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A free to play game does not bode well for this industry. I don't want my system cluttered with free to plays and cell phone games or just any plain indie game.

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I cant even get the article to pull up and I dont want to give unnecessary hits to gamingbolt.

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The frame rate has all been patched on those games since launch. 60fps on Forza was locked and is important in a racer. It just seems like if something goes wrong with your console of choice then attack the competition but on n4g things can be perfect for sony and micro just gets attacked no matter what they do. Do you really think games like titanfall would have took most everyones awards if its frame rate was stuck in the teens or an other games you mentioned that people would even play the...

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More content that does not come backseat to gaming as ms has already said this is a win win to us all.

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Yes I am going to e3 already have my confirmation. I still would not sit through a Nintendo stage presentation if they had one. I am there to learn about the games coming for PC, ps4, and micro and 3rd partys and of course new announcements. If Nintendo wants to do there own thing let them do it they just are missing out on the largest gaming conference in the world and gamers will stop caring about Nintendo since they seem to cant be bothered.

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Over 1000 that is way to many. I'm sorry. Have you seen the 360s indie channel after 8 years of indie games? I hope sony and its fans really plays the hell out of those thousands. If anything it will be free rentals for ps4 plus games for ps4 as that's what they seem to going towards.

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I will trust digital foundry not a sony mouth piece.

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Microsoft has said the original programming is most likely not going behind a paywall and they may be moving a lot more outside the paywall.

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Keep the indys coming. This game is also releasing on android and ios.

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343 industries has over a thousand. Whats the point?

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This game just gives me the vibe of mediocre. Its trying to do to much and be everything to everyone and what I have played of it they forgot to make it fun. Unfortunately if you want to play a true Halo esqe game most of the team that worked on Halo is now at 343I so I would wait for that but of course this game could be good as I never count Bungie out but its getting close and not much to like for me so far.

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Correct me if I a wrong But isnt Ready at Dawn a multiplat studio that sony paid for content from. This is not even one of there first party studios. How about Drive Club? The game looks beautiful but lets hope e3 shows some first party magic as that is what Sony is known for not usually paying devs for content. I just hope they have more then ps3 remakes coming. Something just seems amiss at sony and there first party like they are going more for buying content and slimming down there first ...

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No offense but the site you write for is biased and has flame bait titles everyday. I would trust Kotaku over Gamespot and gamingbolt and dualshockers who seem just to flame and trash whatever is popular at the time. That is not reporting and it certainly is not journalism. You will learn that in journalism 101 that you must keep your opinion and bias out of it and report the facts. Btw a tweet by someone is not what I consider article material either. This author should have used a less fla...

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This is how I felt about Infamous SS but I gave it the benifit since I have played every infamous game so far and they were okay nothing spectacular but okay. This one burnt me as it was over in less then 7 hours with no mp replay value. It felt very rushed. It was pretty but who cares about resolution if the game is not worth buying at 60.00. On topic I have sat through 2 destiny presentations and I have uploaded both to utube without sound and I was not impressed. Bungie looks like they are...

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Thats crazy logic. SO is mass effect better on xbox since it started there are many other games? If ms really wanted to make this exclusive they could have they have the money but thats not ms plan. I believe they just want the title on there machine not to upset sony fans but for visability purpose. Its not even about how it sells to them. My favorite games of last gen were lost odessey by Mistwalker which should be surprising xbox fans soon as they refuse to work with sony and alan wake an...

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Last gen you blamed it on bluray this gen the machines are able to put out the same visuals and resolution has been the only diffrence and even thats getting better. I should not of even replied to you as it seems like you are trolling but I was hoping you were just uninformed by the community that will say anything to disparage the other.

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Do these articles serve a purpose other than to get hits and stir up the community so that we look even worse. When is this going to stop? When will people grow up and respect one another?

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Nothing like reading my new oxm on the john. I will miss you. Im glad the UK branch will finish out my sub.

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These would have been available regardless of how many were sold. They hold so many back to replace defective units and this very common its just more noticeable when dayone is printed on it. Sony does the same thing to replace defective units but since this is marked day on they have to hold onto them so long to replace the ones coming back. This is good news as it means there is not going to be any initial rash of console failures like last gen. Leave it to these sites to twist a common ind...

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Ms kept a good amount back to replace faulty units as well as did Amazon. Thats all this is.

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