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Whatever happened to Vagrant Story? That game was sooo good and begging for updated textures; am I living in an alternate timeline or something? that game was awesome...yet no one seems to care for an update #8
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I don't know how to feel. these are usually ports of bad ports, with horrible input lag and visual glitches or forced filters or interpolation, like the ps2 versions of kof and metal slug. Original hardware and emulation is still miles ahead, why is this? #5
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No, no. YOU need to prove what YOU imply. #17.1
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they aren't going to tweak the spine of the code or start swapping assets, that would take too much time. The situation is just asking for a 720p mode. Pretty sure they could lock at 30fps if they compromise resolution. They should do this on consoles, it's the best way cost-difficulty wise. #36
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this is worth underlining #30.1.1
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Your comment is on backwards #1.1.1
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Whooo ho ho, wait a second...the game looks awesome, just don't give them any weird ideas about 200 bucks...this is still concrete face squeenix we're talking about. #18.1.1
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controls are indeed horrible, 'tis a poor port overall... #8
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Squeenix will announce some mobile games, a 10 second CG XV trailer with no dates, 3 seconds of some obviously downgraded gameplay. Then the CEO will come out and say: Pretty please with sugar on top, be excited. This has been the norm, I'd love to be wrong. #24
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Even Nintendo has said they want to step away from the casual market, but you Nintendo fans keep on justifying anything.

Nintendo is always catering to their customers to be, people that bought the DS got promptly screwed by a dozen incompatible incremental iterations, the same is happening with the 3ds and its getting worse.

Stop telling Nintendo everything they do is great, they are an extremely confused company and its entirely your fault by now. #19
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oh god, the three monitor guy makes a forum thread in 3,2,1... #4
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Extra dlc or other small things do not bother me. Parity clause hinted, paid by ms, does sting a bit thou. #24
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What the actual F, Philippe

You're trying to get back into the spotlight by exercising the same attitude that put you out of it in the first place, stop trying to blame everybody because some jerks got in your way, people only expect to be fascinated with a game, not with your internet persona. #18
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Your perianal area seems to be rather red and swollen for some reason, perhaps it's got something to do with the fact that you're apparently feeding yourself backwards, you know, spewing feces out of your mouth and that kind of behaviour. May I suggest treating it with DEAL WITH IT ALREADY® 500mg? #36.1
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...says the flamboyant daikatana guy who ended up making phone games after a lackluster record. #9
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Karma is a B, remember the PS3 IS DOOMED 2005/7 era? #53.1
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spoke like a gamer +1 #36.2
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It does not matter, you don't have the slightest clue and your percentages are bogus. Also, you already used the words MAX and FULL in capital letters, what's next? oh, lemme guess, the word "DESTROYS" as in, PC DESTROYS the consoles. #16.1.1
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why should console gamers focus on the old, unavoidable trade off principle of performance/IQ? You people talk as if it were easy or common reaching 1080p 60fps on high settings. #3.2.1
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"keen eye"?,"resident evil"? WTF? it's clearly reminiscent of the model of silent hill, not RE.

PS2 graphics aside that is, cause there's no way that textures and antialiasing are on PS1 #28
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