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*Good games don't sell bad consoles

FTFY #15
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As good as the new Mario game is, its not at the level of TLOU, GTAV and even Infinite, and they know it. But they just wanted to be controversial and pick the niche choice.

Im not saying it doesnt deserve it, but its the same old Nintendo getting his shoes licked by the industry for doing the same thing with a different cover every time. But then again, people will talk about TLOU influence and landmark in the end of this generation, how GTAV redefinied the open world again... #5
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The problem is that Geoff was the one hyping the announcements. He told us there would be a lot of big games going to be announced, and none of that happened. That and the fact that the new format of the show was terrible and hard to watch. #4
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Awful show, awful awards, awfully awful. #9
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Remember the original Uncharted? Remember the evolution for Uncharted 2 in just 2 years? Yeah, there's still a lot more to do with the PS4. I cant even imagine what ND and Santa Monica can do with its power. #18
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So Drake is blowing up space stations and shuttles? awesome xD #5
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Journey is actually one of the most underrated gems of this generation. It received humble 8s and 9s when it came out then no one talked about it because other games were getting released (such as ME3 and all the tragedy behind it).

Then when it came to the GOTY season everyone looked back on how Journey was meanigful and unforgettable and that it truly deserved GOTY.

thatgamecompany was near bankrupcy when they released Journey, im pretty sure they didnt ... #6.2
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In Pong and Tetris you just move up and down so they're not games right? people can be so ignorant #9.1
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Lol at people saying Journey is overrated when GTAV and GTAIV sit at 97 and 98 on metacritic lmao

Journey is one of the most unique and innovative games ever and it pushed the boundaries of the medium where probably no game has gone before (Ico and SotC are great examples of games trying to get pass that).

If you didn't understand or appreciate Journey, its not the game's fault, its your fault. #10
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So is Square really making us wait a whole decade for this game? I mean, they re-announced it this year so I was expecting it to come out next year in Japan/2015 in Europe/NA...but 2016? thats pushing it a bit too much. #21
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Does this guy even know what a NPC means? and how is garen more famous than League? If it was Teemo i'd understand lmao #5
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So ingame models look like plastic barbies instead? Looks awful imo But i guess people enjoy it. I prefer environment mods (i saw one before that made Skyrim looks astonishing). #8
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Sometimes I cant believe this is current gen reading some news and articles about the game. The size and detail of the worlds seems massive, something that we've never seen this gen. R* is raising the bar, even for next gen titles.

I wasnt very hyped for GTAV, but from the past trailers and news, oh god, this seems like the game that will start next gen while being current gen! #1.3
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Rime? Witness? Any indie game out there? heck even the next gen titles like KZ, inFamous, Witcher and so on have plenty of colour...tbh I think the Grey FPS have ended, even CoD and Titanfall and quite colorful now. #11
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Who cares about famitsu scores anyway? so its almost as good as nintendo dogs and FFXIII? lol #9
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Looks gorgeous, but judging from the last gameplay trailer, it looks awful, full with QTEs, slow mos and chaotic gameplay (in a bad way). It's basically a CGI movie in which you just press a button, and not even a good one (like HR for example). #11
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Who cares about CoD and online communities anymore though? Being a female or not, you should expect trolls and stupid people when playing online, there's nothing devs can do about it really. All I can say is play with friends as its a lot better than being trolled all by yourself lol #11
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Why bring LoL to consoles when its free and everyone owns a PC/Mac already? There's no point in being ported to consoles, especially because you would need KB/M to play it, which would make it ridiculous to play in a console instead of just playing in your PC. #2.3
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I always think of UC2 as a better game than UC3 but then I remember the desert scene, the plane, the cruise, the chateau, the, the game had flaws but it had some of the most memorable sequences of gaming for sure. #5
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oh here we go again. When its people killing, harassing and threathning each other is no big deal nowadays, but if it involves a female or any minority it's public news and a world scandal.

Besides, there are a lot of douches online, ive played against some real nice guys and also against some c*nts. You cant generalize gaming by one individual's experience. Just like Anitta, I bet she picked the worse out of the whole experience to make an headline.

... #5
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