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Defensive? the only thing worth mentioning here is the lies that the Apple fanboys are fed.You're calling an outright lie a "positive statement", as frivolous and overbearing the console industry has become, it's nothing compared to what the rest of mortals have to bear when listening to Apple users. Furthermore you call us petty for dismissing a casual posh device, what are you an 80's yuppie? #7.2
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Hahaha, you have delusions of grandeur, 77% guy. Get a grip. #6.1.1
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It's a fun game of minigames, my GF loves it #6
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"I've study(ied) the Cell architecture since 2001"

No you didn't, you're a brat.

"The PS3 true potential is only about 77% utilized to date"

Are you out of your mind or do you really think we're that dense? It's just impossible that you've reached such a precise figure by any technical means available, can't you see this is hilarious?

"It does take awhile to write CODE for... #22.4
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Correction: as of right now, the CellBE fabrication process is 32nm. Look it up. #6.3.5
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He, he, hee... I hope this gets made, PC gamers are in for a surprise.

Diablo 3 will be a cakewalk in a theme park compared to this, mark my words.

Hope you enjoy it!, It really is a good game. #5
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I remember 2 things,

It seemed to be good

I only played it a couple of times because of the bureaucracy involved #40
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Funny! a lighthearted and absurd dystopian near future.Almost realistic at times. #6
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I'm expecting it #38
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EU PSN will be named Special Console Association of Multimedia or S.C.A.M. #83
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I think they are suggesting we pray so our save files don't get corrupt after 80hrs of gameplay. #11
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I don't like the idea...I just want a handheld and a console, with controllers.Regular PS controllers.
I just don't...understand this, why? #6
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I invested about 650$ in PSN games. I waited and waited, asked and waited some more.Then I waited, waited some more.I heard that a particular game was being late because of glitches, bought it a year and a half later, and found it was still full of glitches.This is true for lots of games.

They said something about localization, I waited, even though those games where already localized, they said something about translation, and the only thing I saw was a nonsensical google tr... #4
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You're absolutely on spot.

I still have hope in ATLUS, FROM and NIS though.They truly delivered this generation, IMHO. #8.1
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"And personally, I only feel increased enjoyment by knowing that I can enjoy something the haters can't"

Oh, that says so much about you, but I'll try not to be personal about it.I'll just sum up your apparent "motiv" here.

"haters"...this is you implying that you're "getting" FFXIII and people who don't like it, just did not "get it".

Let me tell you here and now; FFXIII i... #3.2
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I'm a hater...And I can't stand it anymore.

They hired too many CG artists this decade, it would seem that more than 50% of their workforce consist of this kind of people.
Their videos are impressive, but their game planning, scenario & battle design, script and such other important assets for a story driven game have become soulless.The game is just a neverending hallway.A guided visit in a PG-13 rated theme park full of pink bunnies.

Thi... #4
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my thoughts exactly #5.1
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You've got to be kidding SE... #16
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@[Valenka]Sorry, but no.
When you say it's flawless you're expressing a critical veredict per se, in the same way "politics" are not just in public political parties, but in all of human relationships.

By definition, there's no way around "Flawless".It's like saying something is "perfect" BUT; sounds like an euphemism you would use with a bad lover or something.
I don't particularly enjoy putting words in other... #2.1.2
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There IS a storm of shit against the Vita since its inception, that I know.
90% of it comes from western press right out bought by Apple, Nintendo and MS.

Developers are the only one not badmouthing it.Good developers that is.Developers of 2 dollar phone apps and shovelware, we all know who they're serving. #17
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