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Bad idea for Sony. Keep working on getting your company out of the red. This is a silly risk they don't need right now and really can't afford to loose more money on. They must of invested a ton of r&d in this for the shareholders to approve this. I say let facebook fail with it first as they have the money and then Sony can fix what they did wrong.

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Maybe someday but not in this generation. I really expect it to be more of a niche item for the PC market and with consoles just another accessory that will fade like 3D has or currently is doing. Even bluray for movies is falling flat as many production centers are closing runs and scaling back with people either going digital or on demand or staying with the massive dvd library. Even walmart has cut back there selection. So virtual reality will take off in the future when the tech works muc...

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Wow, people spend there weekends arguing over which console sells better. You guys are pathetic. You even have lists ready and links and its almost comical. These comments have to be a joke right? No way we as gamer's care this much about allegiance and hurting your fellow gamer with back and forth trolling comment's then being a gamer or meeting a new friend and sticking together no matter what system we play on? This makes me sick and I am sure I will be the one that gets the wrath...

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There is plenty of time to hit 1080p 60fps if that is what really matters to you. The only AAA game you must own is forza then if that again is all that matters. Now back to reality those graphics looked great running on the one and with all the new improvements microsoft has in the pipeline its only going to get better. I am going to be really watching this game as Kevin Spacey is one of my favorite actors and hes not about to be in a game or movie with a terrible story. Sledgehammer has not...

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I do not know how I feel about these intercoolers. I understand las gen with the cooling issues but this gen the xboxone is built like a tank with huge fans so its a waist of money. I know this states for the ps4 but my ps4 does not seem to run hot enough to warrant the purchase. These seem more like fear tactics trying to nickel and dime us gamers.

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Don't even go there as its pure trolling. I will not even attempt to answer that as it is not worth my time. This game however looks like it could be for Sonys new VR since they are just trademarking it now or vita.

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This is a rumor so no factual information here other then another insider. I hope its true and I hope its not another shooter so will be watching this with a grain of salt.

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No need to get personal I did not aim my comment at you but simply stayed on topic. I am sorry you do not like my opinion but in the scheme of things it just does not matter.

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I hope so because ms does not need an additional 1000 indy games. Can you imagine how you could even advertise them as the indy devs get mad when you dont feature there products. I do hope this game does well and ends up on the one as it sounds like ms is interested in what it has seen.

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Its coming from everyone's favorite site dualshockers where a article only has to consist of hit material or a one line tweet or a ad in the paper. Halo will never become annualized unless they go with different aspects of the game like a remake or halo wars. If anyone on this site follows ms news will know they have all ready stated when they opened 343, when the same question was asked by jouranlist, that Halo is there baby and annual releases will never happen.

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Why are devs whining? They dont have to take the free equipment and then they can release just like the ps4. If they want in the program which gives them two free kits and a engine Nd servers ms wants to make sure they protect there investment. They should be thanking ms not complaining. Unreal that people think they are entitled to everything. The free equipment is a much better deal and they know it.

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You do realize ms has no parity clause if you buy your software and dev kits like you do on the ps4? The parity clause comes in when you accept there two free dev kits, free unity engine and servers and support help. How is ms in the wrong here. If you want it like the ps4 then buy your stuff like the ps4 or quit whining over free stuff.

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The article should state how Sony could afford China not ms as sony has a lot more baggage and money issues and I don't even see them trying.

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Ms has the money to go into China a see what happens where Sony can't afford the risk. That's the only reason I can see a playstation article trying to come up with reason's for ms to fail in China and money is not one of them.

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Even if playstation keeps making a 172 million profit per qtr that is a drop in the bucket and would not even come close to covering there overhead/employees. I just don't know what Sony is going to do but if its to remain out of bankruptcy they must cut this company into divisions and become like a startup again. Sony and ms could not survive in gaming alone as the margins are to slim. Ms does it just to get more products in the home and they have a love of gaming as well as Sony. I do n...

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You get a disagree on here for just saying you purchased a xboxone at a good price. The fans on here are pathetic sometimes.

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Its actually good news as it means retailers are selling through the channels. Very simple.

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Did anyone read the article. Its a rumor and the article itself says it most likely will be much lower. In the long run it does not matter as people on here only see and here what makes them feel better about themselves. Its time to end this stupid fanboy crap and grow up.

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The price is a rumor and even the article said its most likely not true that the price will be lower. Premature article based on a useless rumor with no facts or source.

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Good article from a playstation only site.

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