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Did this writer do any research. Phil Spencer has stated many times to the fans that ms is looking into being able to play 360 games on the one and it will be through software emulation and not the cloud. Yes the task will be difficult as they are two diffrent processors but not impossible according to Phil so we will see if this is empty promises or truth but if ms just wanted to run 360 games through azure it would not be difficult they will just run into the same problems as onlive has or ...

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I dont know that I would go that far but it will help. I like your enthusiasm though.

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Thats why I like the fact ms is now looking into emulating 360 games on the one with software and not cloud. The reason is cloud is just not ready to run 360 and ps3 games without issues and for ms to not be using cloud to emulate like sony is doing is pretty telling where we are on technical restraints. The cloud will be great for ms on taking some processing power off the console but it will not increase it 2 or 3 times in powe not this gen but if anyone can do it and is prepared its ms as ...

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Are you guys being serious? This really means that much to you? I just do not get it. I thought as console gamers we were here for the games not this bickering on who sold what and when. Its crazy guys leave this to the kids to argue over but not grown a$$ men.

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Please no offense but you seem to take this console thing a little to serious. It seems there is a lot pent up aggression and that is not healthy. It is what it is and however the numbers shake out they do but taking it so personally is not a good road to go down.

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The Vita actually is selling well in Japan just not in the US which is a shame as its quite a nice handheld. I think that will change soon as vita has a lot of games coming for it plus allows cross play with ps4 which is a neat feature. As far as the comment above you I dont think Vgchartz should be banned anymore than Neogaf. They both are full of crap most of the time and all Neogaf is good for is starting rumors on a supposed inside source. Vgchartz has a disclaimer and never claims to be ...

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It could go either way.

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Sony patented the chip for DRM in consoles. Do you guys really think they did that for NO reason.

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And I suppose you think sony is doing good when they loose money every yearly report with the exception of the building sell off. Ms is makeing money and they are into alot more than xboxone but they are making billions and that is why you are in business. If you think sony is in business just to cater to the the sony fan then you have a lot to learn in business. Im sure sony would love to have ms's reported numbers. Whats you must remember is this a full out company profit report for the...

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Sonys projected report for the quarter is more loses and its around 5 billion this year. Sony is in trouble as a company and ms is doing great as a company. Go ahead and break up little pieces of the company to try to make ms look bad when its the bottom line that matters and thats Ms is makeing a profit consistantly while sony has lossed over 3 times what the company used to be worth maybe more. Like I said its the bottom line that counts and alot of companys keep divisions around that dont ...

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If you count all the spin offs they just have made to many to quickly. Fans really want to see some new ips for these consoles.

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Yes both the xboxone and ps4 have a diffrent bonus mission according to gamestop for preordering.

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If you guys think whatever this slight diffrence is that nobody says exist but fanboys is so important then you need to start gaming on pcs where specs are what matters. These are consoles and I thought we were In it for the games not to tear another apart for some slight advantage one might have. As far a morganfell dude I just use ignore on him.

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No offense but SS looked okay but it was more cartoony in its style and very disapointing in length with no mp for replay value. I beat good and evil in one week playing a few hours a night. At least it allows me to trade it while the price is high. On topic both consoles will see improvements just like last gen. The diffrence between the machines is minimal but the way the machines use that diffrence is alien when compairing.

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I would love to see a new lost oddesey.

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This makes me want to get my old gears Trilogy out and replay it. Was going to start with mass effect since the fans ruined the ending for me I played it right up to the night before battle.

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I believe gray and brown is what they said about KZ franchise. If you dont like Gears then why the heck are you in here commenting on it. I know your trolling.

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This rumor crap on n4g is getting too much. I know its dualshockers which all they think about is hits to the site from n4g but guys dont approve this crap. In real news today Netflix is raising there subscription price. Why is that not on the front page with so many gamers using it?

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There is something going on at Sony as this is just too many people leaving there first party studios, too many people being let go and to many studio being closed and new ips canceled as well as the unloading of Square Stock. Sadly we may never know the real issue but where there is smoke there is fire and the smoke has been very heavy lately.

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No offense but when Sony announces a game there past track record is one of 3 things. 1 game releases within two years. 2. Game releases sometime in the lifespan of the console. 3. The game never comes out eg.agent, final fantasy vs which sony owned almost half of there stock in till last week when they sold it to raise more money or to make there losses for the year less, and advertised the game for 4 years as exclusive and of course the last guardian and God only knows whats happening ther...

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