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Nonsense, premium games and BEST developers tend to shy away from the weakest hardware, not from the cheapest one.

MOST developers though, third parties, flock to the best selling hardware so they can maximize their return -and the best selling hardware is the cheapest, not the most powerful-. #5.1.1
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Playstation 4, -whatever its name is-, exists in solid, non-commercial form for some time now; developers already have a final devkit. #10.2
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^Always bet on OpenGL, besides, IIRC PPU are PPC, and APU's are x86.

(what's a gigabit bus?) #1.2.8
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Have you guys seen the Xi 3? a low tier AMD processor, DDR2 memory, priced @600e is nothing to be worried about, au contraire, is quite the fail.

If Valve are going to have their own hardware, they can do better than that #19
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Yeah, no.

All PS3s are compatible with 99% of PS1 library.

I remember they taking out retro and linux, but I have a PS2 and a PC anyway.
I like being able to download PS2 games that otherwise I would have to buy on ebay, like Godhand.

PS Store has to step up the game though, EU content is taking ages to be worthwhile, we just got hold of Castlevania SOTN some weeks ago, can you believe this s***? #1.6.1
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I just noticed the author's profile on the right:

"Danlord The Infotainer (as he likes to be called) is a multitalented, creative person who is gifted in so many ways and full of energy. Amongst his many gifts he likes to express himself in the songs he writes, the software program he designs and the books he writes: Be it a short romance story, a children's story, a How-to book, an instructional material, an article about how something is done, a Science Fiction... #67
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Article is retarded, author has no technical knowhow whatsoever. #63
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You can't code a game exclusively for i7's and top GPU's, in the PC market you have to cater to the lowest common denominator so people with an i3 and a GTX 550 can play. Hence, why most games are not optimized, it's just not cost effective.

With fixed hardware, a lot more performance can be unleashed.

Avatar is WAY overrated, we -definitely- will see those kind of real time graphics. Quote me on this, it's just months away. #12.1.2
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Crytek seems to inhabit a parallel dimension where

1) They know if hardware is 99% maxed out, regardless of what other developers have done. They are the best developers there are, no one can "max" specs over them.

2) In the Crytek Dimension, RAM is not at an all time low price, it's expensive. #13
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@taquito.Obviously not gonna happen until DDR4 and hexacore are the norm, PS3 is too exotic of a platform.
An order of magnitude(being conservative) is needed to emulate other platforms.(x10)

Expect a functional emulator with performance superior to PS3 in a mainstream PC by q4 2014 at the soonest, there are only alpha versions now. #1.1.6
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Using 8Gb RAM with such a weak processor does not make much sense.
That CPU is extremely limited, it's in the Intel Atom range, which commercially is paired with 1 or 2 Gb. 4Gb CL6 would be OK.

8 Gb is for editing video, high quality gaming and stuff; you can't do such tasks fluently -in any scenario- with that range of processors anyway. #8
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that global thingy talk ain't allowed in here pal (jrrrr-snrf-spit > DING), we talk in real world magnitudes here, like the good 'ol pounds, feet, buffallo earlobes and texan chipmunk testicles; none of that metric nonsense. #3.3
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Cool! thanks dude, good to know. #39.1.1
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This is some very misleading stuff.

"Their processing power includes 40,000 processors and 104 terabytes of RAM", this is obviously combined power, which means each of those HP computers were able to manipulate and render avatar graphics; ¡they just DIVIDED the work into pieces!.
It just means the production team hired dozens of animators and codemonkeys to make it on time, there's no way in hell you can thread or make real ∑ use of 40000 processors... #39
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Thanks for the free tip about free games on a free emulator, with free gameplay and free free, but with all due respect, I assure you lots of people have been playing pcsx2 and using console gamepads on PC for years now. #15.2
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there really is a need for a "wha...?" button between the agree and disagree #19.1
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SE can't distinguish between a banana and a chair.
They've gone senile. #9
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You sound like a PR representative #4.2
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So, trying to restore and breathe new life is creating XIV which is a dull mess and announcing 2 spinoffs of the most unwanted, unasked for instalment in the series, huh?

Squeenix is CGI & Marketing central, they couldn't make a proper FF to save their rear and it shows.
They've licensed UE3 for pete's sake, there's 3 real game designers and programmers, the rest of SE is a batallion composed of 50.000 art monkeys designing CGI, jewelry and posh cl... #37.1.1
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Key words, please note:

Wada: "We'll show it WHEN it has that FF feeling" (Implying It still does NOT feel like a good FF)

Hashimoto: "The game is SUPPOSED TO BE incredibly amazing"

And this is coming from Squeenix!!, notice they didn't say things like "This is our best FF yet" or "Fans are gonna love it" or "It will be worth the wait"; them bastards started making the game just a year... #37
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