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they fix all these issues got your self one hell of game still playing around the issues love the series did not expect it to be this bad can't wait for the patch #6
can't wait for the ultimate super mega ultra super street fighter edition milk that cow cashcom #3
Madden has failed bring ESPN NFL 2K back EA took the licensing so 2K wouldn't kill them in sales and over a better gameplay #8
im waiting for the ultimate mega super ultra street fighter #13
would like that as a Halloween costume #3
FF 15 greatness awaits you on the PS4 #13
Resident Evil 6 could have learn from Resident Evil 4 heck even from the ones before 4 #8
part of that 7 million loving the PS4 #93
milk the hell out that cow lol i'll pass on this cashcom then next one after this one mega supreme ultra street fighter #3
FF 8 is not on the list come on #7
someone's real bored #9
The PS4 continues to get better and better can't wait to get these #48
Not bad I'll wait when they drop a ultimate edition or something like that with all characters kills me no finishers just the ultras #8
nice trailer I'll wait for the ultimate edition or whatever it my be called when all the characters are put on the game #16
Not surprised Ps Plus is a great service much better than xbox live gold I've only got a couple good things from xbox live gold but doesn't close to Plus #23
bring ESPN NFL 2k back #14
Cod 4 was the best that was my introduction into COD as the others games came in it got more hectic #21
looks interesting can;t wait but really can;t wait for ff 10 and 10-2 #3
true that more RPG'S #1.2.1
not a bad list everyone has there opinions but no Vincent Valentine come on #16
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