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there is nothing surprising about his comment, instead I think it is a HUGE reveal of who stalks N4G because we've been hearing that crap logic from supposed "xbox fans" on here for years. Hey boneheads, stop trying to control the consumer/market and just put out competitive products. Stop trying to relieve yourself on Sony who came to console gaming WAYYYYYY before and EARNED their spot as a gaming giant. The more you try to rob Sony of the recognition they deserve the more yo...

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if you give money to activision for this turd of a franchise YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH GAMING!!!!!!!

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PC enthusiasts are like the strange out of the way bike clubs that no one cares about. WE GET IT, your rig is so powerful it can play games that haven't been developed yet. /s

give it a rest already.

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some of us even warned MS fanboys this past gen about planting the seeds of their destruction in trolling the massive playstation fanbase. You play dirty pool against your opponents don't turn around and cry when they do it back to you. Now you have some of the more intellectually challenged out there teeing off on MS for their blunder with the xbone.

karma is a female dog and she's in heat.

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the lockstep is too obvious and pretty disgusting how these cretons try to shape the industry for their paymasters.

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a haze icon automatically outs him as a MS fanboy.

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I think the way you break the multi-platform stranglehold on major franchises is by basically creating competition for it on the PS4. Sure you wouldn't get all the trimmings such as player names in a title like FIFA because of the ridiculous licence EA has but I would drop FIFA in a heartbeat if sony made a better next gen alternative. Just like they have done with their AAA exclusives you create a zone where MS $$$ can't reach and skew the race in their favor.

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framerate has very little to do with slow ram.

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GDDR5 is going to make for some interesting pipeline design.

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refreshing to know that the features and technology microsoft provides in their products are not worth the investment because you never know which ones they really "care" about in the long run. Who formulates this company's product strategy? a 10yr old WoW player?

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they ruined all the progress they made up to 13, obviously the result of relentless fanboys crying about no defense.

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anyone that thinks the nazi movement was about race has been spoonfed history.

and yes that includes all the losers who shave their heads and wear flight jackets.

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by "black" they mean "dark humor".


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I value FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION over people's sensibilities.

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dumb dumb dumb

why would Sony give up the thing that sets it apart from the competition?

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oh and the most obvious point I forgot to mention

when you are talking about your competitors product instead of already lost.

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"more advanced graphics" is gonna be their answer for every title that doesn't measure up from now on.


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so now MS is rolling out heads of studios to comment about what's possible for a title THAT IS NOT being developed for PS4 on the PS4??

oi vey what an absolute mess they are turning this hobby into.

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I disagree, sure their have been console rivalries before but once you know who got involved in the console business it went to a whole nother stratosphere. They taken what used to be ONLY a fun hobby and turned into it a crusade for supremacy. I guess that's fine for the most part but it's how you go about it that makes all the difference. This whole thing took an ugly turn when the legions of MS fanboys started mudslinging and flamebaiting the industry.

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Xbone: Photoshop Edition

now that's a

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