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The "researchers" seem to be going off of bullet points and PR talk to make their decision. I seriously doubt they had hands on with either product.

Microsoft's cloud theory when it comes to gaming is just that, theory's not proving (yet). The TV functionality is not available to all at launch either (which I still don't get). If that's the case then they should factor in Sony's Gaikai service that hasn't been proven yet also. (Honestly I don... #1.1.8
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Yeah iceman it is what it is lol.

I'm sure if I do some diggin I might still have the cassette tape! o_0 #3.5.2
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If you only listen to old school rap check out some of the samples of that Phil Collins style song (along with the original)

ex. DMX - "I can feel it" and Beanie Sigel "feel it in the air" #3.5
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I agree about the battlefield 4 beta. It froze on me every other time I played it. I had to cut the system off and turn it back on to fix it. #1.1.14
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Yeah I agree that is a pretty cool feature. #1.1
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It is funny though lol. Killzone is on another level. I went back to playing KZ3 to get hype for shadowfall and it still looks amazing. #1.1.3
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This is getting so stupid. People either hate the cloud or think it's the second greatest invention next to the light bulb. This article has little to do with gaming and is more about storage.

The reason Microsoft is so ahead of the curve is because it has OTHER products depending on cloud storage. Products that make Xbox seem like small buisness. Microsoft Office 360 is cloud based (like Google Drive and docs). Microsoft sells millions of copies of Server 2012 which has... #1.1.15
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I agree. If they can nail down those visuals and lighting with the coveted and elusive 60FPS, it would be awesome. And still Free! #3.1
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You can't go by that commercial really. Frankly I don't care as long as it's good and still free. :-) #1.1.1
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Also UBI is trying to release 2 games on every system at the same time, current and next gen. That's a big task if you ask me.

I wish that they would have kept watchdogs exclusive to next gen. It would have been easier on production and benefited the game. #1.1
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Does look pretty fun. I don't remember "Crazy Combo" in the first one though. It's kinda throwing me off. #1.1
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@Mad Aizen, I understand as far as release dates and such. I was speaking on MS demanding parity on more of a visual and technical level. Wondering if there is any truth to that. #1.1.6
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Wow I had never seen the white one until now. I would love to have that one.

OT, one thing I like about this guy is that he seems real. Of course he is going to sway X1 way but who wouldn't in his position. At least he does answer questions. As far as this conversation goes I would like to ask him if it's true that Microsoft demands parity or better on 3rd party titles. You can never find any concrete evidence on this subject, just speculation. #1.1.2
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@ Swiggins how do you know they aren't? I know for a fact that a Windows server can support up to 4TB of RAM and unlimited amount of Virtual Servers using Hyper-V and a data center license. I have 2 virtual dedicated servers at home and use them on a regular basis.

I'm not knocking the cloud and it's the future/present but it's not that big a deal. One Physical Operating System Environment (POSE) can yield lots of Virtual Operating System Environments if the h... #2.1.3
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A server is just a server. A piece of hardware. The technical marvel is in MS software. It's nothing for Microsoft to set up a bunch of Virtual Dedicated Servers. Most people think that this 300,000 server claim from MS for the cloud is going to be individual servers but they are wrong.

Sony could do the same thing but it would cost a little more. #2.1
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And mechs? In the same game?

You all act like I just cussed out TitanFall by mentioning Killzone. Please forgive me for pointing out the similarities.

The fact of the matter is that it would have been a PR shitstorm if Respawn would have said Killzone multiplayer with jetpacks AND mechs was an inspiration... #2.1.1
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No Killzone 3 with jet packs and mechs? #2
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@thrust, all Sony has to do is purchase some copies of Windows Server 2012 and set up a bunch of virtual severs and run Hyper V just like MS is doing.

What people don't realize is that is all the "cloud" is lol. It's not exclusive to anyone... #4.1.6
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Yeah I agree with you. I'm glad I got the Killzone bundle from Amazon instead of the Watchdogs bundle. I wonder what will happen to those preorder bundles since the game is delayed? #1.1.1
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Sony could have taken the easy route like Microsoft did and save some of it's PS3 offerings for the PS4 (pulled a Ryse for example)

They could have saved The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and Gran Turismo 6 for the PS4 launch and this would be a non issue PS4 grand slam. Lucky for MS they didn't and I'm glad they are sending the PS3 out with a bang and have content that is exclusive and built for PS4. #1.1.14
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