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Yes it does indeed look swell, it took 8 years of lying, mismanagement and FF13 spinoffs for it to look that good.

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They can stuff it with prunes, foie, nuts, bacon and eat it.

Eat your game and leave, SE.

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Excuse me..."not innovative"? first commercial OLED prototipes half a decade ago?

First affordable consumer grade RGB flat LCD screen with triluminos tech?

First portable console with an OLED screen?
DVD trojan horse?
Blu ray trojan horse?

Invented the move before the wiimote and nintendo had to run around the patent and change technology so they didn't get sued?

Dozens of proprietary systems...

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fff... cryengine...I'd be surprised if you told me those shots were from PS2, but really? The Witcher 3 is going to run circles around this, even TES online is looking better than this.


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Come on, they said it was going to be 60fps...this is downright ridiculous

What's next?, oh, I know, a graphical downgrade to ff15 of course

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These are my thoughts exactly whenever I see an HD re release of a classic with prerendered backgrounds.

The original assets are somewhere, and nobody bothered to take the time and money to make a proper treatment.

This man speaks the truth, this should be done, this is being sold as an HD re release after lots of years and they only upscaled it and applied some texture filtering.

Too lazy!!

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pfff...they were talking about system architectures and they didn't even mention the Onion/Garlic extra bus.

These consoles have lots of secret sauce.

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Try and play Devil Summoner 1&2 for PS2, you're gonna love them too.

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It's almost like your anitus is raging

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Shadow Kuma/Teddie gives me the creeps.
And the desire for a Persona 3+4 HD compilation.

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No, they upgraded the compute commands the GPU can handle to 64 from 8 so the CPU can offload tasks to it (kinda like the ps3 where the cell was used to alleviate the GPU, but the opposite paradigm), developers are barely tapping into that as of yet.

It's going to take less time to get to know PS4, but there will be the same potential for improvement if not much more over time. This isn't even its final form.

About diminishing returns, if we indeed ha...

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The game is intensive, your numbers are off, and the PS4 is still both inferior to a high end PC and a pretty mighty console.

I just don't get what you PC guys are trying to state here, really.

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...Excuse my ignorance, but why would you use FXAA+4xSSAA?

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@BK, they unlocked 33 extra mhz from the CPU and upped the RAM on later models.

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Some more extra low latency dedicated memory for background tasks and system stuff, that I wasn't expecting. Very neat.

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Textures aren't "p", which merely stands for progressive output.

You can have several textures on a given mesh, and the resolution of them will be either 512x512, 1024x1024 or 2048x2048. Final framebuffer output and texture resolution are different.

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They just started making the game in 2011, after half a decade of teasing, they then have the nerve of not having a release date in 2013.

After what they did with 13, and what they're doing with this, most of us already took a decision.

I at least won't be buying this, there's no excuse, there's no game good enough in the universe to justify this preposterous and disrespectful SCAM, because that's what it is, they weren't working on it...

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Most of you may know this already, but let me break it down:

The first thing would be installing the "logic" of the game, the engine and *some* assets, that is, those pieces neccessary to start playing the game. This could range from 30Mb up to 700Mb aprox.

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