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Also microsoft will be doing the same thing to Sony with the new call of duty but the difference is ms has proven this to work well and will get more then free advertising and a extra level. Depending on the retailer Destiny on the one is also getting exclusive content as well as watchdogs.

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80k is nothing. The city of Las Vegas has over 2.7 million people alone and I will be canceling my preorder for Watchdogs on the ps4 and getting it on the one as most of my friends have now moved up from the 360 or are starting to. Neither one of these games Destiny or Watchdogs is exclusive to ps4 so theres nothing to keep people from buying it for the Xboxone and the game is coming along nicely on both platforms I here. We need Sony and Ms to do well so I will defend MS when I see people ju...

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Thats funny. Sony has this massive console sales lead and they are barley beating the xbox one preorders for Destiny? It looks like Ea and Bungie will be doing the laughing and Sony will be doing some quick bundling to try to move this game as it has to sell 16 million to break even and its a new IP. Once Bungie sees the love they are getting from the xbox loyal fan base I think the tides are going to turn. Also by Sept Ms will have more than 13 countries to buy this game in where Sony now ha...

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How do they expect to pull off digital preloading on Watchdogs when they can't even do this? No offense to Sony bu Microsoft has already been doing this with there games for a while. Get with it Sony as this just makes me want to keep physical media when simple things like these fail or if your internet fails or you only have a small 500 gig to work with Microsoft I'm talking to you. You need to provide external support. Guys found out the other day when Live was down for a hour the...

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It was a interview and he was asked and interrupted by her while he was trying to explain what he meant . What I find comical is the newsites that left out the Part where Bill said both businesses ate very important to us and I do not see it happening. One more week and its Sonys turn for financial reports and they will get there share of closing articles so the media is hitting both sides. Man I hate the media.

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And they will and in china too. China should do well for the one as they do not like the Japanese at all and they buy American. I sure hope its Lost Odyssey 2 as I had so much fun playing rpgs on 360 last gen. This is great news for fans of rpgs and the industry as it will mean more RPGs to play and for fans of Japanese games.

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Ms has 25 Japanese devs signed up to make games for them according to Spencer and that is lot more then one. Remember speculation will get you no where.

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You sound just like me grandparents did. Remember back when there was a time I had to... That is getting old guys and does not justify hurting your fellow gamer. Make it about the games not one another and n4g will be a fun place to be again and yes I have been on n4g for almost 9 years.

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So when sony focuses on things besides games does that mean you are done with them? Ms brought a heck of a lot more exclusive games to e3 last year and Sony brought multiplats and indies and they just announced they have over 1000 more indies for you and half of them are working on sonys vr. I guess we will have to wait again to see who brings the games but last year it was ms not sony as sony seemed to get by on one liners and jokes on microsofts reveal which the company stated was not about...

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Its a rumor as the information provided in the dualshockers article is based on rumors with no facts. As far as playstation games always having the best graphics or exclusives that is also subjective and not a fact. So yes rumor would be exactly where this belongs. Lastly why would people concern themselves more with graphics over gameplay?

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I was considering the show but I buy it every year and its the same game with a few tweaks. I was really hoping a new console in the ps4 would knock it out of the park but from the videos I have watched it looks like it could or should have been done on the ps3. I will wait on the reviews but other then the rpg I might pick up for my xboxone as I need some of those on there until they announce Lost Odyssey part 2....hope hope hope.

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Look it up as of last year Microsoft has more first party studios. Not that I care but I see people say it all the time and its no longer true. Im not googling it for you but the info is there.

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It turned out well. They took a ton of market share from Sony. Microsoft did exactly what they set out to do. Xbox brand is going into more products at ms and is becoming more important to them everyday. I don't see either MS or Sony getting out of the gaming business but I do understand the article as Sony will not have the resources to invest in the ps4 if they keep bleeding. The layoffs have allready hit there game studios and retail stores and it seems some of the devs are moving ship...

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Actually MS prefers the competition. I believe as MS did with apple in the past, they may lend Sony some money to help them out if it got that dire. Microsoft and Sony are not enemies. Only the fanboys of each company are.

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I have not turned on my ps4 in a few weeks so have not gotten the update. Maybe I should wait till they patch it but I would like to get back to playing Assasins Creed.

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Yes over 1000 indie games coming and counting.

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As far as I know the xbox is not available in many countries.

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Playstation lifestye articles are ran on here all the time without complaints so it goes both ways. Sorry.

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The article stated poised to. It did not say whoever is leading 6 months out the gate. This gen has barely started and lots of things are POISED to change in the coming years and that is the point of using the word poised instead of saying its happening now like you were trying to suggest.

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That is some very good suggestions. Thanks for listening.

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