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It's appropriate that you mention this Crytek, because as you can see, console userbase seems to be tired of you guys as well. #25
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Stop buying this crap, they are making them like FIFA's as of now, all the people buying them like subnormal zombies are to blame for the destruction of this franchise. #3
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Tameem Antoniades: Please stop behaving like britney spears.
This is Videogames, a serious medium goddammit. #2
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I know what you mean and I agree, you're right.

Netfront is garbage though. #4.1.3
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I think not.
It's high speed XDR, and 256 should be enough for a strong browser.Even a second generation blackberry works better.

It's the Netfront browser what's at fault, that thing was designed for 2003 PDA's and hasn't changed much since then, go figure. #4.1.1
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Sony will probably license the cheapest and worst Web Browser in the market yet again, so yeah, not on PS4 I'm guessing. #4
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Oh...he's back with the "perfect game" thing again.
Someone tell him the E3 is in yugoslavia this year, please. #2
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Nice blog entry Ranma, but I have to tell you, regardless of being a very different style, the games that continued the legacy of good JRPG's are Persona 3 & 4, Disgaea, etc.

FF nowadays is just... made by marketing executives trying to be hip. #12
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This is preposterous, don't they care about their own image? #26
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"How can FFVSXIII not be a dissapointment"

If the first million copies are literally stick up Yoichi Wada's rectum, THEN I won't be dissapointed. #24
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It's sickening to see how companies nowadays prefer funding a strong marketing damage control lobby than a proper port of a classic game.Reviews with 9's and 10's on metacritic are obviously coming from PR representatives, not the slightest doubt about it.

The games are broken, a VERY sloppy job badly done, this is outrageous, period.
Konami should cope with it and give away as a compensation the original PS2 versions AT THE VERY LEAST-.

Y... #4
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"Apparently, the Square-Enix HQ building consists of Nomura, his team, and 1000+ untrained chimps)"(...)

QFT #5.1.2
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It's not like the game is getting so long because they've been making it since 2005, they started preproduction in 2008-9 or so.

Definitely not a polishing matter, just greedy 'ol squeenix pushing other games on us first. #4.1
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Oh no, please get over yourself...

The guy's such a diva #1
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PS3 version looks awful? you obviously don't have a clue what you're talking about, the games looks awesome.
MGS3 on PCSX2 is known to need a beastly rig just to "run", even then it's not nearly 100% optimized, that means, even with a LGA 2011 socket system you're not getting +60fps @1080p.

In other words, you're full of it. #18.1
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And that's why they will release an underpowered console again and keep on making money thanks to hur dur ignorants.

See, Nintendo is acting like a 60 Y.O. financial tycoon "I didn't get rich making powerful consoles, yo" #10
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That's not only a fact, it's a nudge from destiny. #4
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Capcom treats his fighting games like FIFA or something, with the roster updates and the seasonal changes.


After this and seeing zombies riding motorcycles in the nefarious destruction of the resident evil franchise, they still have the guts...

Will never buy a Capcom game again, with the exception of a hypothetical 2D Megaman 11. #19
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Tired of developers who just talk the talk.

There's enough divas, show us what you got and stop blaming consumers, it's been years now. #19
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Defensive? the only thing worth mentioning here is the lies that the Apple fanboys are fed.You're calling an outright lie a "positive statement", as frivolous and overbearing the console industry has become, it's nothing compared to what the rest of mortals have to bear when listening to Apple users. Furthermore you call us petty for dismissing a casual posh device, what are you an 80's yuppie? #7.2
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