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Somehow things have been improving,(or I've been developing tolerance for your show); this is more enjoyable.I would like to see her playing more, she rarely holds the controller.

I still think it's too much real time content (and you're not particularly good either!) but hey, keep doing your thing.

At least you two have the courage to do this, I probably could not do something similar even though my GF is a gamer too.

Wish you lu... #1
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All of you thinking this is "awesome"...please, go flush the toilet now, I'll wait for you.
Pretty awesome, huh?
I'm sure you tripped balls, now, be cautious and don't get stendhal syndrome by watching the shopping channel. #2
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They have the nerve to take several months for a rerelease of PC FFVII with "cloud" savings (is that supposed to be a joke?),stats booster and trophies.

VS. #38
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Hey now!, I was being a cocky know-it-all by pinpointing faults in your early prototype, by being polite to me you're making me look even worse! and that's not what you wa...

Oh wait. #1.1.1
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I'm sorry to say Mr Santo, but you most definitely did not design a gaming system; you just rendered a guy in a futuristic helmet.

First off, there's no need for a right analog stick if the camera is designed to move according to head position, and the gyroscope is better off located in the occipital zone.

The thing lacks buttons, buttons are needed for complex and or combined actions.

The disc drive cannot be located there, it's... #1
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I hope zynga and this whole cheapo casual gaming rot in hell soon. #5
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^Says the guy named Kinect #1.3.2
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Ok, I have some news for you, that was atrocious as in quite bad.

The sooner you guys start accepting some criticism, the better.

You can't use the "it's just for fun, don't judge" card when you've gone public.Hell, you even have cartoony personas adorning your videos.

Please consider the following feedback:

-You're either telling something to the public, or you're not.Stop being so awkward,... #2
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Sorry, I found the overall editing and attitude kind of lame. #1
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Square Enix's biggest mistakes ever this generation were diversifying in a thousand mediocre games (how could you afford to fail doing a downloadable tower defense? or new IPs? or the summit of your main IP, in this case FFXIII?) while ignoring and postponing what fans where asking for.

Yes, they capitalized on their still credible name as a top videogame company and made good money on said mediocre games, but at the cost of tarnishing such name forever.

... #24
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Yeah, you can bet it's difficult to understand.

At this point it's difficult to cope with the idea of a next gen console filled with low power el-cheapo parts. #6
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Blunderbook, you'll always live in our hearts.

As a failure. #7
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By the way, when you say "PC is allowing us to push so much more" do you regard the rest of developers as idiots or what? don't you think ANY developer could do so much better with 4Gb RAM and a GTX580?

Now, you fail at consoles and all of a sudden you're like the PC Wizards or something, stop being onanists with what you achieved with Crysis 1, any developer could do an unoptimized game with 8192x8192 textures and crazy post process options.
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It's appropriate that you mention this Crytek, because as you can see, console userbase seems to be tired of you guys as well. #25
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Stop buying this crap, they are making them like FIFA's as of now, all the people buying them like subnormal zombies are to blame for the destruction of this franchise. #3
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Tameem Antoniades: Please stop behaving like britney spears.
This is Videogames, a serious medium goddammit. #2
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I know what you mean and I agree, you're right.

Netfront is garbage though. #4.1.3
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I think not.
It's high speed XDR, and 256 should be enough for a strong browser.Even a second generation blackberry works better.

It's the Netfront browser what's at fault, that thing was designed for 2003 PDA's and hasn't changed much since then, go figure. #4.1.1
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Sony will probably license the cheapest and worst Web Browser in the market yet again, so yeah, not on PS4 I'm guessing. #4
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Oh...he's back with the "perfect game" thing again.
Someone tell him the E3 is in yugoslavia this year, please. #2
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