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They keep downgrading the graphics and you guys won't even acknowledge it. Squeenix should not get a free pass, specially not with this game. At this pace we will have a game that looks like dirge of cerberus but in 2016. Seriously, remember the early versus "real time" videos? what about that one where they were escaping from the mansion and there was a huge Leviathan outside and noctis swimming on the kind of sea we won't be able to have until PS5? What about that dynamic...

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Well...I don't like street fighter 4. I don't like cartoony, overly saturated colores and the action literally stopping at each and every contact. Looks terrible to me. I'd rather play alpha\zero

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KOJIMA SAN Please, consider Snatcher & Policenauts VR!

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PLEASE, 夢大陸アドベンチャー, Snatcher and Policenauts!!!

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I know that was a rethoric question, but all I'm saying is that the things they showed in their vídeos are imposible to do with a headset that is not connected to a more powerful render or server; a PC or console. You guys seem to think a computer ATX tower is big just so it looks more badass or something, but the truth of the matter is that there are power\size limits. You guys must think the oculus or psvr are "what makes the graphics", well get a f* clue, there's a c...

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(...)the potential that lies within their HoloLens technology.

Key word: LIES.

Wearable autonomous form factor, ARM, and...think again, any of you believes in the pitch concept vídeos? how massive is the computational power required to display a real time generated, volumetric, dynamic hi res map of the surface of mars in front of you? Here's a clue, it would require a much heavier device or one that is not a phone gpu.


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I couldn't care less for smash b. but for the sake of my stomach stop with the corny headline puns already!

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That should be the new Nier game, Nier Automata I think

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ugh... that title pun thou dude

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google is the new microsoft, Capcom acts like acti or EA and now konami has become the new squeenix...what gives?

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Konami seems determined to be more and more bothersome and derp with each passing day. This is what happens when people that don't even like gaming start making uninformed decisions.

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careful now, we don't know how SE handles sarcasm, you don't want to be responsible for that.

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"Please be excited. Please. Hello...? Anybody?"

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No excuses, enough. I know there is a difference of quality between a youtube stream and a game real time, I am perfectly aware of that."We would know this", NOPE, you wouldn't. Current square enix fans are not only technically clueless but quite far from distinguishing anything like these facts for their own good. The ps3 could run a SLIGHTLY graphically worse version of this same game, I am telling you that as well, it is you who is in denial.

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They could release a demo of the demo "FFXV Fabula Nova Crystalis Episode Duscae II Remix", and you guys would still be happy; enough is enough!, now everything's forgiven? The lies, more lies, even more rotten lies, year after year lying, now "please be excited" AND YOU GUYS ARE?... Come the F* on!! I cannot believe this S*!!

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I'm sorry for square enix, but this does not look as good as the "real time" stuff they've been showing these years.The stairs and the floating weapons, Leviathan, none of it was running real time (on any console) and it shows.It was a high end DX11 PC, and that's all they've proved in all this years. Furthermore, I fail to see anything that couldn't be done on ps3 save a slight improvement in textures. I sincerely doubt that this would've looked substantiall...

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Whatever happened to Vagrant Story? That game was sooo good and begging for updated textures; am I living in an alternate timeline or something? that game was awesome...yet no one seems to care for an update

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I don't know how to feel. these are usually ports of bad ports, with horrible input lag and visual glitches or forced filters or interpolation, like the ps2 versions of kof and metal slug. Original hardware and emulation is still miles ahead, why is this?

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No, no. YOU need to prove what YOU imply.

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