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Now this is a bundle nice one Sony #10
Best news i've heard all day would be nice hidden in side this disc A FF Versus demo hey a guy can wish right lol #35
got to give this a try looks interesting #1
cause of one character that might be in the game you won't get this game lol everyone has there opinion just yours stood out as one of the dumbest to me can;t wait to play with Lighting yea i said lol #5.1.4
Too bad 2K Can't put it's hands on NFL Yet But a Day One Buy for sure #4
Versus should be at 100% sigh Toriyama smh Nocis: Damn i wanna get out of this chair LOL #6
Can't Wait #1
Sounds good i look forward to this installment #9
Nariko and Daniel Fortesque this game keeps getting better and better with the characters they keep announcing and this so called SSBB clone everyone seems to be calling it looks to be something great looks like it will do well when it's released i can't wait a day one purchase for me #30
Sorry Madden You can't compete with 2K day one for me #2
Its Official this list is bad but also an opinion piece #7
Sigh still no versus but from what i hear and what i been reading 13's story is connected with versus #25
Goodbye Madden loved ESPN NFL 2K #3.1
Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker another good one #1
After gold and silver i didn't bother it got out of control #6
Lighting,Spyro,Sora Hell yea #7
Nice Move Sony can't wait Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and Nightshade i would Like to see next #12
250 really people some must be cheap not a bad price with something capable of and this is coming from someone that doesn't own one yet #18
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 Nightshade Shin obi some much games step it up Sony #17
OMFG I Must Have This LOL #2
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