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your doubt is well funded, I didn't even play the game. Didn't you see the article the other day about the bugs though?

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It's 'cause of the bugs.

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wow eh, cool. Gold beach seems have more like...content.and stuff.

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such a shame, promising concept, could it evolve further?

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My biggest fears with the game per se are as follows: it looks like a tech demo, feels unfinished. I hate bureaucracy so if it has micromanagement and it's not well implemented, meh. Also most interesting part for me was the town defense thing from the giant monster but if the concept did not develop into anything more since last year demos, well the game is ****ed for me. Also mining, if mining is not rewarding in the long run it makes no sense... Oh, how the mighty have fallen, what hap...

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With all due respect Staple, I didn't ask you, I asked for another person's opinion.

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Do you think people might be applying some sort of political bias given the game's stilistic rethoric? I mean, I know the game's probably not serious about it at all, but do reviewers feel that way? many of them aren't even gamers and it shows tbh

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Nothing personal esmitty, I too believe you don't really get it.

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well said

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IKR? They are like a grandma trying too hard to be hip on a skateboard; granny, you're the best telling stories, sewing, singing, cooking, why insist on going out at night spraying trains and doing hard drugs? It's unnerving to see Nintendo squandering its resources yet again trying to be all futuristic and stuff with underpowered tech, it's like they misunderstood their own gameboy concept: There was better tech at the time but using old and readily available tech they achieved a...

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Why can't we be offered uniqueness and power though? Nintendo seems to be living in a parallel dimension where MS nor Sony exist yet paradoxically they are to blame, I mean, it's ok to have a portable with power comparable to the x360, but "Nintendo is right, it's just the other nasty, bad consoles that make Nintendo look bad" seems to be the implicit message over, and over and over again. They are going to burn and crash if they keep on this route, FFS, at this pace any...

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They are not disrespecting just me, should we be giving infinite credit to people taking our money? have you been living under a fucking rock during the fabula nova crystalis thou? suit yourself.

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Chrono trigger is Boss, but even though they are comparable for obviously reasons, it's kind of a disservice to pit them against one another

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I believe SE's stance is disrespectful reached this point, and the only tolerable outcome given the circumstances is the game being truly good. Let us hope.

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These are intelligent observations, props

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Lolwut, I know it's from the heist demo but a bald man wearing a sleeveless shirt and tatoos looking menacing is in the middle of this marketing composition. And it's sort of behind some black energy sphere and... Hilarious. These marketing guys... I swear.

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"10 years and this game feels like it was made within the last 8 months." this might well be the case unfortunately

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given how tight and serious development deadlines are nowadays, a big company only delays a game in a "major force" or inevitable intervention because they themselves deem the game's sort of unfinished. Let me reiterate. The guys that sold us the fabula nova crystallis piece of crap trilogy as the second coming are being self critical with FFXV.But you can't just "rush finish" in a month a product announced almost a decade ago, took your sweet time t...

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I lol'ed

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