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Thanks for telling us...

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It may work for some but it still want force me to put order it.

The only time I put ordered a game is to get in a beta or get a discount on a game I currently want by pre ordering something else.

I preordered Madden at best buy and got $20 off of another copy of battlefield 4.

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Thanks. It can get competitive as hell sometimes. Like I said we are not big on COD but it is split screen. I almost didn't buy ghost because it didn't have four player for the first time.

At night when they're sleep I prefer battlefield myself.

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Lol. Thanks.

My wife and son play Ghost on PS4 all the time. When you have a gaming family it's more convenient to have splitscreen online options instead of having to buy two systems or someone wait until the other finishes.

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The only game mode I was listening for and didn't hear anything about is local multiplayer.

I'm not a big enough fan of COD to purchase it full price unless I know I can sit down with the wife and kids and play split screen.

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I noticed Battlefield 4 tsunami and Killzone's OWL.

Still looks good though.

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I wish that would have happened in my play through lol. I did play the ps3 version so I would have thought it was on purpose. It would have freaked me out.

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I don't mind remastered games as long as it doesn't take from the development of other products.

I missed out on a lot of games last gen. Tlou (which was brilliant on PS4), GTA5, and sleeping dogs.

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I took everyone's advice and waited. I just bought it last week and had a little trouble getting into it but now it seems OK. Can't wait for this update.

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Because it's an awesome remaster and the best game released thus far this gen on either console... (Mario for wii u is a close second)

Duh. Lol

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That comment made my head hurt.

Edit: I'm glad you changed it a little bit... I still got to lay down though.

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That is my only gripe. It needs be sorted better in the ps store. Maybe add Indie to the sort filter or something like that.

As it is now it's starting to get cluttered.

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@The Pope, Plugging in a controller with a built in battery after 6hours is more of a travesty than not having 1080P? Lmao!

I guess it would be more important if you have a cheap no name TV that only displays 720p. I'm pretty sure everyone else would rather have 1080p.

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I wouldn't go as far as say "shitty" but it was kinda jarring to open a brand new case and not have nothing in it.

Felt like I had bought a used game.

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Lol @ NYC

Now he's complaining about minor glitches in a game that his parents are going to get him for free. Wow.

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Lol. Funny

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You are not getting all EA content for free. Who said that? You are getting some old EA games for free while you are subscribed.

It's not that much different than PS+.

Full game trials, access to older game, and discounts. What's the difference? you get all this with just your PS+ subscription.

What's wrong with wanting more for your money? I also think that Sony should incorporate PS Now into their subscr...

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I think MS should have included this with Gold. They could have just gave exclusive rights to EA games and beefed up their already existing Games With Gold program.

Imagine just having to pay for Gold and get EA exclusive content without having to pay another sub. It would've made PS+ seem less of a value.

Also why no 360 support? MS will drop a console in a heartbeat...

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Not really. You just enjoy playing Madden from 2 years ago lol.

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It is funny the amount of hate it's getting just for being good. Do you think that the Halo MC edition will get this much hate from the other side?

Probably will lol.

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