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It does not matter, you don't have the slightest clue and your percentages are bogus. Also, you already used the words MAX and FULL in capital letters, what's next? oh, lemme guess, the word "DESTROYS" as in, PC DESTROYS the consoles.

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why should console gamers focus on the old, unavoidable trade off principle of performance/IQ? You people talk as if it were easy or common reaching 1080p 60fps on high settings.

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"keen eye"?,"resident evil"? WTF? it's clearly reminiscent of the model of silent hill, not RE.

PS2 graphics aside that is, cause there's no way that textures and antialiasing are on PS1

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look! an artist!

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*cricket sound* jeez teddie... you had to say your corny line

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Two words: Industrial Espionage.

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Rovio,if this is the best you can do as an independent studio, sell yourselves to Viacom and be done with it

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Angry Birds is the biggest piece of carp since farmville, rovio should be ashamed of themselves, star wars angry birds in disk...@30€. Please dissapear into a million pieces, rovio.

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This casual **** gets on my nerves, and don't get me started about the price, should've been a 1€ app tops on each and every platform.

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Come on, that's kinda unfair, everyone knows Disgaea took the fftactics crown after the fantastic GBA version. To each his own. (and fftactics "stole" from tactics ogre...)

This game seems neither, it's just different.

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I mean they could've brought it much, much sooner, it's just an emulated hd upscale with *some* new assets on main characters.

Or...for the time it took,they could've done a better job. It's been quite a few years y'know, the game was already done FFS

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too little too late.

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so much derp

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PC guys and their lots of spare time; they even have time to make dummie accounts to pose as angry delusional console gamers. Nice try.

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Sony patent from 12\13: "The patent also gives details about the headset at large. (...) include an in-built camera that can detect pupil movement and blinking, adjusting the game image accordingly; a biological sensor at a frontal contact region that can detect "body temperature, pulse, blood components, perspiration, brain waves, and cerebral blood flow"; a posture-detection system to feed information to the game about head tilting and body movements; and moving-object detect...

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Yes it does indeed look swell, it took 8 years of lying, mismanagement and FF13 spinoffs for it to look that good.

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They can stuff it with prunes, foie, nuts, bacon and eat it.

Eat your game and leave, SE.

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Excuse me..."not innovative"? first commercial OLED prototipes half a decade ago?

First affordable consumer grade RGB flat LCD screen with triluminos tech?

First portable console with an OLED screen?
DVD trojan horse?
Blu ray trojan horse?

Invented the move before the wiimote and nintendo had to run around the patent and change technology so they didn't get sued?

Dozens of proprietary systems...

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