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Are they going to show us that engine demo they've shown like 5 times already? lol

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What is Nintendo smoking? What about the rest of the world in which there are NO BestBuys? We cant watch livestreams? gameplay demos? trailers? Besides, E3 is for the devs, journalists and investors, which Nintendo really needs to captivate in order to survive next gen lol

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So the Wii U will make a comeback when the PS4 and new XBox launch with all their 1st party and heavy 3rd party support that the Wii U will never have because its underpowered and not dev friendly? yeah, makes sense /s

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HD patapon with touch controls? that would be sweet! and i even think the rear touch pad would actually be useful for Patapon.

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The 3DS has a great library, but you cant even compare it to the Gameboy, not even mentioning the PS1, PS2, SNES and N64. Damn, even the Vita had 4 out of the 5 top handheld games of last year and its supposed to have no games. The 3DS has a large library but no killer apps (mario games, monter hunter and the upcoming pokemon can be killer apps, but how many times have we played them before? how about something new nintendo?).

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Recently I read ND said that they've failed the transition between the PS2 and the PS3...if Uncharted DFs was a failure and UC2-3 and TLOU are the evolution of that failure I cant wait to see what they have when they actually feel prepared and ready with the PS4!

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No Uncharted 2? I remember people claiming it was CGI and pre-rendered footage like the infamous Killzone 2 demo. Then ND showed the E3 demo and everyone jaw just dropped. Even today UC2 look amazing, and UC3 desert level remains one of the most visually spectacular levels in videogames.

Nice mentioning of Journey though, the colour palette of that game is fantastic.

I guess this article is more about artstyle...but games like MGS, Crysis, BF3 and such should...

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A damage control article from a website called WiiUdaily? nothing new here folks

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Nintendo is basically giving the show to Sony and MS to fight each other of. Nintendo kinda admits they've lost with these decisions.

Anyone that thinks this was a smart move has absolutely no idea what E3 means to the industry, the gamers and investors.

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The title should've been "Can you beat Journey without killing anyone?" like those Dishonered/Deus Ex articles :P this one is kinda dumb though

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Brace yourselves, damage control is coming lol

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Hum, Xbox360 is already a terrible name, Infinite sounds a bit better, especially since the logo looks kinda neat.

I miss Sega's consoles names though. Saturn, Dreamcast, those names were awesome!

Btw, everything is better than Wii U lol

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EyeToy, a PS2 camera with a lot of gimmicky, kinect style games. Kinect is just even more gimmicky.

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The concept is very similar, thats true. But PoI has a great story and an awesome set of characters. We dont know nothing about Watch Dogs besides that fact that you can hack the entire city. So I'm still stepping back when hyping up this game, it can simply turn into a GTA-clone, an AC/FC3 based missions or something terrible like that, one never knows.

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1 word.
2 hours.
100s of awards.


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Nice models, nice textures, terrible lighting and shadows. The colour palette is rather unusual, i like it.

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All i know is that most PS4 rumours (either from gamers, journalists or devs) are positive and the new Xbox are negative (from the architecture to the games, always on, used games, kinect, tv shenanigans, price, etc...). And that's a good sign how everyone is approving the PS4 and what Sony wants do with it.

Tbh the smartest move Sony had in years was the 20th February announcement. It was not about the console, but about sending the message (lame quote wtv). It showed th...

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Who the hell still plays Minecraft? (besides those tryhards wannabes youtubers). Minecraft was all hype, LBP brought the create, play and share to all the gamers, but somehow everyone sees Minecraft as the game where you can do anything. Never understood it tbh

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I somehow agree that it failed as a reboot, because it doesnt feel like a Tomb Raider game, its a fantastic game, but i lacks the indentity of the previous games.

Btw, hes not saying the game is bad, but that the reboot was as sucessful as he had wish.

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No Uncharted 2? Or Bioshock? Mass Effect? Or even Journey? Ico or SotC? CS?

Just because some games are fairly recent doesnt mean they havent change the industry in some sort.

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