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I think all a FF7 remake need is better and more high poly models. It doesnt need a complete makeover, just make models like the current FF's, keep the fixed angle camera, polish the backgrounds (more colour, bit more textures, better lighting) and keep the world map as it is (just upgrade its visuals, but keep it as it is). Apart from the characters I dont feel they need to do any new models from scratch, just polish and give an HD treatement to the environmets!

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2, AC2 and UC2.

UC2 because its my favorite PS3 game, hundres of hours of play between single and multiplayer. AC2 because i had nothing to play during the PSN outage (i was mainly playing UC2 online at the time) and had the patience to get all the freaking feathers xD I dont really care about trophies, theyre fun though

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Hum, it's strange. Because PS4's rumours were good rumours. Change in control design, new social features, share options etc... But somehow all MS rumours are bad, always on, block used games, kinect 2.0...that's not publicity or marketing, that's just awful, especially because they havent even announced the damn console. We know the PS4 exists and its concept and the attitude Sony has towards players and devs. But the new Xbox? A mystery, a 'box' full of rumours and f...

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Its been confirmed as being related to Mewtwo, no one knows if it an evolution or alternate form. Of course its a new pokemon, just because its new it doesnt mean it cant be related with older pokemons.

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Sure, you need to download Steam in order to get it, but you can play any game off-line. I've played LIMBO or Portal several times because I had no internet connection and wanted to be entertained. Your argument doesnt make sense, as much as you do damage control, Adam Orth's words are completely ridiculous.

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The biggest problem isnt the games, the hardware or the marketing. It's the name. It looks and sounds like an update of the Wii, a new controller. Not a next gen console.

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Diablo 3 and Walking Dead? wtf

No AC? Uncharted?

Do you even know what a franchise means? ffs

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Damage control everywhere and the next xbox has not even been announced yet. Damn Sony is doing things the right way.

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Since Sony has jumped on board Nintendo has always been 2nd place, even with the Wii (which apart from the casual, eyetoy clone based gimmicks, its nowhere near the quality of the ps3 or the 360).

Nintendo has survived this past 15 years solely with the handheld market and their 25 year old franchises that everyone loves.

Nintendo is trapped in the past, its a shame though.

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It has been confirmed a couple of weeks ago that it was indeed a movie/mini-series about the deus ex world and the last game. I never heard anything about it though so I'm not sure it's completely true or not.

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PS4 vs reality, PS4 has more GPU memory than reality, can handle more teraflops and polys, PS4 wins /s

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It is true, the most innovative game by Ubi in the past years was the remake of Rayman. But you seem to enjoy the success of series like AC and the milking of Splinter Cell and such with no new ideas whatsoever.

It+s easy to say something, acting and doing it is a lot harder.

As the CEO, what about coming up with a new IP? Watch Dogs seems phenomenal (but kinda goes against your 'teraflops' theory though), but something out of the ordinary would be ev...

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Hum I'm pretty sure gamers know about that from last year. Remember when indie games completely smashed triple A titles? Journey? TWD? Fez? Unfinished Swan? Hotline Miami? FTL?

As good as Bioshock is, you cant name it the masterpiece of this gen nor when/how videogames became art. Thats too subjective and besides that, there are so many good games out there for every kind of gamer nowadays. We are not in those times where there was 2-3 great, unmissable games a year. We k...

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I think next gen devs should work hard with the AI of the enemies (and NPCs as well) instead of making them lifeless killing machines.

I hope devs understand that meaningful gameplay is more important than plot devices to make gameplay longer.

That's something I'm liking about TLOU gameplay vids, you enter a room, you see the enemies and have to work to get around them/kill them. Not wait for the AI to pop their head, for them to obviously flank you ...

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This video was posted 3 weeks ago, not 'fresh of GDC' lol still a phenomenal tribute, love her channel and vids.

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So, its an opensource console that runs mobile/indie titles. Why should we stop palying in our PCs/consoles and start playing angry birds on our tv? OUYA was always more hype than actual content. Besides, with the Vita being able to play so many indie and mobile titles, this is getting even more useless by the day.

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Uncharted 2, it just changed the industry and blew everyone away, from gamers, to critics to even non-gamers. It also showed how games can be like movies and even superior to them.

Journey comes close though.

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Because BF3 campaign was an absolute disaster and BF4 looks just like your average cliche modern shooter.

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Its not even real-time gameplay, just a nice looking tech demo to try to fool people that they're working hard for next gen after seeing BF4 reveal.

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"It's one of our most ambitious games to date"

That says a lot coming from the guys that made Uncharted 2, which is probably still the most polished and ambitious game of this gen.

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