu and people discussing gender roles in video games need to stfu as well.

The strongest characters in the game were female, i cant see how TLOU had any problem portraying the different genders.

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Who cares about Famitsu's scores anyway?

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Halo 4 sold 8 million copies? So? To get completely humilliated by indie games in award ceremonies? Lost GOTY to a episodical series and 2h game? Halo is not the powerhouse it once was, the game is good, it sells, but its momentum has passed.

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Infinite gameplay was a run and shoot FPS with some RPG elements to it. TLOU had new approaches and perfected stealth, survival action and scanvengign/crafting as well as having cinematic moments, exploration and some (really easy) platforming puzzles. There was absolutely nothing wrong with TLOU gameplay. Everytime I played through a level after dying, the enemies would react different even if I tried the same approach, going stealth or guns in were 2 complete different experiences and all o...

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This game is better than anything done in the genre, its the pinnacle of AAA games this gen and of storytelling. Srls it's easily a 10/10 game.

By reading it i guess he didnt understand thus hated the ending. He doesnt even understand that Joel isnt supposed to be likable, its supposed to be as human as possible, in the end he can even be seen as the bad guy of the game, and thats how good ND is at developing characters.

I just love reading reviews in wh...

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Ellie > any Ellen Paige character

I think she's just salty, Ellie's character was revealed more than year and half ago and many comparisions have been drawn since then.

Besides, I dont thinkt the in game Ellie looks like Ellen Paige that much, the VGAs Ellie was a clone, but the in game Ellie looks more like Ashley (the voice actress) than Ellen Paige.

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I dont think he understands The Crew and The Division are MMOs with free roam and are supposed to be played online thus the DRM policies make sense (eventhough there should be an option, its not that bad).

Thats completely different from like playing Rayman and having DRM, that would make absolutely no sense at all.

A lot of games next gen will be about connecting and free roam worlds with multiplayer options, but that doesnt mean single player games will die...

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I dont understand why everyonw is hyping this game...theres a F2P game which I cant remember its name which features mechs and looks amazing, and then this comes and its like "OMG, mechs, this guys are geniuses!!!".

The gameplay is straight up CoD, they just added the mechs for even more unbalanced gameplay lmao compared to BF4 it looks like childs play. I like the mechs concept though, but it just seems like the generic CoD gameplay.

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Dont forget Media Molecule, those guys are geniuses! Besides, we might see somethig from Quantic Dream (besides tech demos) and a bit more of the Order. And ffs, show some TLG on TGS!!

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Tbh i prefer indie games like platformers, point&shoot and isometric shooters/hackn'slash than games like Killzone Mercenary or Uncharted. Eventhough I do like AAA titles, i found Vita to be an awesome place to play indie games. I bought Rayman and it looks gorgeous on that OLED screen...I still have to play Soundshapes and I'll definitely get LIMBO (again)! I cant wait for transistor and I bet it'll look great on Vita.

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How is this guy credited by metacritic? Hes a fucking disgrace to video game journalism.

Journey would be 93, Uncharted would be 93 and TLOU would be 96 without this guy's trolling reviews. Same goes with Bioshock Infinite and Halo 4.

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I'm not buying this now! I mean, a 7.17 was acceptable, but 7.16? Thats just outrageous!!

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damage control engage/

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In the of the day, Ubi still has a contract with Nintendo eventhough their games dont sell well and Rayman Legends is now multi...good luck at trying to sell Watch Dogs on the Wii U lol

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When you call your console Wii U, only focus on the gimmicky controller, have no 3rd party support and dont release any big 1st party game in the console 1st year it means something is not right.

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sooo everyone start meaningless kickstarters/wtv for absolutely no reason at all.

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