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That's my problem with the game. I downloaded it on the PS4 over the weekend and I think I need to spend more time with it.

Being a free game it's easy to pick it up and put it right back down because you didn't pay for it. I'll give it another shot.

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The worst game you've played on Xbox one or PS4 hands down?

Seriously, I can name quite a few worse game on both platforms.

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I thought I heard them say the PT demo was downloaded over a million times.

That's pretty impressive.

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Lol. I was four.

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Ha. I was alive then.

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I'm the exact opposite. I didn't care about it being Bungie at all. Then I played the beta and was sold.

Releasing the beta was the best decision they could have made. It benefited people like me and you who were on the fence. It confirmed my purchase and saved you money in the long run.

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I'll take both too. Only if call of duty is split screen as usual. If not I'll pass this time.

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I'm interested. Just got Second Son and I'm working on my platinum trophy in my spare time.

If it's worth $14.99 I think I'll give it a shot. Does anyone who has it think it's worth $15 bucks?

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I have to agree with you there. Nothing against Tomb Raider but Uncharted is going to be on another level.

People like putting games up against other games for article hits. Other examples are God of War vs Dante's Inferno and iNfamous vs Prototype and you know how those turned out.

Uncharted vs Tomb Raider will be no different with these comparisons and I predict the same outcome.

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Agreed. Also hope other devs take note.

Co-op is NOT dead!

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I just logged in and for some reason this is the first article my eyes gravitated to.

I didn't want to click the link lol. Glad to see that all is on track.

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It's not worth it to some people, get over it. Especially if you already have a next gen console. I'm not spending $400 on another console just to say that I have it. I rarely use my PS4 due to my busy schedule.

Pay $1000 just because they ask you to? Lol. Sounds like a sheep to me.

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I'm playing through infamous right now. Not stopping until I get the platinum. Personally I'd say infamous.

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@ Nick, not everyone wants sunset overdrive. I already have a PS4 so I don't need a Xbox one right now. I bought the PS4 at launch and felt it was worth $400.

I feel in my opinion that the Xbox one is worth between $300 and $350 (between Wiiu and PS4). I'm holding out for black Friday. If they release a SKU in that price range or package in a game that I want for $400 I'm game maybe by the Holidays

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Xbox One price still isn't quite right for me. I have patience.

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You would think that a website that "supposedly" knows about gaming and technology would know the difference between hacking and DDoS...

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I agree also. Don't give a damn what the resolution is or the FPS or whatever people argue about...

This for some reason screams Next Gen better any other example on either console. I love getting other people to play it for the first time and it still freaks me out.

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Since this article mentions metacritic it fails to mention how more multiplats score higher on PS4 than their Xbox One counterparts.

Believe it or not multitplats exist and people want the best version. When it's all said and done, multiplats will make up the majority of most gaming libraries. If you could only afford one console you might as well get the one with the best multiplat versions. This could have a lot to do with the sales gap more than exclusives.

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@Creatchee, there are 1billion people in the US and Europe. The Xbox One, by some unreliable sources, are just getting to 5 million sold.

The amount of people means nothing. It's all about who is interested in your product and is willing/can buy it. I can see 5million sold eventually but not by the end of the year like Physco is referring to.

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