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You're right. Gaming journalist always hype up these events so they can write about them being a letdown the next week.

Only Sony knows what's going to be shown. #2.2
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"A solid 70% of PS4 games are remasterd PS3 games"

Lmao! #4.5.2
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Why is that the first thing people tend to think? I have beat the templar numerous times without the exploit. I have hundreds of hours and two level 30 characters, one before I even knew about the exploit.

Its just a simpler way of doing something that's already simple.

Let me ask you this, have you ever had Atheon cheese and exploit you entire team lol? Such as teleporting only two people or not teleporting you to the appropriate location? What about on... #2.4.1
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Yeah that's what I'm saying. Only managed to keep him from teleporting once without cheesing. I can't imaging it on hard but can't wait to try it Tuesday.

The templar itself isn't hard at all. #2.2.1
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I would have said nice update until I read that they fixed the Templar exploit...

Boo Bungie Lol. Still nice update though. #2
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It may be all that matters to you but I'd bet it's not all that matters to corporations. #1.1.6
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I can see the normal starting at 30. For some reason 33 for the hard raid just sounds stupid and is probably a rumor.

Every other event in destiny, nightfall,(28) heroic,(22 - 28) and VoG (28 & 30) are all even numbers.

The level cap now is 30 and so is the hard raid. I'm guessing the new hard raid would be the new level cap. #3.4
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Exactly. #4.1
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Trust me, it's just my opinion, but raid matchmaking would suck. Even strike matchmaking can be a pain with people starting and dropping out for no apparent reason.

The raid takes a decent amount of time and you want people that you can depend on for the duration, at least to finish it anyway. It could get frustrating having to start and stop just to pick up another person.

It could be good for teams of four or five but need one or two more people though. #2.2
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I was using Fatebringer to take down the arc shields while teammates destroyed them with epilogues.

Brought a fully upgraded Gjallahorn for the wave of wizards in the beginning. #6.1
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From $500 to $350 in less than a year, it's no wonder Xbox One is selling much better. I knew I'd have both consoles eventually but damn, it's happening quicker than expected due to the price drops.

I told myself that if X1 ever went to $350 or less (between the Wii U and PS4) I'd bite. #1.1.3
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Some people (like the person above) are going to think it's true lol #4.1
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So true. I'm working on thorn and invective bounty on my 30 Hunter even though I already have both guns. Now I don't have to worry about carrying only 3 bounties at a time.

My 30 Titan has a pocket infinity bounty (another repeat) taking up a slot also. #3.1.1
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Why would someone with 1 bubble waste it on asking a dumb question?

You can't even respond to the answers lol. #1.9
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It is funny that there are people who must say something negative about destiny in every article. They even bring it up in articles that don't have anything to do with the game.

I don't understand, maybe they think if they're persistent millions of people will just stop playing it all once lol. #1.1.3
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How cool would it be if a devil walker was to just drop down in the tower lol.

I hope it lands on the cryptarch first, then we take it out. #4.1
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Depends on the experience and teamwork of your teammates.

I've seen it done on normal in an hour and a half. That includes dicking around and taking breaks after the jumping area.

I don't know why but the jumping maze is always the break taking spot lol. #3.1.1
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Lol. You counted my bubbles...

So are you denying that MS purposely shafted 360 owners for the last few years of its lifespan to flesh out It's X1 lineup? I mention Ryse and DR3 because those were launch titles in the X1 launch year. Ryse was first announced as a Kinect only title back in 2011...

I also didn't bring this up as a negative either. That same strategy worked for MS when the 360 launched and got them a hell of a lead in sells. It probably... #2.1.2
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You throw in Halo but not TLOU?

:-( #3.3.4
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I know plenty of people who "really" own both consoles who say the opposite.

Some hadn't played the X1 in months until the MC collection came out. I have a friend I play Destiny with on PS who consideres the X1 his main console and he rarely plays it, but loves it.

I will be finding time hopefully to play both this holiday, there is no way I'm not taking advantage of the $350 price tag with a game. #1.9
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