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They're good at hype.

That's good journalism, raise hype until release and then give game a 6.5 /s #2.2
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Interesting. It definitely has a shot since its on PlayStation also for the first time. #3.1
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Lol. Nah, no need to "man up". I think we'll be okay.

I'm still trying to figure out why people keep bringing up the holidays.

I game year round, am I doing something wrong? #2.2.4
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I still don't get it. So what if they want to charge? Don't buy it or the game. That'll show them, complaining about it gets you no where.

Until someone puts a gun to my head and makes me buy something then it doesn't concern me. People can sell whatever they like as long as someone's buying. I'll never buy it but I also will never tell anybody else what to spend their money on. #1.2.2
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I hate micro transaction but I don't see what's the big deal with this one. Now if they were selling new exclusive fatalities then that's a different story.

If a few casuals play offline with friends and want to do the fatalities there is a shortcut for them. If you're worried about them using it on you online it really doesn't matter, because they beat you anyway. They're not paying to win and you won't even know who's using it.
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I was thinking the same thing. I remember reading something about a standing ovation at a private showing for this game.

Any "Insider" can go off of this information and say that they saw something but didn't. #6.1
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I hope this will be in 3d like the least one. One off the best 3d games ever. #1.4
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Split screen has been in all of the recent ones also. It was just toned down from 4 player to 2 player.

I would love for 4 player to come back but I'm cool as long as there is at least 2 player. #10.1
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I had the Golds but my 1year old broke them.

My wife bought me the Astro a50's and I instantly fell in love with them. I still miss my Gold custom presets though. #2.2.1
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I agree with you for the most part.

Call of duty and its timed exclusive dlc is the only excepting that I can think of that may have swayed some people. #14.1
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And people who haven't spent money or played it are just going on what others think.

I totally get not dropping $60 on something you might or might not like, but don't take someone else's opinion as gospel.

Calling someone dumb for liking something you haven't even tried is, well, dumb. #8.2.2
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Nah, reviews/reviewers still don't matter. Personally I had my mind made up and pre-order placed before the reviews came out.

One of my favorite games this gen is Destiny and I'm enjoying the Order. Actually this is the first time in a long time that I actually agreed with reviews and I must admit that it scared me a little Lol. #1.3.2
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I know very little about the site. I do know that it's hilarious how they came up with the data for this factual sounding headline.

They used the PS store rating system to come up with this lol. #5.1
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Yeah it did do this also. I like music unlimited better so far.

Maybe it will grow on me if I get premium with no commercials... #1.5
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LoL at XBLSkull having a ps4 "laying in the CLOSET"

I know plenty of real dual console owners who would never put one in the closet if they won't using it. #1.1.14
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Honestly people would have raged and called them soft for putting in a pause option lol.

Part of the souls charm is walking into a new area and encountering a bad ass and not being able to prepare. #1.2.2
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I bought one in store at Wal-Mart for 50 bucks. They price matched it with their own website.

I love the controller but it's hard to find sometimes... :-)

J/k #1.2
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Nah I doudt we will see too many of those due to their pride. Reviwers don't want their flock whom they make decisions for to lose faith in them as "true" gamers... They will never admit if it' too hard, they'll just find another way to say it sucks to save face lol. #3.4.3
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Seriously? Waiting on reviews?

I'm guessing people don't make their own decisions anymore. This generation of gamers is lost. #4.3
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People keep mentioning the holidays lol. Do you really think this holiday would have been different than last year or any other?

MS didn't sell tons of consoles last holiday due to exclusives. It was because of price drops and deals. If it wasn't for the new Kinectless SKU and then a price drop on that very SKU it would have not been a competition.

Don't forget that Sony still hasn't dropped the price of their console yet. That's one ace i... #1.1.8
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