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that global thingy talk ain't allowed in here pal (jrrrr-snrf-spit > DING), we talk in real world magnitudes here, like the good 'ol pounds, feet, buffallo earlobes and texan chipmunk testicles; none of that metric nonsense. #3.3
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Cool! thanks dude, good to know. #39.1.1
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This is some very misleading stuff.

"Their processing power includes 40,000 processors and 104 terabytes of RAM", this is obviously combined power, which means each of those HP computers were able to manipulate and render avatar graphics; ¡they just DIVIDED the work into pieces!.
It just means the production team hired dozens of animators and codemonkeys to make it on time, there's no way in hell you can thread or make real ∑ use of 40000 processors... #39
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Thanks for the free tip about free games on a free emulator, with free gameplay and free free, but with all due respect, I assure you lots of people have been playing pcsx2 and using console gamepads on PC for years now. #15.2
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there really is a need for a "wha...?" button between the agree and disagree #19.1
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SE can't distinguish between a banana and a chair.
They've gone senile. #9
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You sound like a PR representative #4.2
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So, trying to restore and breathe new life is creating XIV which is a dull mess and announcing 2 spinoffs of the most unwanted, unasked for instalment in the series, huh?

Squeenix is CGI & Marketing central, they couldn't make a proper FF to save their rear and it shows.
They've licensed UE3 for pete's sake, there's 3 real game designers and programmers, the rest of SE is a batallion composed of 50.000 art monkeys designing CGI, jewelry and posh cl... #37.1.1
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Key words, please note:

Wada: "We'll show it WHEN it has that FF feeling" (Implying It still does NOT feel like a good FF)

Hashimoto: "The game is SUPPOSED TO BE incredibly amazing"

And this is coming from Squeenix!!, notice they didn't say things like "This is our best FF yet" or "Fans are gonna love it" or "It will be worth the wait"; them bastards started making the game just a year... #37
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Why do you always have to say the dumbest things dude? #27.1
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I will pass on PS4, seriously dissapointed with SCE. So we get turds like eyepet and little deviants just because your investors and lawyers are retarded family guys and casual players, huh? We get overpriced products, broken products, months or years after the competition, they steal our credit cards numbers, you shoot down linux, you take out retro, Vita takes 9 months just for playing PLAYSTATION 1 GAMES.

Always been a Sony fanboy, not anymore.

SCE is just... #18
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"However if you're just being a c**t about it, then have fun missing out"

Just can't believe my eyes.

You can't get more insulting and pretentious without throwing feces and crying.
You often have the nerve of talking about "the hate" against Nintendo, answering in such a manner to a perfectly valid opinion.

Your B.hurt words are pathetically ironic coming from a Nintendo zealot.YOU missed out, guys, th... #4.1.1
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^I see your point, I agree somewhat.

I still don't believe the tablet market is going to obliterate the console market though.

For bleeding edge graphics and physics, PC's and consoles will always have the technical advantage over smaller devices.Be it storage, price/power ratio...their only disadvantage is size, it's obvious they're trying to appeal to new customers, which value mobility and design over other factors.

If flas... #15.1.2
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Do you think tablet makers have a magical fabrication process that enables them to be as powerful as a bigger device?

Do you think they make consoles big out of the desire to trick customers into thinking they're buying something more powerful?

But seriously, do you think the form factor of tablets is irrelevant in a power/size ratio or what?

To have a tablet as powerful as next generation consoles are going to be...we're talking beyo... #15.1
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So, after marketing Crysis 2 to hell and back for what felt like years, Mr. Yerli now won't shut his trap.

Why don't you make another game? you know, redeem yourself?, what are you now an analyst?

Next Up, Tameem Antoniades says Nintendo is hardcore while cosplaying Yoshi and Dennis Dyack reveals too human was shot down by the west coast mafia. #10
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Oh my's the pokemon army! where have you been this whole generation?

Oh, I know, while I was playing RDR online, Uncharted, Demon's Souls, Brutal Legend, Arkham Asylum,Valkyria Chronicles, etc you were learning to write, just barely.

"Any time a developer says something postive about wii u fanboys will want to prwtend they know more about"

The title is misleading, they said THEIR game runs at that resolution.
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I don't get the disagree, I was just trying to be informative.

The playstation display is 200hz. #6.1.3
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Good idea, but the RAM needed to change such assets "on the fly" (without a noticeable load "pop")far exceeds console capabilities, independently of knowing the hardware in and out.

There are lots of performance tricks based on bandwidth offload when it comes to consoles, but regarding that particular solution you describe, there's no way around it without severely capping a real time experience. #4.1.1
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200hz #6.1.1
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I was not suggesting WiiU fans are insane or wrong, I was flat out saying they are easily impressed and silly. #2.1.1
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