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IT'S HILARIOUS to see silly kids disagree with Ju who knows exactly what he's talking about. #1.1.37
sorry kids but all your hootin n hollerin isn't gonna get daddy ballmer to give you a raise. #9.1.4
let me be the first to cast my vote for an HD remake of the first KZ on the PS4!!! #1.9
at this point I think MS will try ANYTHING to stop the pre-order hemorrhage. Incoming Chuck Norris commercial in 10....9...8...7... #1.1.17
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these kids say it like its a bad thing to be a more powerful ps3. #7.3.2
@mad puppy

I like your explanation of how the PC market IBM created is what allowed MS to grow well beyond it's ability to compete in the industry. I disagree in them eventually becoming a consumer friendly company. I don't think they will survive all their blunders in the long run. THINK ABOUT IT, the only mild success they have had with any product in the last 10 years is the 360 and that's only AFTER throwing piles of cash at the division to first keep it afloa... #1.2.19
exclusive content/dlc/pink ponies

have done nothing to make ANY title significantly better than it's rival platform counterpart this generation so I for one couldn't care less about MSs nyah nyah neener neener exclusivity deals. #2.10
Vita pricedrop, BOOM #1.13
didn't expect a GT movie. hope it turns out well. #1.12
are you from the future? are you lookin for Sarah COnnor? #28.1
silly goose we all know Walter White never picks inferior technology. #1.1.27
this is MS throwing in the towel #38
its actually a reference to the early culture at MS when they actually had a much more benign outlook toward the industry. This changed once they went corporate and started killing creativity within the company. #1.5.1
thats why i say suits belong in middle management keeping the machine going while the flip flop wearer can just think of cool crap for the company to sell because HE IS the demographic they need to understand. #1.4.1
you NEVER listen to businessmen when it comes to creativity. That's like asking a duck what a shark likes to eat then basing a business on it. The whole corporate model in america is upside down. suits belong in middle management where they belong while those who wear flip flops and shorts are more suited to direct the vision of a company.

this very dynamic alone is why a company like MS makes so many blunders and has no vision for it's products, in fact you could say t... #1
people that don't understand the distrust for MS just don't understand the power of a first impression. They reversed their policy on the console because they were clearly headed for the greatest console launch debacle in the history of gaming. To say that just because you were racing toward the edge of a cliff in a car full of screaming people and managed to stop in time doesn't change the fact that you were still racing toward that abyss to begin with. WHO would stay in the car... #1.1.22
why would people buying the clearly more powerful console be "scared and desperate"?

lol at fanboy logic #9.2.5
BOOM #1.1.41
not sure I follow your logic on this one, MS certainly had no problem launching a year ahead of Sony just to get ahead of them. Of course we all know the abortion they forced the consumer base to endure. #1.8.5
sorry but our friend from Belgium above poo pood that lame excuse by his explanation of language commonality in tier 2 countries with tier 1 markets. #7.2.3
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