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If Killzone is mediocre, what's Ryse? #4.2.1
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I wonder if the embargo worked and plenty of people where suckered into buying this game.

Personally I'm glad I don't need a preview/review to tell if this or any other game sucks. However, I have picked up some good games that I would have slept on because of good reviews. #2.2
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Yeah Lowsnamebrand, I have no idea what he's talking about lol. #7.1.2
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Maybe I was expecting more because of the Sony launch event but to be honest Xbox launch event is whack. It's cool they are partnering with McDonalds but show some games.

Buy the 30 minute mark in the Playstation launch we had Uncharted reveal and Infamous footage. #7
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I thought they were all about the new fitness app o_0 #1.1
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I hope they do also. The PS3 is still churning out exclusives so it's safe to say that Sony gets it. I'm kinda wishing they would have held back The Last of Us, GT6, Beyond etc for the PS4, but I also can't imagine those games not on the PS3. #1.2
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For once I agree with the "analyst".

Although they have closer than what I expect. #1
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First Party? Which title is first party besides Forza and Killer Instinct? Most people are talking about DR3 and Ryse which are second or third party.

I hope people enjoy their launch lineup from Xbox One. If history is to repeat itself, which it usually does, those exclusive can start dwindling down. Companies like Capcom, Crytek, Respawn etc, are not guaranteed to keep pumping out exclusives for MS. Especially the way the PS4 is selling. I'm sure most was a one time dea... #1.1.4
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That's stupid. So what if I prefer old school local multiplayer. None of the reviews alluded to this fact. It's always the only game that me and my friends (real friends) can sit back and enjoy some couch co-op.

When you get reviews a day or two before release you miss out on something like this. Sorry for not being smart -_- #3.2.2
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@Eonjay, I'm thinking that they may not have that much confidence in how it's going to review. The previews are all over the place and you can never tell with the gaming media.

I agree with you and think it's strange that they would hold Ryse reviews until the last minute. #1.1.4
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@Jokes, Ryse is on the rise. Microsoft is doing the right thing if you ask me and delaying the reviews for it. Dead Rising is going to sell well and deserves it also. #1.1.2
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I guarantee the Xbox One attach rate will be just as much or more. I'm guessing 75% to 80% of all X1 sells will have Call of Duty along with it. #7.8
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I'm one of the 70% (Crazy number) of people that picked it up. I was pissed that it didn't have four player split screen. That was my main reason for picking it up :-(

Well now I have extra controllers for nothing. #3.2
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I'm holding out for PS+ freebie #1.1
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Forza should do fine. Ryse is going to be mixed like everything else. I don't think Ryse reviews are coming out until almost launch. #1.3.2
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Ain't nothing wrong with that. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #4.1
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Lol. You want it to be a lot don't you? #1.1.17
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@AlexKoepp that's just stupid.

The PS4 controller cost the exact same as the Xbox One controller. No one is forcing a touchpad on you and raising the price lol.

If that's the case I'm sure their will be plenty of third party controllers released that you can plug into the PS4... #1.1.9
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@Logic. If I can get Kinect, plus a good game (TitanFall or Halo) and throw in a Live subscription for $499 I'd bite.

Until then I can't see myself paying over $400 already owning a PS4.

Also what is to stop the PS4 from doing these bundles? Especially if it gets out to a substantial sells lead. (Infamous bundle for example) #1.1.8
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So being more powerful isn't a plus?

As far as the price "you get what you pay for" everyone doesn't want Kinect or a Kinect alternative. MS bundled Kinect to justify the $500 price tag.

If MS didn't add Kinect do you think they would have charged $400? Is a Kinectless Xbox One worth $400? Not if you compare it to the PS4 it isn't.

Kinectless Xbox One is a $350 console at best. #1.1.1
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