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Needs more SotC and Okami!

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Finally, Pokemon reached 3D graphics. They're just 15 years behind though lol

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Versus with Luminous engine for next gen, FFXHD for the Vita and KH3 for next gen launch as well. And yet, Square probably won't make none of these.

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Nintendo series live upon their hype. Skyward Sword hasn't near the 'masterpiece' everyone claimed it to be. SMG wasnt either the best game ever as the journalists claimed. And series like Metroid, Kid Icarus, F-Zero, StarFox and such have suffered a drastic downfall in the last couple of years.

What was the last big new series Nintendo created? I'm not talking about The Last Story or Xenoblade, that's 3rd party, single games. I'm talking about establi...

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Yeah, you can play with the other 3 people in the world that have the Wii U version lmao MP based games (which CoD obviously is) are not even about perfomance and graphics, but about the community. I doubt the Wii U version has a better, bigger and more solid community than the PS3/X360 versions.

Besides, who the f*ck will play CoD with the tablet controller? So you have to buy the pro controller if you want to play CoD. So that's extra money. Best version right? lmao

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"Virtue's Last Reward is my game of 2012 because it tells a story that only a video game could tell. It's chilling, heartbreaking, and emotionally exhausting. There's nothing else like it."

You can describe Journey with those exact same words.

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Just because you didn't understand Journey, doesn't mean it sucks. It means you suck, it means you're close-minded and are used to games telling you what to do.

Journey made me believe in the industry again, that there are still some fresh ideas out there and that game can actually go through an evolution just like the film industry did. No one notices, but we are playing the same games with the same game mechanics for more than a decade now. It's something ne...

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This is it, this is your chance Sony, don't ruin it. Tease the PS4, reveal it at E3, show it at Gamescom and release in the end of the year.

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They're games you can only get through download. You can get Skyrim or FC3 for the PC at any game store (eventhough no one does that anymore lol).

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Alan Wake better than Journey? No Hotline Miami, FTL, Mark of the Ninja, The Unfinished Swan or Soundshapes? not sure if serious...

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Cheating enabled by the game devs (like GTA for example) is acceptable. Cheating, especially in MP online, is right down awful.

I also got that Pokemon cheat, infinite everything, shining Arceus and shit. It was fun for a couple of hours, then you realize there is no goal in the game since you have everything and can do everything. Those cheats are bad. But those that give you op stuff like in AOE? They're fun, and they're not game breaking.

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I used to love pokemon. Red/Blue/Yellow and Gold/Silver/Crystal were the sh*t back then. I then played Ruby, it was meh, Diamond was a bit better and White improved on some things, but everytime I play a Pokemon game I know how it's going to turn out, 8 gyms, random encounters, get legendary, elite four, gotta catch 'em all...Pokemon needs a serious rebbot, and to be honest, a full 3D Pokemon for the Wii U would be the killer app they need. Just like Mario and Zelda jumped to 3D, Poke...

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Uncharted multiplayer succeed because of its verticality which made it different from every other TPS on the market and still has a small but strong community.

Either they try to make a hybrid between AC stealth MP and any TPS multiplayer or it just will seem out of place since it's supposed to be a survival/action-adventure game, not a war/crime game.

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Journey should be a flawless winner in this category, it's shameful so many journalists don't even recognized it as a multiplayer game. It was the same thing with Demon's Souls 3 years ago. We've been playing multiplayers like Halo 4 and co-ops like Borderlands 2 for a decade now, but I've never experienced nothing like Journey before.

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The Last Guardian

A game featured in the Top Most Anticipated games since 2009. And the same can be said about Versus XIII lol

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I'm actually surprised there are still journalists that could 'understand' Journey and award it for what it accomplish among the industry. Unlike games like Far Cry 3 or Halo 4, Journey will be remembered for the years to come as a game that changed how we view games. And I hope Journey influences other devs to try different things and think outside the box. It was a shame no one followed Ico's or Okami's footsteps last gen. But with the rise of the indie market, I'm s...

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And CoD is hardcore because you can shoot people in the face and die? You actually need to use your brain and emotions to able to get something out of Journey's experience. It's not a mindless, pure entertaining experience. It has meaning, which each player can decipher how he wants it.

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Why would you get a Wii U if you were going to use the pro controller and completely discard the tablet one? Besides, games like NSBU don't support the Pro controller (which is ridiculous).

And the tablet controller is comfortable but not ergonomic enough for games like CoD or any shooter that requires aiming.

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I got PAS for 24£ on a day GAME was doing some crazy half-price discounts. And it's even better since I have a Vita and it's two versions in one! Besides, the game is actually really cool and has it's differences compared to SSB. It's fun, chaotic and has all those characters we love, what could we want more? :D maybe more characters, but since it's the first game it's a good rost as it is.

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MSG4 does deserve the top spot, but the game that truly defined the PS3 (and this gen as well) was UC2. That game still is incredible and just surprised the whole industry 3 years ago. After playing UC2, I think everyone can agree that every single person just went "WOOOW".

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