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I have been on here for years and you have never said anything nice about Microsoft and keep getting bubbled up. Gaming is gaming and both systems are great. I just don't see why you call out people for years that like Microsoft and tell them your opinion over and over. Please give it a rest and start being a gamer or leave this site so maybe we can start to have some people who actually care about games more then systems. This is based on my opinions and seeing your comments over the pa...

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it's one week and not counting digital.

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I might be one of the few that plays cod for its campaign only but I must say I really enjoyed this one. Well done and I will keep it.

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That was there advertising budget and expenses activision spent on said game

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You guys do reliaze there is a petition from sony fans on sunset ovderdrive and about ten xbox games that they want on playstation. Just google it. I could care less about this game as ms and 343 are taking care of the Halo fans with tons of content and this game Destiny does not look very good to me anyways.

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They had two skus last gen with the pro and arcade so they might have. This does not seem that car off.

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It will be upscaled to 1080p and I guarantee you will not tell the diffrence in 100 of resolution. They will look and play the same guys so get over it.

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I was thinking of some giant enemy crabs for the order that move at 120fps.....oh wait the 120fps was promised on the ps3. Sorry.

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Like sony had done with watchdogs timed exclusive content and destiny? Or does it only count if ms does it?

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Don't forget ms has the more powerful cpu. If used correctly with the esram then parity will be the norm and cd project red seems to have a great relationship with microsoft so I would say parity for sure maybe better on the one.

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It was just a ploy to up there preorders since they were very close. Sony paid for timed content and needs to recoup that money in my opinion thats what happened and they knew if they did not leave it up long they could get away with it and get people talking about the ps4 version.

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Ms also has the only AAA 1080p 60fps game in Forza no matter how much you want to spin it and say its downgraded. Ps4 has not matched it and driveclub will not either.

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@abriel Truefan is right. Sony is doing this to sell more copies and they have been know this whole gen to take shots at ms so why is this different. There fans will forgive them and call it a mistake. Its a win win for Sony. Sony has played dirty for many years and everyone should know this. Microsoft is known to exagerate and get over enthusiastic about their products but I do not see them out disparaging the competition. Ms has changed a lot and its time people take notice as they are bein...

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As far as lesser content goes you do know Sony only paid for a timed exclusive so everyone will be getting the same content after there deal expires. I do not care if they made a mistake or not but its happening to often at opportune times. They should apologize for the war they started if that was not there intention. Also makes me wonder why there was no ps4s in the channels until Titan Fall released and magicaly on that day plenty appeared and have been in stock since. Things that make me ...

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I have said over and over in my 8 years on here that most of the guys on here are pushing gaming backwards with the stupid petty bs. Its nothing more than schoolyard talk. Mine is bigger than yours and so on. I guess growing up is out of the question as most of these comments would have you believe these fans were on the board and had millions invested the way they defend a company In life this will get you no where but where you are now and if that makes you happy then troll on.

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There games are way to niche to do well in the west. If this type of game is your thing it might be best to import it since I believe the ps4 and xboxone are both region free which is great for us importers.

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It is not confirmed for the ps4 just the xboxone so parity is pointless to bring up unless you are trying to stir things up.

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Its not even been listed for the ps4. Check the article. It is coming to the one.

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If watchdogs and destiny are on par with each other on both versions are fans going to claim lazy devs or go after ms? Or maybe except that both consoles have strengths and weaknesses and can achieve the same things in different ways. That will never happen on here but in real life it will make all the difference when parity is achieved and stop these foolish conversations. Ms I believed made there console more future proof for streaming textures and did not expect to launch last year so it h...

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He is only doing what sony fans do when they get a lower version on the game and that's suggest payoff by microsoft and it happens every time.

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