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hey, they could release an even slimmer ps2 with hdmi output\upscaler. That's ps1 + ps2 on basically any monitor. modular optical drive and or ssd would be a plus too. I would pay up to 160 for a slimmer ps2 with an ssd + hdmi

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Wow Sega, thank you, finally

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I don't get why people aren't hyped, it's classic sonic. Let us hope level design is good. I mean, many platformers came out since sonic trilogy, they have to improve or go a little crazy with the design as long as the theme and gameplay are true to the original

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Amen, this thing is sweet, form factor is just classic and the games are all fantastic. This is retro done right atm, but reliability and fidelity are the main course; I'm eager to see some gameplay,, let us hope it's not botched!

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This guy ain't joining any bandwagon, he did not insult microsoft, he just stated what we all know, that corporate culture should not keep on taking liberties away from users. It's what MS does, the problem is what they do, not people pointing them. This man is a legend, along with Carmack and Newell, not "some guy" hatin on MS nor a fanboy.

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Most games aren't optimized for sli/xfire, that means they run on a single GPU. Some are glitchy and unstable with multiple GPU's, and some outright freeze at the prospect. The irony of it all it's that temperature and TDP will effectively augment vastly, but note even in an optimum software environment you are not going to get 2x performance! 1 very powerful card will ALWAYS be more efficient at TDP/Performance ratio than two cards with half the power since there is no direct sc...

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Super cool, super honest interview; most interesting read here in months.

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How and when to preorder!? no dice till November? Jeez I love this thing! I hope they look good and they don't botcher it adding graphic and sound filters with no options to disable them, some people rather original low hz instead of distorted 48000 high pitched "interpolated" sound, samw goes for pixels. I want glorious pixels in HD, not apologetic smudges ruining the sprites outline!

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I don-t get it, these are the kind of very slight improvements I would expect from, say, a WiiU version or something like that. Performance better be v-synced 60fps

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Amen brother. Let us have consoles with a bare minimum of 3 or 4 years of life, or else this is gonna collapse like in the 80's

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They better be on the verge of a dangling industrial revolution ffs, the underpowered toy concept got stale way before the WiiU was out. I want Nintendo to compete, SEGA imploded and Nintendo has diluted, why don't they try and get ahead in hardware? this is irritating.

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hey, this is cool

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Ah yes, this is the guy that tried a hololens and devoted several lines to say it wobbled and he had to adjust it all the time and then proceeded to say that he forgot to use the middle headstrap for it. The same guy that proudly traded a Mega Drive for a few baud modem. That genius. He now comes back with tweets from a couple of pseudonerd girls with plastic glasses as news.

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the kanye of gaming was cevat yerli

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lol, experience? beasts are beasts, people think animals are some sort of "humanoids" trapped inside animals like in disney crap, people tend to believe animals are immaculate souls devoid of any cruelty or incapable of brutality. They are not like that, they are individuals. Furthermore, people tend to think body language is compatible -which is highly dangerous- so they misinterpret it and the next thing you know a scared or pissed off chimpanzee ate somebody's face, or a bear...

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Why the F would you show an advanced or final boss up there in the article preview image, just so it looks cool and get you hits you have to spoil it for some people? save it for the article, maybe some of us want to discover things, I'm not even halfway through the game, what gives...

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Please, Godhand 2

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I did not ask of you to justify why you like or dislike X or Y game, alas, since you've revealed yourself to be a shallow, dense piece of parahuman mud, I lost all curiosity.

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Playing 5 minutes then dismissing says it al tbh, but please do name some of your favorite games, out of curiosity

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If we go by recent experience and by recent I mean the last 10+ years the next RE will be yet another RE4 iteration with preposterous script, huge slimy deformed beasts shrieking and some "mercenaries" time attack. Co-op is fun, that's the only part I would like them to keep though. I miss terror. Action and giant beasts screaming are not terror.

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