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So true. I'm working on thorn and invective bounty on my 30 Hunter even though I already have both guns. Now I don't have to worry about carrying only 3 bounties at a time.

My 30 Titan has a pocket infinity bounty (another repeat) taking up a slot also. #3.1.1
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Why would someone with 1 bubble waste it on asking a dumb question?

You can't even respond to the answers lol. #1.9
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It is funny that there are people who must say something negative about destiny in every article. They even bring it up in articles that don't have anything to do with the game.

I don't understand, maybe they think if they're persistent millions of people will just stop playing it all once lol. #1.1.3
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How cool would it be if a devil walker was to just drop down in the tower lol.

I hope it lands on the cryptarch first, then we take it out. #4.1
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Depends on the experience and teamwork of your teammates.

I've seen it done on normal in an hour and a half. That includes dicking around and taking breaks after the jumping area.

I don't know why but the jumping maze is always the break taking spot lol. #3.1.1
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Lol. You counted my bubbles...

So are you denying that MS purposely shafted 360 owners for the last few years of its lifespan to flesh out It's X1 lineup? I mention Ryse and DR3 because those were launch titles in the X1 launch year. Ryse was first announced as a Kinect only title back in 2011...

I also didn't bring this up as a negative either. That same strategy worked for MS when the 360 launched and got them a hell of a lead in sells. It probably... #2.1.2
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You throw in Halo but not TLOU?

:-( #3.3.4
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I know plenty of people who "really" own both consoles who say the opposite.

Some hadn't played the X1 in months until the MC collection came out. I have a friend I play Destiny with on PS who consideres the X1 his main console and he rarely plays it, but loves it.

I will be finding time hopefully to play both this holiday, there is no way I'm not taking advantage of the $350 price tag with a game. #1.9
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Exactly. People who keep touting MS "stellar" first party line up forget about the last few years of the 360's lifespan. I'm sure a good majority of X1 exclusives were pushed back from the 360 days.

Admittedly they are headed in the right direction it seems under new management. The real ground up exclusive for X1 and PS4 should start to show up now and in the near future.

If MS hadn't held back games like Ryse and Dead Rising their exc... #2.1
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I'm also pretty sure the Gjallahrn was on sale before Suros also. #17.1.1
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It's the same as patients and time, suros regime, and everything else Xur sells. It will dominate the crucible initially but people move on.

No biggy trust me. #4.1
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I'm grabbing one today also. I have a maxed out hawkmoon and thorn, I've been waiting for this one.

All I need is fatebringer and my hand cannon collection will be complete. #1.2.1
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It's perfect for someone like me and the millions of others that didn't purchase the first one. #1.1
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Oh okay, cool. Thanks for pointing that out.

I admit that I just skimmed through it.

Bubs. #4.1.1
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I thought I read somewhere with "more official numbers" that the PS4 had the most units sold. The Xbox "brand" sold the most copies (360 and X1 combined)

It doesn't matter but just curious that VGChartz has the X1 selling the most copies on all platforms.

Edit: here is the article I mentioned. #4
I understand Destiny may not be for everybody but you honestly think COD has more "lasting appeal" than Destiny?

I'm enjoying COD AW myself also because I hated Ghosts. Let's be honest though, It's basically cycling through the same 13 or 14 multiplayer maps. You may change the game mode but it's still basically start random map, kill enemies for 5 minutes, check your score, then repeat.

I'm digging this new one but I can only j... #3.1
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My main complaint is that paying someone $50 doesn't guarantee that you finish the raid lol.

Anyone that has done it should know that one person on a team of six can't do it by themselves. What if everyone else is under leveled and terrible? #1.2.4
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Delivered? I haven't touched campaign yet but did you beat it already? #10.2
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I hadn't either until I left my console in rest mode to finish downloading advanced warfare.

When I came home I hit the PS button on the controller and nothing happened. The light bar on the controller came on and the orange light was still glowing on the system. I unpluged the console then plugged it back up. It came on and warned me about unplugging it while in rest mode but didn't make me rebuild the database.

I still wouldn't call that a"... #1.3.1
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I agree with the exaggerated part. Obviously people seem to have a different definition for disaster than mine. I ran into the rest mode "bug" once and wasn't silly enough to do it again. I'm also not going to go though some unnecessary troubleshooting on my own free time to fix it either. I just won't use it until it's fixed.

On a positive note though, I was able to try the game share feature and that worked wonderfully. I'd say that's a gam... #1.1.4
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