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love it but people have to find something to complain about sigh #43
That's was just godly can't wait #32
I'll pass and just wait really dislike modders #36
cant wait to play this may be a demo but i will be contempt with this and Type 0 HD need some more RPGS in my life #3
SMH Cashcom LOL!!! #11
where's that game of the year trophy Rocksteady does it again with the Batman series just great can't wait #38
No!!!!!!! lol Jade was my favorite female character from the MK Universe why do i think she might come in as DLC #16
Cant wait to see this on my ps4 even though its a demo need a break from all these first person shooters they need to push out more RPG'S #14
talk is cheap i wanna see results and release dates #5
they fix all these issues got your self one hell of game still playing around the issues love the series did not expect it to be this bad can't wait for the patch #6
can't wait for the ultimate super mega ultra super street fighter edition milk that cow cashcom #3
Madden has failed bring ESPN NFL 2K back EA took the licensing so 2K wouldn't kill them in sales and over a better gameplay #8
im waiting for the ultimate mega super ultra street fighter #13
would like that as a Halloween costume #3
FF 15 greatness awaits you on the PS4 #13
Resident Evil 6 could have learn from Resident Evil 4 heck even from the ones before 4 #8
part of that 7 million loving the PS4 #93
milk the hell out that cow lol i'll pass on this cashcom then next one after this one mega supreme ultra street fighter #3
FF 8 is not on the list come on #7
someone's real bored #9
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