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wow dlc for characters already in the story there getting ready to milk this cow some dlc's are just outrageous #4
the htc evo lte 4g #4
i can't find this in the play store for anything on my android smartphone would like to play it #3
gonna download on my ps3 list til the updates come so i can download it on my ps4 #39
im not trading in or selling my ps3 still good games coming out like this one can't wait #5
Duh NBA Live couldn't hand 2k team did a great job with this one apart from the current gen version #10
All Hail SONY!!!!!!!!! Sony is going hard for the next gen #37
All Hail Sony!!!!!! Got Mine and just been loving It #25
Thanks bro Saturday morning is gonna be nice can't wait the watchdog bundle screwed me but didn't stop me greatness awaits for me on Saturday #4.1
good might still be hope the watchdog bundle screwed me when the game got pushed back amazon wouldn't sell me just the system here's hoping #1.2.1
lol #27.1
couple more weeka Mate #2.1
can't wait #33
was pretty good imo close enough its not Mark i know if you could do better give it a try voice acting looks tough otherwise Troy Baker a good Joker #3.7
M for Mature if its too much for you don't purchase the game here go people getting in the feelings about a scene in a video game #15
finally felt like once they were in dunk motion you could never stop it #7
What is PlayStation Plus its whats better than Xbox Live Gold i'll tell you that's what it is truthfully everything you get from it have more value #9
I'll just wait for the full release #6
Action RPG'S aren't bad look at Kingdom Hearts for instance like the move with FF 15 and turned based isn't bad either wouldn't mind a turned based game for the next generation console got 7 FF's under my belt completed im up for the idea #18
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