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Nah I doudt we will see too many of those due to their pride. Reviwers don't want their flock whom they make decisions for to lose faith in them as "true" gamers... They will never admit if it' too hard, they'll just find another way to say it sucks to save face lol. #3.4.3
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Seriously? Waiting on reviews?

I'm guessing people don't make their own decisions anymore. This generation of gamers is lost. #4.3
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People keep mentioning the holidays lol. Do you really think this holiday would have been different than last year or any other?

MS didn't sell tons of consoles last holiday due to exclusives. It was because of price drops and deals. If it wasn't for the new Kinectless SKU and then a price drop on that very SKU it would have not been a competition.

Don't forget that Sony still hasn't dropped the price of their console yet. That's one ace i... #1.1.8
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Yeah everybody should have just listened to game journalist and YouTube reviewers to make their decision for them.

How dare people buy a game with their own money instead of take someone else's word for it. What are you people, grown ups that make your own decisions? Get the f#"* out of here.

Me and Iluvetrim will continue to be sheep following the herd and our beloved gaming journalist shepards. #8.4
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I'll admit that I missed out on a few gems due to reviews in the pass but never again. Luckily some of these games came out on PS+ and I was able to try them for myself and felt stupid.

SharePlay and PS+/Gold are making reviews and reviewers obsolete in my opinion.

I would have never played Dragon's Dogma if it wasn't for plus and it was my favorite game last gen. #2.1.2
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You're right lol. I remember getting my parents to buy me magazines in the grocery store just to get a demo disc. Now kids get so much free stuff it's crazy.

It infuriates me when my son says he don't have nothing to play. #2.1
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Are games usually unavailable on release day still? I remember going store hopping in the past on release day but not recently. Just asking because I haven't been to a day one release in forever.

I think pre loading games digitally for day one releases is good enough reason for me to pre order. If it throws in something cool also it's just a plus. #2.1
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Fans are going to get it regardless. This commercial seems cool and will appeal to a broader audience.

From what I can tell the game looks better than the alpha which was a blast to play. #4.1
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Ha, Who is Angry Joe? What makes him more notable than "Average Joe"? He is just another person with an opinion just like everybody else. "Oh wow, he has a YouTube channel so he must be official".

I've been a grown man for a long time and making my own decisions for years. I'd listen to my mom's opinion of a game before I listen to Angry Joe or anybody else's. #12.4
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I don't know for a fact but I can almost guarantee that the user scores you're talking about are probably by people who haven't even played the game.

Hell, I'd bet that some are from people that don't even own the console. #1.1.6
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I think it just indicates that people realy don't give a damn about reviews. Only reviewers think that their opinion means something.

Just because you work for a major publication or have some kind of blog or YouTube channel that doesn't necessarily make you an expert. Some of these guys think their opinion is gold lol.

I've been playing games for as long or longer than some of these reviewers have been alive. I think I can make my own decisions... #1.1.11
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There still people asking this question? #1.1
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The article itself is about Microsoft winning November. Even says so in the title. I was mostly replying to Hells about his gambling scenario and instant gratification on winning after losing for a while.

You're right it's not a competition but this article and many more label it as one. It's a competition that I really don't care for but others do (looking at you Lev). It's obvious people at Microsoft and Sony care too because you haven't heard a peep... #1.2.2
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It's funny how that works lol.

My favorite football team went 1-15 one year. Their only win was against their biggest rival team late in the year. You would have thought they won the super bowl!

I as well as others had a little something to celebrate but it was still a very disappointing year. #1.2
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I don't have time or the desire to play every game that is released during the holiday season. I do tend to play most of the exclusive games that are released and prefer to play them sprinkled throughout the year. I'm mainly talking exclusives.

If first and third party studios had the same mentality to release all their games at the end of the year the drought at the beginning would be unbearable.

This time of year I'm ba... #1.2.4
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True, but I like Sony's strategy.

I would prefer to buy my games spaced out throughout the year (especially exclusives) rather than spend a large lump sum at the end of the year. That's also when all the big multiplats come out which makes it an expensive time of year.

Releasing exclusives throughout the year gives people plenty to do and doesn't hurt as much on the wallet at the end of the year. #1.2.1
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Why announce them now?

So people can prepare to buy them lol. Games that are coming out in Feb - May should have at least been mentioned by now.

It's not about hype it's about business. If you have a product ready to come to market you announce it then advertise it...

I'm sure MS has big plans but don't expect to see anything until E3. If it's anything like their last one it should be all about "games". #1.1.2
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It's hard to believe someone who hated dark souls would be looking forward to bloodboune.

Was demon souls more your thing? #1.3
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I'm sure most people have a PC...

Mine is fine for work and everyday use. I wouldn't buy a PC for SFV when you can get it on PS4. #5.1.3
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It is cool how they clarify that though. No misleading wording at all. #1.1.2
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