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There is only one way I would be going Nintendo: Super Nintendo 2.
-cartridge based
-LP Intel core i5\PPC\AMD
-GTX750 equivalent
-4gb GDDR5
-1gb ultrafast cache for render output, effects and the such

that should be much cheaper than current consoles, not as powerful as 8th gen but more than enough to make good games.

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Nintendo did not prove anyone wrong, they're like a clueless grandma.

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@devil you mean easter eggs, a hidden gem refers to something good which is not well known

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and it looks phenomenal for a 1st gen ps3 game, I don't get the disagree.

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don't get offense, but I was into it until VR evangelists started promoting it like vaping. Or eco-cars. Or vegan food. Or bisphenol free plastic appliances.

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@deadpooled I don't get the joke, pastafarians are the flying spaghetti monster followers -which are not related to this- and a creepypasta is a pun on copypaste for a creepy fictional story, hence legion asking for the SCPF; the only common particle is "pasta"

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there was a % system where they would appear just sometimes, there was the fiend hunt, and then on top of that some monsters had unique badges, items, etc, an insane amount of HP, it's like the battle arena quests of final fantasy X but times 10. Seriously, look 'em up in the official guide.

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You know? final fantasy 12 for example was atrocious regarding story, pacing, character development, ending and a lot of stuff, but its difficulty was pretty fine tuned and high, it was packed with the biggest bestiary ever, full of dialogue, a massive inventory and special monsters and quests.

If the side quests, inventory and bestiary are at least as extense as that game, I will be completely satisfied. The issue at hand is, having played Final Fantasy 13 I somehow doubt it...

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No, keep your hugs for squeenix, I just need them to keep up with a fair percentage of their own promises at this point. A pretty particle system that isn't even dynamic wont make me change my mind. I'm not complaining about a "youtube video" are you blind or what? have you seen the "real time" videos they've been showing these years? Yeah, those were running on a high end PC. Everything has been downgraded.

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They keep downgrading the graphics and you guys won't even acknowledge it. Squeenix should not get a free pass, specially not with this game. At this pace we will have a game that looks like dirge of cerberus but in 2016. Seriously, remember the early versus "real time" videos? what about that one where they were escaping from the mansion and there was a huge Leviathan outside and noctis swimming on the kind of sea we won't be able to have until PS5? What about that dynamic ...

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Well...I don't like street fighter 4. I don't like cartoony, overly saturated colores and the action literally stopping at each and every contact. Looks terrible to me. I'd rather play alpha\zero

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KOJIMA SAN Please, consider Snatcher & Policenauts VR!

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PLEASE, 夢大陸アドベンチャー, Snatcher and Policenauts!!!

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I know that was a rethoric question, but all I'm saying is that the things they showed in their vídeos are imposible to do with a headset that is not connected to a more powerful render or server; a PC or console. You guys seem to think a computer ATX tower is big just so it looks more badass or something, but the truth of the matter is that there are power\size limits. You guys must think the oculus or psvr are "what makes the graphics", well get a f* clue, there's a c...

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(...)the potential that lies within their HoloLens technology.

Key word: LIES.

Wearable autonomous form factor, ARM, and...think again, any of you believes in the pitch concept vídeos? how massive is the computational power required to display a real time generated, volumetric, dynamic hi res map of the surface of mars in front of you? Here's a clue, it would require a much heavier device or one that is not a phone gpu.


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I couldn't care less for smash b. but for the sake of my stomach stop with the corny headline puns already!

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That should be the new Nier game, Nier Automata I think

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ugh... that title pun thou dude

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