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With all these people just buying new consoles when a 360 died must of saved ms billions on the extended warranty. If you guys really did that then ms deserves to pad there numbers when they fixed them all for free and you gladly donated more money. Does not say alot for the intellegence on this site or maybe somepeople just have to lye and troll which is the more plausible explanation to me.

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Haze reminds me of Sony when they were up there hyping this game as a Halo killer.

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Know its called sony paying for extra content and advertising. Ms does it just the same. Thats all this is. Stop trying to make something out of nothing when the article clearly states they look and play the same.

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With the amount of money and servers ms is putting up all over the world I would really be disappointed if this does not come to fruitation. I think its a great first step at showing what they can do in the future and it got a lot of people excited as on paper this is very possible.

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Great day for gamers everywhere.

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Its called lack of aaa games on the ps4.

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Ms just mentioned this last week. They still plan on every console to be made a dev kit and its coded that way since launch but obviously they need to have limitations and that program according to ms is being worked on while we speak. For devs that are just starting out ms is flat out the better deal as they help the dev with all the equipment and in some cases like last gen will provide money to get it off the ground. I really do hope ms picks quality over quanity as 360 has way to many gam...

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I believe I read the one outsold ps4 in the uk fo four weeks straight as well. Not that it matters just play the damn games and not the systems as this is old as can be every gen it happens..

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Gamestop and bestbuy in las vegas both have ps4s in stock. I picked up infamous ss at target in henderson this week and they have ps4s and no xboxones. So take it as you may.

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We are gamers not investors and n4g will be a cess pool of mostly one sided gamers till people either grow up or can wrap there head around things that truly make a difference in this world and sony and ms consoles are the furthest thing from changing things for the better when we bicker over a stupid console war.

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Do you guys not read the article or just look for an excuse to bash microsoft. It clearly states that the delay was EA's decision and plainly states microsoft had NOTHING to do with it.

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Those games are not exclusive to sony. Watch dogs, destiny and pc free to play does not offer much. I did get infamous and its boring as you go over the same area over and over until you get rid of the police prescence. Some of the power ups are good but we have allready played this game and a much better version. Sony needs a killer title and they do not have have and seem complacement to play sales right now and that may be costly in the future. Competition is good and sony needs ps4 to kee...

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The problem I have with the controller is it only lasts about 1 hour before it needs recharged. My guess is the light on is constantly draining it. For instance with the one I can game 2 or three days with the chatpad conncected between charges. What gives Sony? I have my sony controller pluged in when its off and I thought it was supposed to charge it unlike the ps3. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong in regards to the sony controller not holding a charge?

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Lots of ps4s and ones to be had here in Vegas. I picked up a one at launch and a ps4 last week for infamous. Playing killzone now and its not impressing me.

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And I should care what this author buys ....... why?

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Last time I checked ms had close to twenty game studios now. Almost double sony and they are still hiring. I would say wait and see as the tables may change this gen with exclusives.

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Maybe so you will have games to play.

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I have a ps4 and a one and im getting this on the one. The ps4 seems to have alot of other issues on most games just trying to hit 1080p. I will take consistant fps, no screen tearing or drops which is noticiable in alot of ps4 games according to df.

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Just got a ps4 two days ago but I still love my xboxone as once your used to it its fantastic. The ps4 menus look dull and remind me of the ps3. I will be getting watchdogs on the one and a season pass so I can get all the extra content when its released. Does any one know if the hour extra content that Sony paid for on the ps4 is a timed exclusive or not? Serious question. Also why does my ps4 controller have some cheap looking plastic front that lights up? It really looks bad.

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Watch ms hire him since they allready took Phil from sony and several sony heads and alot of there layed off studio devs are in the process of interviewing with ms worldwide studios. I dont care where people work as it goes both ways as sony also hires micros talent. What I care about is people are able to keep a job wherever its at and make incredible games for all of us to enjoy. @Themba76 ...Apple would not even exist today if it was not for microsoft loaning them money and helping them tu...

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