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the problem at microsoft is an incompetent management structure that was instituted by ballmer. MS went from an organic place to grown learn and share knowledge to a cut-throat corporate hellhole where you are rewarded for undermining colleagues you are in competition with. Basically MS has been corporatized and has NO SENSE of itself or direction. This is why all their products are late to market and fail miserably. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. #27.1.2

this is a BUSINESS CONVENTION for PS retailers. I kind of doubt they will announce anything at this event. #31
yet you'll notice that trolls like this one don't get banned from posting. #11.1.1
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I disagree that the cell is a failure. Maybe the failure is in getting the industry to see the possibilities beyond MS checks and swag bags. #52.1
exactly, Sony first party studios have already more than proved what the CBE is capable of. It is up to third party developers to choose mediocrity by developing for desktop/ms architectures. Another point that everyone's missing is the fact that third party developers have shown that appeasing microsoft is a better business model than running the risk of having a PS3 version of their title come out clearly superior to it's 360 counterpart. In other words why would Sony move away from... #1.2.5
lol leave the xbox kids alone, what else do they have to talk about besides multiplats? #14.2
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you will get nowhere talking about such stuff here, its over most peoples heads who have no idea about shadow government black ops. Anyone who has bothered to really look into these people will find that they were being subjected to post hypnotic suggestion coupled with SSRI dosage by some shrink that then quietly slinks away once the subject carries out their programming and murders 26 people. Most here who buy into the mainstream propaganda that guns are evil really have no idea what they a... #9.1
yes the NRA is full of it, the only thing that truly stops this crap is when the VICTIMS are capable of defending themselves. Regardless of what many of you kids think us adults are not swayed by the socialist media or government. Many states are right now enacting laws that arms and trains teachers to protect their students. Bet you wont hear about massacres there. #3.1.2
look up bath township michigan school massacre

a disgruntled school administrator planted a BOMB and killed 47 kids.

people who really have no reference to speak from should really STFU about one of our most fundamental rights. #2.1.17
the first xbox would have sold more at this point but we all know what happened there. Bragging about selling 3 times more than a gen where you threw in the towel is weaksauce IMO. #1.1
I would like a reason to buy the next xbox, the thought of only having Halo and Gears to look forward to doesn't really do anything for me. #28.1
I think alot of people are gonna be in for a rude awakening at how quickly MS will exit the console business. My God even Vanity Fair had a 5 page article on all that is wrong with MS. "How MS lost it's mojo", look it up, Im sure you can find it. To sum up 5 pages into one sentence I'll just say that MS has become the PERSONIFICATION of corporate america. SLOW, FILLED WITH PETTY POLITICS AND NOT A FUN PLACE TO WORK. This is coming from their own former and current executive... #1.21
IM actually interested in picking up a Wii U, just want to see what the game lineup is for the holidays. Anybody who thinks Nintendo is competing with the other two spec for spec doesn't understand their business model. In fact they have the same philosophy as Sony. FIRST PARTY EXCLUSIVES. #3.2
the article acknowledges that the xbox is a bright spot in the devices and entertainment division but that it is a very small pebble in MSs pond. Ultimately it's what we always said, xbox exists because windows supports it. Not the other way around. #2.3.3
massive facepalm

the article is not about the 360, it's about console exclusives. #3.2
most of the kids here don't have access to linked-in. WHERE I just read a VERY revealing piece on the state of MSs core businesses. The windows battleship that has kept the MS empire afloat is starting to show chinks in the armor. Serious chinks at that. In fact the article is called "Microsofts nightmare scenario is actually coming true". We saw blips of this a couple years back when the investment market tried to push the company AWAY from the games console market because it... #2.3
whats there to know??

that MS will keep charging for LIVE? that's reason enough for some not to buy their console. With the price of everything today the last thing some of us want is to pay to be able to enjoy the other half of the games we buy. #1.1.8
hardware inferior??

God of War 3 and Uncharted say hi. I think the 360 would drop a deuce trying to push the graphics in those games.

clowns #7.1.3
that's because it was a BS excuse to cover up the fact that MS corporate policy is to spite consumers of a competing brand. Lovely company they are. #4.3
forget 4 player coop, show me a game with 256 players on 360.

still waiting........... #12.1.16
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