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I agree with everyone about the repetitiveness but what game doesn't get repetitive? If you've been playing games as long as I have you've just about seen it all.

Most great single payer games may give you 8 to 10 solid hours of gameplay. After you've finished what do most people do? Go back and play the same thing over again maybe in a harder mode. I know that's what I've done. Is that not repetitive?

If the Division can give you som... #1.1.7
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"If I was planning on buying both and I hadn't yet, I would definitely recommend the X1 this year too."

Honestly? If you could only buy one why wouldn't you get the one that has the best multiplats?

If I was really recommending one to someone i'd recommend the one that has the best multiplatform games which eventually take up the majority of most gaming libraries. #1.1.33
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It seems like every article that is posted now days someone has to bring up Destiny. I don't get it. Plenty of people love it and it's going strong. I've played Titanfall and Killzone, both of those games had a significant fall off after a month with little competition to go up against. I haven't personally enjoyed a game as much since Dragons Dogma.

Back on topic, I agree with you about the Division having an opportunity to have a great single player campaign... #1.1.1
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*raises hand* My name is Giggman and I'm addicted to Destiny. #3.2.4
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You and me both. I have so many exotic and legendary weapons that I would give them away if I could.

I have like 5 or 6 in the vault and 6 on me to swap around. I'm calling bs on doing the raids "dozens" of times and not getting nothing. Strikes maybe. #10.1.1
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True. I'm at level 29 with exotic weapons and gear. I'm average at best in the crucible around the middle of the pack with a 1:1 KD.

I'm not gonna lie, I got worked a few times in the IB lol. I did notice a difference with my stats. I even finished first a few times.

Better gear still didn't make me a better player. I'm one of those type of people that are comfortable knowing that I'm not the best in the world. That their are some peo... #4.1
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Yes #3.4
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If I had a dollar for each one of these articles... #1
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@smooth, so the PS4 isn't the most powerful "console" on the market? #4.1.2
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I just got a message from PlayStation while my wife was watching Netflix. It said I have been selected for the Bloodborne alpha!

Downloading right now as I type this. #1.1
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I agree cgoodno. I have been on both sides of the fence, playing good and got nothing and sucking and getting rewarded.

When the iron banner becomes available it will probably reward the hardcore PvP crowd. #4.1.2
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Yeah that is funny. These articles are get ting old, it's obvious people aren't going to stop playing.

Time to write about something else... #1.1.1
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I'm enjoying the wireless gold and I think the Sim surround sound is decent, especially for the price. I agree about the option for true surround sound though.

They have inspired me to look into a few more expensive options. I'll give my golds to my son. #1.2.1
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You can claim lazy, or whatever if ms devs come in and "help" the game get to at least 900p. I'm interested myself to see if they can do it considering the PS4 version is already 1080p. #1.2.6
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It is a bit dramatic lol. #3.1
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I'm cool with that. Didn't use it much and when I did, I got mostly green and blue emblems which doesn't do my level character any good.

I will miss the part while farming and the sh*t hits the fan when a wave of enemies come swarming out. To hear everyone yell "here they come" at the same time is hilarious lol. It's like a mini strike. #2
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I know right. I'm an inch away from level 28 and still don't have a primary legendary weapon yet.

Here's to hoping Xur has something good for me tomorrow, I have a pile of strange coins and mote lights. #1.1
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Hunter is not OP. People always want a Dev to Nerf a class or weapon that they don't like getting killed by.

Annoying? Yes. OP? No. #3.1.5
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You're right. I took a break from destiny and played some Battlefield and COD for the hell of it. The first thing that hit me was the rubber banding and lag on both games.

You can say what you want about Destiny but it is butter smooth on PvP and PvE. For an always online game that's key. To score it below a 5 is ridiculous, it's far from broken. #1.1.4
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"Stunning" has been used all to hell lol.

I thought this was a dualshockers article at first. :-) #9.1.1
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