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@The Pope, Plugging in a controller with a built in battery after 6hours is more of a travesty than not having 1080P? Lmao!

I guess it would be more important if you have a cheap no name TV that only displays 720p. I'm pretty sure everyone else would rather have 1080p. #3.1.6
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I wouldn't go as far as say "shitty" but it was kinda jarring to open a brand new case and not have nothing in it.

Felt like I had bought a used game. #13.1
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Lol @ NYC

Now he's complaining about minor glitches in a game that his parents are going to get him for free. Wow. #12.1.2
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Lol. Funny #2.1.1
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You are not getting all EA content for free. Who said that? You are getting some old EA games for free while you are subscribed.

It's not that much different than PS+.

Full game trials, access to older game, and discounts. What's the difference? you get all this with just your PS+ subscription.

What's wrong with wanting more for your money? I also think that Sony should incorporate PS Now into their subscr... #1.1.6
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I think MS should have included this with Gold. They could have just gave exclusive rights to EA games and beefed up their already existing Games With Gold program.

Imagine just having to pay for Gold and get EA exclusive content without having to pay another sub. It would've made PS+ seem less of a value.

Also why no 360 support? MS will drop a console in a heartbeat... #1.1.4
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Not really. You just enjoy playing Madden from 2 years ago lol. #1.3.4
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It is funny the amount of hate it's getting just for being good. Do you think that the Halo MC edition will get this much hate from the other side?

Probably will lol. #7.2
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I don't know Abriael. A lot of people didn't play it last gen because it wasn't on 360. I know a couple of people myself who jumped from 360 to PS4 and couldn't wait for this game to come out.

This was a smart move from Sony. #1.1.4
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@Cyrus and Xtra, I see your point but are companies really making that much money on these special editions? I was in Gamestop the other day with my son and I saw the special edition call of duty ghost version marked down. It was just sitting on the shelf...

Hardcore fans, not hardcore gamers are the ones who buy this stuff. I have never seen the value in them myself and have been gaming for over 25 years. They make a few limited edition for those that want them and that'... #1.1.7
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I couldn't care less about limited edition games but I really don't understand why people care about what others spend their money on. Calling someone a "fool" because they buy something that you don't approve of is foolish itself.

People buy COD for different reasons. It's not just because they are mindless sheep. Some people might just like the game. It may be a "copy and paste" but I for one will support them as long as they keep adding... #1.1.1
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That little multiplayer snippet at the end looked interesting. Hadn't bought a COD since black ops. #1.1.1
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Best: Getting paired with a good strike team wrecking shop.

Worst: Tie between getting some cool gear that you are not leveled up enough to use, and almost defeating the spider tank during an event by myself but time ran out :-( #6
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I'm trying to figure out who it's sad for?

It's not sad for Sony or the people that are going to buy it. It's actually great for the million or so people who held on to the 360 waiting on MS to release a TLOU quality game and jumped ship to the PS4.

Everybody wins. #1.1.2
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You have every right not to like it but you have to admit that the beta was a renowned success. Nobody is going to like every aspect of a game.

I for one think that the moon PVP area should be bigger if you are going to have vehicles. It's a gripe but it "didn't change my decision over night" like the title said.

The people that are being really vocal about the game all of a sudden are the ones that I'm talking about. It happens with big... #1.1.2
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Destiny is the new cool thing to hate on. That's all. You got certain groups of people (and publications) that feel obligated to dislike things that are popular to most. #1.1
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Booo! I read the title and thought they were adding split screen lol.

Would have saved me from maybe having to buy another PS4. #1.1.4
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I missed out on this and GTAV last gen due to taking a break from gaming.

I'm in for a hell of a treat with these remasters. Get to experience them for the first time. #1.1
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Yeah I agree, both version are excellent. I played both during the beta and really like how your characters cross over to both versions. #1.2.5
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Yeah I might have to get a PS3 version because my wife loved it so much. I'm getting the PS4 version and she trying to convince me to pick up the white PS4 bundle for her so we could play together.

It would be cool, if she's still into it by the holidays maybe. Until then it's the ps3 version lol. #1.2.3
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