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@[Valenka]Sorry, but no.
When you say it's flawless you're expressing a critical veredict per se, in the same way "politics" are not just in public political parties, but in all of human relationships.

By definition, there's no way around "Flawless".It's like saying something is "perfect" BUT; sounds like an euphemism you would use with a bad lover or something.
I don't particularly enjoy putting words in other... #2.1.2
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There IS a storm of shit against the Vita since its inception, that I know.
90% of it comes from western press right out bought by Apple, Nintendo and MS.

Developers are the only one not badmouthing it.Good developers that is.Developers of 2 dollar phone apps and shovelware, we all know who they're serving. #17
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Squeenix is taking too much for granted considering their recent record. #13
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Haha! #1.2.3
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Apologies for what? fun and simple review with fair scores.

Keep it up, please! #2
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And perhaps you shouldn't play devil's advocate with someone that not only makes an illegal random request in the wrong place, and links to, but whatever. #5.1.2
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This is not the place.

Learn to use the site, and acknowledge you are in some user blog post about a very different subject.

No, it's not a crime, yes it does matter.

All games are not Pokemon, or "the mario".

Also, no publicity, you're disrespecting us.

About your problem, you probably don't know no one can legally and publicly offer support when you flat out say you're emulating a... #5.1
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I too have suffered broken, laggy, unstable games like Oblivion and FO3.Apparently you can't badmouth Bethesda in Norse Amurika, land of the glitter. In Bethesda's forums they'll literally shut you up if you complain too. #2.1
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Nice review.
Can't wait to try it!, this sounds like a platforming dream come true. #4
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PS3 doom and gloom article nº 27582, or in editor's words "Now, this isn't IGN looking to kick the fanboy beehive" #74
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@biggest, the past says there's no reason to worry? if anything, it showed Sony that a Casual Nintendo got their money from the gamecube back and then some.

Sony received such a barrage of mortal blows from every front when they released PS3 that they're now in the gamecube position.

I mean, they just recently matched 360 in sales, and as much as I want a hardcore PS4, I sadly think our fears of a Wiification of the PS brand are not totally unfounded. #2.4.2
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Didn't think of it that way, but that observation is absolutely on spot.Bubs. #11.1
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Casuals have no loyalty, they're easily bored, and they'll ask someone to pirate their consoles ALWAYS, so no software love either.

Play your cards right Sony, you could be losing a lot of brand recognition if you misuse the once almost sunk but strong ship that is PS3.

If PS4 is ever announced as family friendly or casual, that would be the end of it, watch it. #14
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[Frankfurt], the joke is, Wii-U is in a similar league power wise than the PS360 but historically, cronologically, factually belongs to the eighth generation of consoles. #6.1.2
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Lots of you seem to forget that since Nintendo commercially nailed this generation, they won't just come back in a hardcore stance for the heck of it.When you discover how weak it really is, you'll start saying again things like "Nintendo invested in FUN", "yes, it's crap on everything but it's high in JOY", and who can forget the classic "graphics are not important"

...The Wii-U will be again the least powerful of all the console... #11
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No, on the contrary, it would be a disaster to launch much later than on 2012.

Early adopters of this generation do not deserve to pay for people that just recently decided to give up the Wii and get a PS3.It's not our fault you were clueless and late to the party to begin with.

Article is ignorant at best. #6
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I know it's just a matter of personal preference, but would you mind to elaborate on how or why did you enjoyed FFV more than FFVI, and much more than FFVII?

I'm just honestly intrigued, did you play it before playing the others perhaps? #1.1
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From best to worst.I understand it's not an objective list, but I did not played them all and besides, it depends on personal experience you know, feeling mementos, so is just not easily debatable.

FFTactics GBA
Dirge of cerberus #8
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Hey kids!, we have this definitive super next gen engine called White Engine and...wait no, scrap that, It's now a high tech compendium of assets called Crystal Tools, the best engine eve...No, no... In fact we have this secret next-next gen almighty engine called Luminous Engine that is our secret weapon and...

*uck it, we're all CGI designers, it's too difficult, let's make an Unreal Engine game. #2
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That's cool.Let's make an E3 2012 bet, Sony and MS will tease their consoles and specs will be leaked, since I know you side with Nintendo I regret to inform you, Wii-U will probably be out of the three the underpowered console again.Or so I say. : P #10.1.1
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