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Oh my god this this whole reply thread is hilarious! #1.1.37
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Does more booths = more babes???? :-) #1.1.20
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George you kill me acting like you've played both Quantum Break and the Order.

Just be truthful, you HOPE that Quantum plays great and The Order doesn't. Come on, just be honest and admit it lol. #1.1.5
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I'm with you Tuglu.

Besides the one leak about Guerrilla Games supposed new IP, everything else is just vague. I mean "Uncharted 4 looks breathtaking" says insider #1. "Uncharted 4 uses amazing new tech, looks stunning" says insider #2.

These are just safe guesses just like the old soothsayers used to use back in the day. What makes it so sad is people are eating it up and praising the "insiders" #1.1.3
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Yeah me too. I don't usually listen to these these "insider" rumors, but I'd be highly disappointed if this wasn't true :-(

Sounds interesting. GG tech, open world, and dinos... Make it happen please. #1.1.3
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Get ready for it. This game is going to get a lot of hate. Hate coming from all angles. It's gonna get hated on by the gaming press looking for hits. It's gonna get hated on by fanboys who still say Ryse is the best looking game. Let's just be honest, it's gonna be hated on because it's a Sony exclusive.

Anyway I think it looks good. The first time I watched it I couldn't tell when the cut scene was over and gameplay started. The guns and effects look... #2.6
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@george and whomever else. Don't believe the hype! Seriously companies always scream about the next big thing. This version is better than that version, blah blah blah is going to be a game changer and so on. It's all PR talk. They want your money.

Tell me, is there a big difference from Windows 8 and 8.1? Android 4.3 and 4.4? IOS 6 and 7? The answer is no. Software versions scale with your hardware. New hardware comes out, software follows. It doesn't necessarily... #1.1.6
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I don't know if I respect Microsoft more or less for changing their vision. I admit I don't have an X1 yet but damn MS, what happened to sticking to you guns? I could have sworn MS said they would never unbundle Kinect and that it was an integral part of the system. It may have only been a rumor but I thought they said the system wouldn't work without it.

Sometimes you got to stick to your guns if you have a vision. Microsoft (Xbox at least) is letting negativity... #3
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Interesting point of view. So let me get this straight. This gen the cheaper, more powerful, and easier to develop for system is also winning in sales... Weird.

Looks like we as gamers are starting to get smarter. #3.2.3
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I kinda agree with him though. I remember one year Sony did reveals all the way up to E3 and it was underwhelming. I think that was the year where they saved twisted metal for the end but everyone sort of expected it.

The silence is mysterious and unusual for Sony. I'm intrigued. #2.1.1
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They could have people in the audience planted to yell and clap for every little piece of news...

Or not. :-) #1.14
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@the realness.

I believe in pummeling the kids lol. It teaches them humility and to win or lose with grace if you're lucky. That is until they get old enough to destroy you.

My son wrecks me sometimes and definitely rubs it in my face lol. #1.2.3
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1080P JetPacks?

I'm back on board. Sign me up :-) #1.1.2
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To be honest I don't remember the PS4 (or any PlayStation product) having a (+) associated work it since Christmas lol. It's always a (-). According to vgchartz PlayStation is either declining or no change in sales every month.

That can't be true. This site is a joke. #1.1.8
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Lol. Xbox 360 sold less world wide than the PS3 even with a year headstart (that's third place for those keeping score).

I guess kicked butt means buying 3 or 4 consoles due to RROD lol. #1.5.5
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Lmao! I almost thought you were serious.

You are joking right? Right?

Hello.?.? #4.1.3
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Lol everything is a (+) except PlayStation products...

I use to not believe the "vgchartz is biased" stuff but come on man... #1.2
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@Axios "can't wait to see what happens in September" lol

Yeah all of a sudden the Xbox One is going to outsell PS4 in those 28 countries as well as the US and UK... /s

People kill me with that 28 countries argument. It's being outsold in the 13 countries it is available in. How is adding 28 more going to change anything? It's just more countries for the PS4 to outsell the X1 in... #1.1.5
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@Amazing, So you're saying if you didn't see the title in the article you would be able to tell it was a Call of Duty game?

I personally wouldn't have guessed it. Probably would have thought it was some new IP. #2.1.8
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They use to just have the Xbox splash screen at the end. Now they added "Get the ultimate experience on Xbox one" lol.

Kinect functionality confirmed... #2.3.9
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