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its gonna be interesting to say the least to see what naughty dog does with a 1000gbs eDRAM.

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you mean xboners.

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We all know what the genesis of this since it was revealed what MS demanded of Rockstar in exchange for the $50 million bribe to get GTA4 on the 360.
The precedent is THERE for MS dirty tactics, the question in my mind is : I would have legally ruined MS for anti-competitive practices, violation of the Rico statute(with a good lawyer you could make this fly) and whatever else I could throw at them. Sony really is the nerdy kid who won't stoop to such levels I guess.

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Id hit it, Ellen is really cute.....

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lol keep it up geniuses, soon you will be getting hit with a summons by your local cockroaches for doing business as a reseller without paying them off first.

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dumb post that guarantees you will get far more disagress than agrees

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It's be a good idea to a PS4 and tell MS what they can do with their Orwellian system.

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MS and their minions are COMPLETELY talking out of their behinds on this one. the biggest problem with the used game market was the publishers bearing the brunt of second and third dips of their multiplayer service from people who paid money for a used game to a third party like gamestop. EA fixed that problem with their $10 online fee for previously used titles. What this amounts to is GREEEEEEEED from MS and those in the industry who think like they do. In other words they feel the cost of ...

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I have absolutely ZERO interest in the xbox brand this time around.

RROD = 1billion +

Buying into former ps exclusives + timed dlc = 50 million a pop

Only to alienate 90% of your demographic instead of building on it = PRICELESS

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im not sure im a big fan of this whole tit for tat approach between the big 2. That just turns it into alot of overlap when it comes to games. IMO you need to have a vision of what level of gaming experience you want to deliver to the end user, future proof the design for the next 10 or so years and then start production gearing towards an in store date. This would totally cutoff MS from copying everything you do and force them to make choices in order to compete.

In short i...

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obviously forbes is just trolling for hits.

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well its the witching hour here on the eastside and all is back to normal.

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I loved Halo2 on xbox1 too bad they made the stupid decision to lock it into windows vista and ignore the huge market for xp.

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I dont know what's been hated on more this gen the cell or the PS3.

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I want a a dual threaded quad-core PPU orchestrating 16 SPUs talking to a state of the art APU over a gigabit bus architecture between all the components.

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im curious as to why people expect anything more from a bunch that has taken cheapshots, outright lied, ridiculed those of us who wanted a fair and balanced discussion of the industry, intentionally downrated and misrepresented the quality of early playstation title and still do to this day.

if anything being sore losers falls right in line with their behavior. I think what is lost on the more kind spirited and somewhat naive of our playstation brethren is that this was never...

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the problem at microsoft is an incompetent management structure that was instituted by ballmer. MS went from an organic place to grown learn and share knowledge to a cut-throat corporate hellhole where you are rewarded for undermining colleagues you are in competition with. Basically MS has been corporatized and has NO SENSE of itself or direction. This is why all their products are late to market and fail miserably. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

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this is a BUSINESS CONVENTION for PS retailers. I kind of doubt they will announce anything at this event.

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yet you'll notice that trolls like this one don't get banned from posting.

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I disagree that the cell is a failure. Maybe the failure is in getting the industry to see the possibilities beyond MS checks and swag bags.

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