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dream on, Sony will have a holiday season pretty much all to itself while MS plays catch up.

game set and match

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if I were Sony I would push for an October launch, that would be the knockout blow.

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I give credit to the posters who early on in this current gen called it when they said it would take Sony two console releases to finish off MS.

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Lord Vader has something to say about this

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even if they we're both $399 it's not even a contest for me, ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in the xbox brand. I learned my lesson with the 360 and will no longer buy a console that lives on 3 exclusives and multiplats for an entire generation.

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that should read vertex not vector....durp

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that only happens with bad coding.....cough unreal cough engine cough cough cough.....

good coding is what Insomniac and Ninja Theory did on their first titles for the PS3. Create a system of vector granularity for your 3d models where the actual vectors that get rendered is controlled by your proximity to it. The same can be applied to textures, lighting, animations etc.

that's the beauty of a binary simulation, you choose the level of detail for your ga...

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cause they want to sell to the current console base and not one that has yet to come into existence?

my question would be, why release this year?

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what's with calling people idiots?

lighten up francis we're only discussing a hobby.

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I disagree with your assessment, this isn't amazing, this is what all devs should provide for the money they charge for these games. Lazy gameworlds are one of my biggest pet peeves and make me put a title down faster than crap thru a goose.

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""The majority of the masses care only about the console," wrote the developer. "Except that the success of the Kinect carries much more weight to us. The sensor costs almost as much as the console to make.""

and there it is in black and white for those still too stubborn to take off the MS colored glasses. These people don't care about gaming or gamers. They just see gaming as another market they want to dominate with their retarded corporat...

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I wonder if I can use it play my vinyl collection with all the spinning this console does.

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"Honestly after reading the behavior of Sony fans on this site I'm ashamed, literally ASHAMED, to be buying a Sony product at all, because I never want anyone to mistake me for one of you. "

holy crap i knew the butthurt is widespread but i had no idea how deep it runs, the new MS boogeyman loooks like Mark Cerny

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I remember warning people on here around the start of this current gen that they would be sorry for giving MS a foothold in this industry much less put them in a dominant position. The ironic thing is these fools showed the consumer their true colors before they ever reached that point of market dominance. People reacted like MS was the kid at school who just dropped a load in his shorts in the lunchroom and scattered in every direction. I will say it again, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS COMPANY WITH ...

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anything that has resistive properties that impede the flow of electrons will GET HOT.

some of you kids need to pick up an electrical engineering book if you want to speak on the subject.

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as a "computer engineer" you would know that you can build a data structure in memory of unlimited size theoretically so I don't understand your comment.

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"But I just think its crazy when people think the PS4 is going to do something with graphics that has not already been seen on PC."

and just like all the other pc elitists you miss the entire point that the PS4 is going to do something with graphics that hasn't been seen by the majority of the gaming community. People who don't care to spend $2000 just so they can play a game. Just shut up already.

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bad choice of

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already got 2 pre-ordered

a SE from amazon
a launchday from GS

I will not be denied!!!!!

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I don't care if they rebrand it with silicone implants and kneepads, have no interest in what MS has to offer.

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