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noctis,shinobi,cloud,speriroth ,snake,kuja,crash so many more but it can only happen if the can get the license from the owners to be put in the game #4
nothing can really happen till square enix gives the thumbs and agrees to let superbot get license of the characters which i hope they do alot of good characters from Final Fantasy Universe Cloud,Vincent Valentine,Squall,Tidus,Sephiro th,Kuja,Noctis alot more the list goes on #21
Great News #12
got it and waiting #1
Got mine already paid for on the PSN love digital downloads saves me gas and time of going to gamestop in the morning Ready for 12:01pm tuesday #9
Good move superbot free and dlc can't wait #38
i think there will be hidden characters that would be creative do not tell us we just find out #4
Kept you waiting huh (snake voice) #30
For an opinion piece this story is just stupid must be a graphic whore back then games didn't have the best look but the game play kept you hooked something this guy must not know #50
can now wait to play with nariko and raiden #8
Sephiroth,Cloud,Squall,Vincent Valentine,Tidus so many good characters from the Final Fantasty world do something i have not seen from you as of late Square Enix something smart give superbot the right to some characteras i think they might put lighting on here to promote her new game #18
Master Foot LOL #17
good to be a plus member right now they did not give me the beta when sending it out #11
Nice move theses guys sound like they caught orgasms lol i preferred the ultimate how it was in ultimate storm 1 button commands least you had a chance #3
There's a lot of characters i would want but superbot they would need to get the rights from the owners to make it happened i wouldn't be surprise a lot of DLC but these four characters would be good also #28
This game seems to be doing well in most people mind including mine but haters gonna hate #17
memories got to download theses #1
lets see madden do that #4
Would be nice to get a beta code Superbot at this i couldn't care less i'll wait for the day it releases #6
some people need to stop getting so emotional and in there feeling if its to much to take don't purchase or look at the game #14
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