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framerate has very little to do with slow ram. #5.3
GDDR5 is going to make for some interesting pipeline design. #1.5
refreshing to know that the features and technology microsoft provides in their products are not worth the investment because you never know which ones they really "care" about in the long run. Who formulates this company's product strategy? a 10yr old WoW player? #5.1.1
they ruined all the progress they made up to 13, obviously the result of relentless fanboys crying about no defense. #4
anyone that thinks the nazi movement was about race has been spoonfed history.

and yes that includes all the losers who shave their heads and wear flight jackets. #19.2
by "black" they mean "dark humor".

kids........ #11.2.4
I value FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION over people's sensibilities. #1.1.32
dumb dumb dumb

why would Sony give up the thing that sets it apart from the competition? #11
oh and the most obvious point I forgot to mention

when you are talking about your competitors product instead of already lost. #2.1.16
"more advanced graphics" is gonna be their answer for every title that doesn't measure up from now on.

smh #10.2.3
so now MS is rolling out heads of studios to comment about what's possible for a title THAT IS NOT being developed for PS4 on the PS4??

oi vey what an absolute mess they are turning this hobby into. #2.1.14
I disagree, sure their have been console rivalries before but once you know who got involved in the console business it went to a whole nother stratosphere. They taken what used to be ONLY a fun hobby and turned into it a crusade for supremacy. I guess that's fine for the most part but it's how you go about it that makes all the difference. This whole thing took an ugly turn when the legions of MS fanboys started mudslinging and flamebaiting the industry. #1.2.1
Xbone: Photoshop Edition

now that's a #4.4.4
oh and PS....
you have to be certifiable to invest in a joint venture with this coporation when it comes to anything creative or innovative. #1.15
MS is a classic study of being first to market and having a near monopoly for almost 30 years. Now that they actually have to compete in markets they don't own and control it becomes very clear that this corporation couldn't launch a wet fart with a truthful presentation or spec sheet. #1.14
I just had to roll back my manufacturers GPU driver and replace it with the Nvidia version JUST to get FIFA 14 to run AT ALL.

I don't see casual consumers putting up with that kind of crap. #5.8
in a few years I will have been gaming on PC for 20 years and even I think all these PC elitists sound like a bunch of idiots. A PC will NEVER offer the unified experience that a console does. It's like comparing your non street legal hot rod which sits in your driveway to a racing circuit where you're actually enjoying a great experience. #1.13
lol @ ms fanboys acting like this is something to cheer about. This is just a sign that MS is getting really desperate and trying to create any sort of safe haven for their console to sell in. #1.2.2
exactly Mikey, for the sake of REAL gaming we should all see this sad corporation obliterated from the face of it. #1.19.3
if we get another gen of this crap it will just prove once and for all what a despicable company MS is who uses employees to act like "gamers" and post online under the guise of "real gamers" play both platforms yada yada yada.

truth is anyone that supports a corporation that holds an entire industry hostage to it's greed and lack of tech know how is a moron who needs to be run out of this hobby along with MS. Some people/corporations are involved in g... #1.1.33
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