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I've been screaming this for years. As much shit as the COD franchise gets one thing I can say is it allows local multiplayer. I will continue to support the franchise as long as they continue to do so.

It saves me from having to get two copies of the same game and the family can sit down and have fun, like I use to do back in the day. My wife and son are playing Ghost on the PS4 right now split screen online.

I've got B4, definitely picking up Destin... #1.1.4
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You know a lot of those so called "narcissistic" self entitled fanboys defected from the Xbox 360 don't you? #8.1.2
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That's the first I heard of ghost running "horribly" on PS4. I've had no problems with it even on split screen. Anyway, has anyone heard about them including local multiplayer?

That will determine whether I get the game or not. Not resolution. #2.1.2
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Yeah I think my life will go on without it too. I know people who where pro xbox 360 who didn't bite and buy a PS3 for Uncharted. I seriously don't think people are going to buy a Xbox One for Tomb Raider.

Plus there is a chance of it coming to other platforms also so it's really no big deal. I don't see why people are sweating it. #2.2
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I almost held out for the white PS4 but couldn't wait. I had to play the last of us and I don't regret it.

Congrats on your purchase, hope you enjoy. #2.2
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I agree. This announcement works for me. My son has a Vita and I have messed around with it for remote play a little but that's it. He rarely plays it except for the occasional Dragon Ball Z or Naruto game.

As an adult I am more interested in PS4 offerings rather than handhelds. #3.5
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I agree. #2.1
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Seriously? Even the most delusional fanboys wouldn't agree with that. Win the console war? People are digging too much into this. Just let it go. #1.1.11
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Lol exactly.

I'm going to pick up a Xbox One maybe in 2015 to go along with my PS4 it won't be for Tomb Raider lol. Unless they announce a tomb raider bundle for about $300.

Where do people come up with this stuff? #1.2.1
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I missed out on two of the biggest games last gen. I'm glad I get to play this now that I have more time on my hands. I got to experience The Last of Us for the first time on PS4, next GTA5. #1
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I don't see the big deal about Tomb Raider either.

I think it boils down to two groups. One group wants what they can't have (yet) and the other just wants to rub it in.

I guarantee this wasn't on the majority of PS4 or Xbox One gamers radar until the exclusivity deal was announced. #2.9
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DR3 might have sold 2.2 million but it was one of only a few games to choose from at the time. When tomb raider comes out it will be buried amongst other games. #1.4.7
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That folks is what it's all about. Numbers don't lie.

Congrats Sony. #1.1.2
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Like I said before they are setting themselves up to compete directly with Uncharted and the fanboys are going to go wild.

That in my opinion is not wise. Dante's Inferno did it against God of War 3 and Prototype did it against iNfamous. Those didn't turn out too well. #1.1.4
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That what I was thinking also. They'll release another "definitive" edition in the spring or summer. #10.2
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Good show but tomb raider was the only big surprise. People are overreacting for nothing I think. Although it is weird because when I think of tomb raider I think of PC and PS1 lol.

To be honest Uncharted is going to do to Tomb Raider what God of War did to Dante's Inferno. Or what Infamous did to Prototype.

I'm not taking anything away from either of these developers but Sony first part studios do what they do best. It will great for xbox fans who ca... #5.5
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Now we're talking.

I love when Gamescom and E3 are upon us. It renews your hype for gaming in general. On topic I think Sony should have showcased this more at E3 but no need to complain. Bring on tomorrow. #1.3
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Thanks for telling us... #7.1
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It may work for some but it still want force me to put order it.

The only time I put ordered a game is to get in a beta or get a discount on a game I currently want by pre ordering something else.

I preordered Madden at best buy and got $20 off of another copy of battlefield 4. #1.6
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Thanks. It can get competitive as hell sometimes. Like I said we are not big on COD but it is split screen. I almost didn't buy ghost because it didn't have four player for the first time.

At night when they're sleep I prefer battlefield myself. #3.2.1
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