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making the right moves??

that makes it sound like this is all MS on their own volition when in reality they wouldn't have budged an inch if they preorders didn't start to tank and Sony's grow by leaps and bounds. It's one thing to put out a fire because you like doing the right thing and another to put one out with a gun to your head.

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don't be so naive aghashie, MS started the dirty pool last gen and it only devolved into a war since then.

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ultimate proof that although all companies are in this for profit, the only thing that MS sees is your wallet, your preferences or rights as a consumer are just an inconvenience to them.

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Microsoft is a study in the art of being unable to stay out of your own way. There will ALWAYS be room for another console that is not named playstation due to the sheer fact that people by nature do not like to conform to just one thing. There are literally those out there that see the popularity of the playstation brand and consider it a turn-off. Does it make them wrong? right? who knows but at the end of the day we are all entitled to make the choices we make for whatever reason we make t...

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not to mention that the irony is so thick it's delicious. We just went through an entire generation of microsoft fanboys calling the PS3 a "bluray player". Now they have a bluray player on steroids.

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is this guy kidding?

how about fewer load screens?

massive battles?

photo realistic textures and lighting?

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what kind of question is this?

don't they know Naughty has Jesus and Chuck Norris on staff?

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i'll admit when i first heard of cerny championing the x86 I did a major eye roll as it looked like Sony gave in to the forces of industry and conformed to the beaten path. That is until I heard him acknowledge the computational shortcomings of the x86 architecture and his plan to eliminate the bottle necks. Kinda like finding a happy medium between performance and lazy developers (looks at bethesda with one raised eyebrow).

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i take that as mostly teenage banter from.......teenagers. I love games and gaming but some of these kids act likes it's their girlfriend.

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anyone that doesn't get why people want MS to fail should really just retire from the internet.

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it's not so much learning the architecture as it is learning what to DO WITH IT. Such as ESRam running at a terabyte a second. That's some serious power but I would have to sit down for a few a months to figure out a framework that takes advantage of it.

oh that reminds me, to all the PC whores on here.....there isn't anything in the PC world that runs at a terabyte a second much less even half of that. so zip it u clowns.

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I wonder if they would even qualify as interns at Naughty Dog.

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bug free open world games are completely possible with the right framework and methods applied. The problem you all see with Bethesda is a LAZY DEVELOPER trying to next gen their old code base written for machines that are old enough to vote now. Back then you HAD to take shortcuts in order to make simulations work. You ended up with a "finished" product that doesn't work in harmony on every level of interaction.

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this is what alot of us meant when we said "you never want a gaming industry with MS in charge". Imagine if they were the only game in town. They would be shoving all this draconian garbage down consumers throats and lol the whole time. Of course they would cause another gaming crash but thats for another topic.

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I guess I'm the only one that see's MS parroting the crap their employees errr I mean fans have been saying on here this whole last generation.

"Japan is not a major market"
"US is the biggest market"
blah blah blah

talk about branding butthurt and trying to sell it.

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oh dear the butthurt is so strong it is now triggeting delusion in our sad.

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lot of butthurt xboners in

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personally I'm not sure I agree with the lunchline philosophy for developers. WHERE is their responsibility to look ahead and rework their old tired engines for the new technology of the day?
WHY is all that burden on the console maker to do backflips to make their lazy coding still work on new technology?

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MS competes with its checkbook not with their talent(or lack thereof).

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they should make their own console and show the world what a mature cell design can do?

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