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This is how you know Destiny is a success. It's the new cool thing to hate on.

Remember, you aint cool unless you hate on something cool...

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I can't believe people actually take the time to write user reviews. It's something I'd never think to do. I would rather play games in my free time instead of pretending to be a journalist or sway others opinion. You're not getting paid and your opinion doesn't mean anything.

I guess it's just me.

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@Xbl Ha. I needed that laugh.

OT: I'm enjoying this game a lot right now on PS4. If it was being backed out marketed by MS I'd still be enjoying the hell out of it.

It really doesn't matter.

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Level 13 in 11 hours? I'm not a big MMO or RPG player, is that kind of quick?

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It's always something with this franchise. Just drop basketball and give me a next gen Fight Night.

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Simple, because it's available for all consoles. Titian fall may have gave it a run for its money if it wasn't xbox/PC exclusive. -_-

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They mentioned leading in combined software sales back in April I think. That's the last that I remember hearing anything from them NPD wise.

Last gen they didn't miss a month. The official Xbox site, major Nelson, Aaron Greenberg etc. would all post victory numbers.

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Added you.

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I personally can't wait, don't really care how "big" it is to everyone else.

Anyone playing on ps4 feel free to add me. PSN is the same as my username.

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I feel and second you enthusiasm.

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Yeah that was fun.

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I can't wait to see Sony advertise Advanced Warfare, the card game.

Then have a size note saying that they couldn't advertise the game as usual. But, you can get a better version of the game and potentially play with 5 million more people. Lol

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Alpha and beta went smooth. I have no doubt that psn will be fine.

If not oh well, I'll just tune in to N4G for a few hours and laugh at the people flipping out.

Regardless it will be a fun day.

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Lol. "We don't even care whether or not we care". I love that movie.

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These articles are getting old. So what if the Japanese don't care about consoles.

I don't care that they don't care and neither should anyone else.

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Will add shortly. My ID is the same as my N4G name.

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Hey I'm all for free who would disagree with that. Xbox Live (the one that started this all) should be free too.

Edit. And now it's working. They were just waiting on Ksar to complain.

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I kind of dislike the fact that everything now days has to be online, even co-op. Gaming should be about fun but you're right, some people take it to seriously.

I'm getting the PS4 version at launch and if you or anyone else want to partner up send me a PM and I'll add you.

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Just realized this is free on PS+. It's been getting great reviews it seems.

Downloading now.

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A $50 dollar cut along with a package game that I want may just push me over the edge this holiday. I'm holding out for black Friday myself.

Already have a PS4 so I can wait it out for an Xbox price cut.

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