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Wow, I'm sorry, yet english isn't my primary language dude. < poor construction

I haven't corrected his/her spelling, semantics, gramatic or ortography, are you able to understand that I just corrected a wrong word our of place?

It's not like it lacked a letter, it was a completely different word with a completely different meaning, I clearly meant no disrespect by pointing out this. Atheistic =/= Aesthetic. Even the author just corrected t... #4.1.1
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These headlines are too much, a bit of justified negativity towards the X1 and MS's most ardent fans literally start to lose their grip on reality.

Of course MS conference should be amazing. It literally has to be, because given the circumstances, -you know, factual ones, not future ones- if MS doesn't step up his game by an order of magnitude, then I guess it's MS's fans turn to shut up, right?

Having seen fans reaction to any realistic criti... #49
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"A cam and mic in every home, phone, tablet or laptop; and they will happily pay for it since it comes bundled with a shiny toy!" is what the bad guys are thinking.

If you don't see this, you're either too young, too old or too dumb, (that is, 65% of populus) #13
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Evangelist spammer #11.2
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At the end of the day, you guys should be fighting too for your freedom as gamers, or at the very least be a bit worried about the subject instead of acting as human umbrellas for deflectin MS's deserved flak.

Because if you don't, the tide will eventually destroy all gaming as we know it. It's a dangerous precedent, I suggest you open your eyes and start moving for your gamer rights. #9.1
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Because strangely enough, most xbox fans chose to feel grateful and hopeful instead of feeling the urge to fight for their rights.

No, really, they're justifying MS. We should stand our ground united and tell both companies about our stances on DRM and not wanting to use a leash, yet... #1.19.1
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Nice article!, but I think you meant to say "aesthetic" not "atheistic" #4
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there is an awesome streets of rage remake already, and is very nicely done. I doubt any of these "remake companies" ike backbone and the such can pull it off so flawlessly. #9
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Once upon a time, there was this conservative, right wing politician.

He felt like he was losing touch with people, but still had a loyal fanbase.

He was determined, however, to get with the times.

Did he change his speech? his ideological background? his attitude?, not at all: He decided to wear shades and hawaian shirts, and use some "youngster gibberish" in his party meetings.

"He hasn't changed at all&q... #5
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this game was horrible #3
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No masterpiece by a long shot.
Bioshock was though, in its time. #10.2
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Good review. I -personally- would give it a 5/6 at most.
I found the game shallow, pedantic and stuck in 2005 gameplay mechanics. #12
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They also forgot who we are, same as Squeenix #1.2.1
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Percentages? Crytek knows them all #5
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I don't know bladefist, if it's about defensiveness, a lot can be said too about the likes of you.

No one said PS4 is the second coming, but a mighty fine looking console, at least compared to its preceding generation, obviously.

a couple of paragraphs in this blog are right out sore and unnecesary. "sony is my god" blah blah is the kind of dumb and cultist mentality you're adscribing to anyone defending the PS4 hardware.
That... #12
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talking out of your cornholio #3.2.1
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crytek aren't very good handling and understanding percentages guys, you've got to excuse Yerli. #16
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I can't believe people are disagreeing with delboy, are you guys THAT dense? #1.3.4
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the secondary chip is more likely a low power RISC derivative, similar to the demux/decode on-the-fly video processors found in bluray players and some cameras; stop with the ROM, RAM debate guys, lol. #15.2.4
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for f***'s sake... mixelon, I'm sorry to say but it is you who's mixing frames per second with refresh rate in the first place. Hence my example of the alundra non-valid framerate/hz upconvertion (...)"[motion interpolation 30fps converts really well into higher FPS]"<- this was your original comment and the reason of my following statements.

I was just stating the obvious,(almost the same things you guys said BTW), TV's motion interpolation is no... #7.1.5
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