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I'm grabbing one today also. I have a maxed out hawkmoon and thorn, I've been waiting for this one.

All I need is fatebringer and my hand cannon collection will be complete. #1.2.1
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It's perfect for someone like me and the millions of others that didn't purchase the first one. #1.1
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Oh okay, cool. Thanks for pointing that out.

I admit that I just skimmed through it.

Bubs. #4.1.1
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I thought I read somewhere with "more official numbers" that the PS4 had the most units sold. The Xbox "brand" sold the most copies (360 and X1 combined)

It doesn't matter but just curious that VGChartz has the X1 selling the most copies on all platforms.

Edit: here is the article I mentioned. #4
I understand Destiny may not be for everybody but you honestly think COD has more "lasting appeal" than Destiny?

I'm enjoying COD AW myself also because I hated Ghosts. Let's be honest though, It's basically cycling through the same 13 or 14 multiplayer maps. You may change the game mode but it's still basically start random map, kill enemies for 5 minutes, check your score, then repeat.

I'm digging this new one but I can only j... #3.1
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My main complaint is that paying someone $50 doesn't guarantee that you finish the raid lol.

Anyone that has done it should know that one person on a team of six can't do it by themselves. What if everyone else is under leveled and terrible? #1.2.4
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Delivered? I haven't touched campaign yet but did you beat it already? #10.2
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I hadn't either until I left my console in rest mode to finish downloading advanced warfare.

When I came home I hit the PS button on the controller and nothing happened. The light bar on the controller came on and the orange light was still glowing on the system. I unpluged the console then plugged it back up. It came on and warned me about unplugging it while in rest mode but didn't make me rebuild the database.

I still wouldn't call that a"... #1.3.1
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I agree with the exaggerated part. Obviously people seem to have a different definition for disaster than mine. I ran into the rest mode "bug" once and wasn't silly enough to do it again. I'm also not going to go though some unnecessary troubleshooting on my own free time to fix it either. I just won't use it until it's fixed.

On a positive note though, I was able to try the game share feature and that worked wonderfully. I'd say that's a gam... #1.1.4
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Well then buy yourself one and be happy.

:-) #2.1
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I agree with LawBoy. Praedyth Revenge (raid sniper rifle) takes care of all my sniping needs. It's like shooting a scout rifle, it's so smooth.

Didn't buy ice breaker and I'm probably not going to buy this. Oh well guess I'll buy another sparrow upgrade. #1.2.5
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Yeah I think it would have been sad to step back in resolution considering ghost was 1080p. #1.1.1
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No one (at least now) is saying that MS forced parity. With the PS4 selling so much better it would be hard for them to do so anyway.

The issue is ubisoft saying they are purposely making them equal to avoid debate.

People are arguing that if AC unity is "pushing the PS4 to the max" and only getting 900p, their is no way the Xbox one could be equal because the PS4 has a higher ceiling.

Doesn't matter to me because I wasn't... #1.2.12
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... They might be listening... #5.1
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Nice. I'll save mine until Christmas lol. #4
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I've never got a chance to see the "cheese" in person. I was with a group that tried it for like a couple of hours and it took the fun out of the game. We could have done it legit twice.

Now at least it won't even be an issue. I've been with a few groups and we've done it multiple times. It's not that hard. #1.1
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Cool. How does that work after you've downloaded the game? Do they just trust you to delete it or block the game somehow?

Just curious. #1.1.3
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There is one of these articles every day. "X amount of things destiny need" "why destiny needs this" "what's wrong with destiny"... Blah, blah, blah.

I can't wait for are the gaming journalist and Destiny haters to pool all of their ideas and criticism together and develop a game. It would be the most awesome game ever, day one buy for me for sure.

Make it happen people!

(Or you could just stop talking ab... #1.2
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GTA 5 will be new to me. Just like the last of us was. I missed out on those last gen, now I have more free time. #1.1.10
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@Melman The cloud indeed is very real but MS definition for Xbox One is what's fuzzy. People use the cloud everyday. If you start an episode of a TV show on Netflix at home and then finish it on your smart phone you're using the cloud.

Anyone who used office 365 is also using the cloud. The cloud is just a group of servers networked together for data storage and some computing to free up resources or space on a local device.

MS is very dedicated to cl... #1.1.2
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