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Breakdown: A Literary Approach to Final Fantasy VII

13h ago - I’ve been throwing the terms “plot” and “story” around a lot lately, and it’s really time to defi... | Retro

Top 10 Mad Scientists in Video Games

17h ago - When you start experimenting with zombies, forgotten gods and killer robots, you've gotta be a l... | PS2

Top 5 Video Game Releases - June 2015

Now - presents to you the Top 5 Video Games We're Looking Forward To In June 2015. | Promoted post

Ranking the Best Final Fantasy Final Bosses

1d 15h ago - Final Fantasy games are defined by their knack for incredible fights. Many of their big boss batt... | PS2

Top 10 Final Fantasy Video Games

2d ago - WM: "It's time we take a look back to the video game franchise that immersed us into the world, o... | PS2

Top 10 Mortal Enemies In Video Games

3d ago - Rivalry is one thing, but it's another when two characters swear their eternal hatred for each o... | GameCube

Another Top 10 Anticlimactic Boss Battles

3d ago - Boss battles should be the ultimate test of all the skills you've been developing in the levels u... | PSP

Never Forget Them: Tifa and Barret

4d ago - Eyes on FF: Welcome everyone to Never Forget Them! Do you ever get bored of hearing about Squall... | PSP

Top 10 Video Games That Aged Badly

4d ago - It’s time to take off those rose tinted glasses and be honest. | PC

Artwork: Final Fantasy VII's Cosmo Canyon, the home of Red XIII and his tribe

4d ago - Final Fantasy VII’s Cosmo Canyon, the home of Red XIII and his tribe, has been redrawn beautifull... | Culture

Best 48 PlayStation Games Ranked by Japanese Gamers: Final Fantasy VII Is on Top

10d ago - The first PlayStation took Japan by storm in 1994, and since then the PlayStation brand has remai... | Retro

Breakdown: An Abridged History of Stories in Video Games

11d ago - Brasel the Gamer takes a look into the history of video game stories. Check out his article at G... | PS2

Game Changers: Final Fantasy VII

12d ago - From Cinelinx: In 1997, Final Fantasy VII debuted and set new standards for the ways games ar... | Retro

Role-Playing Games Have Been My Life, Before I Even Knew What One Was

15d ago - Ahead of the release of 2015's biggest role-playing game, 'The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt', VICE contri... | PC

15 Insane E3 Announcements That Would Shock The World

15d ago - Half-Life 3 confirmed? Silent Hills saved from oblivion? Nintendo’s new console revealed? FFVII r... | PC

We Finally Have an Accurate English Translation of Final Fantasy VII

16d ago - A fan has released a PC mod for Final Fantasy VII that delivers an accurate English translation o... | PC

Prima Games talks Final Fantasy Box Set, The Witcher 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X guides

21d ago - Prima Games talks about the Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides, Th... | PC

4 RPG Moms You Have to Love

23d ago - "Mother's Day is upon us, so let's be total pieces of s*** and honor digital representations of m... | PSP

Who is the Hardest Boss You’ve Ever Faced?

24d ago - In this week's installment of Twinfinite Talks, we ask the staff & community on their opinions on... | Culture

Where Have All The Turn-Based RPGs Gone?

25d ago - Roleplaying games used to be my favorite genre of video game. Final Fantasy VII was the very firs... | Culture

Is the Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX): Official Game Guides collection worth buying?

31d ago - Game Idealist takes a look as to whether or not the upcoming Final Fantasy Box Set (FFVII, FFVIII... | PC

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Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Action Figure released in U.S.

33d ago - The Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Action Figure from Play Arts Kai has been rel... | Culture

PlayStation: From A to Z – The Letter “F”

34d ago - Ken McKown writes: The From A to Z series lets our editors go back and take a look at games from... | Retro

Artist Redesigns the Final Fantasy 7 Cast with a Sci-Fi Anime Aesthetic

37d ago - EB: Deviant Art member MrEdgyart has a line of Final Fantasy 7 pieces that feature radical charac... | Culture

Earth to Ecco: Eco-Friendly Games for Earth Month

39d ago - It’s not easy being green, but the eco-friendly games on this list certainly make it interesting. | PC

A Semi-Useful Guide to Eating and Gaming

43d ago - The union of two of life’s greatest activities, eating and gaming, is a special event that still... | Nintendo DS
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