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but what about the fish? you are nothing in this industry if you don't have realistic fish. #11.3.2
so let me see if I understand, the publisher/dev has to pay out 2 years worth of salaries out of their pocket in order to give you free stuff??

who would want to go into a business like that. This is why children aren't allowed to do business. No understanding of the world. #25.1
lol @ N4G kids getting mad at the truth, I didn't say I support this stuff I just telling you why it happened. #1.1.12
everyone was in an uproar when they wanted to raise the price of games before this gen started. They HAD to back off that one because as the saying goes a lost sale is money out the door that may never comeback. Im sure this pissed off the publishers to a high degree and this is their middle finger back. In other words in their eyes $60 doesn't justify complete game content like it did the gen before last. This has been going on for a while folks. At the end of the day it would have been... #1.1.6
these are the same turds that send remote shutdown commands to your PS3 when you owning them in a 1v1 match. they are a scourge on gaming that needs to be dealt with. go ahead and disagree with the truth. #1.2.1
if they ever catch these hackers I would be all for prosecution under Iranian law. Let's see them try to ruin things for other people with no hands. #1.2
for someone who had become REALLY bored with FPS I am enjoying the ever loving hell out of this game. Currently going through my missions using just a hand cannon and haven't had this much fun in quite some time with a shooter. fanboy reviewers can go to hell. #1.1.9
this little girl mentality of needing others to approve of your choices is the life'sblood of these nerd sites. #5.1
had sony done it they would be on the phone with Ms lawyers right now #1.18.2
if I were Sony I would be firing up the legal cauldrons so I can take MS to the cleaners for violating an exclusive marketing contract between 3rd parties.

it is all fun and games after all. #1.13.2
anyone that thinks they are building a $400 pc using a $200 GPU has never built a pc before. #1.3.9
MMOs are like a comedy telethon, tons of content that bores the crap outta ya. #2.1.6
slippery slope IMO, what sets consoles apart is their ability to filter and deliver top flight experiences. Let PC be the dumping ground for every lame gameplay idea that comes down the pike and only those who have proven value should make it to consoles. My kid stopped playing SWTOR after 2 weeks. #1.1.4
this system is run on monetized debt. your taxes don't pay for anything other than keeping you poor. #1.2.7
someone hand me the address for these cockroaches and I will personally implant their keyboards up their asses. fuckin losers. #1.1.17
lol you're weird #7.1.1
lol here we gooooooo, let me get some popcorn #7
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EA is a blight on gaming and needs to go the way of sega. This is a company that is all too comfortable abandoning franchises when they fail to make an impression. They are money hungry whores who deliver sub par content and that's a company I can NEVER get behind. #1.11
this is why people talk about better competition for Sony than what MS brings to the table. EVERYONE is in this business for the money but what sours gamers is that MS is in it SOLELY for the money and couldn't care one iota about dragging creativity and competition down. I will make an analogy to music and see if it catches on. You don't hire accountants to make music, you hire artists who love their craft. #4.3
OMG it's tomb freakin raider people, WHO CARES????

I know I don't #1.1.18
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