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Sephiroth,Cloud,Squall,Vincent Valentine,Tidus so many good characters from the Final Fantasty world do something i have not seen from you as of late Square Enix something smart give superbot the right to some characteras i think they might put lighting on here to promote her new game #18
Master Foot LOL #17
good to be a plus member right now they did not give me the beta when sending it out #11
Nice move theses guys sound like they caught orgasms lol i preferred the ultimate how it was in ultimate storm 1 button commands least you had a chance #3
There's a lot of characters i would want but superbot they would need to get the rights from the owners to make it happened i wouldn't be surprise a lot of DLC but these four characters would be good also #28
This game seems to be doing well in most people mind including mine but haters gonna hate #17
memories got to download theses #1
lets see madden do that #4
Would be nice to get a beta code Superbot at this i couldn't care less i'll wait for the day it releases #6
some people need to stop getting so emotional and in there feeling if its to much to take don't purchase or look at the game #14
Sorry NBA LIVE and EA You can't compete with 2K LOL better get the licensing from NFL again cause 2K Make a football game Madden might be something of the Past #11
Why not you wouldn't pay money for a good game such as this #14.1.2
can't wait it may not be all of them but it will do for now #6
Its better then not having one Kingdom Hearts in the PS3 i can wait for the rest 1.5 should keep me good for a while till the rest are released #11
Now this is a bundle nice one Sony #10
Best news i've heard all day would be nice hidden in side this disc A FF Versus demo hey a guy can wish right lol #35
got to give this a try looks interesting #1
cause of one character that might be in the game you won't get this game lol everyone has there opinion just yours stood out as one of the dumbest to me can;t wait to play with Lighting yea i said lol #5.1.4
Too bad 2K Can't put it's hands on NFL Yet But a Day One Buy for sure #4
Versus should be at 100% sigh Toriyama smh Nocis: Damn i wanna get out of this chair LOL #6
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