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Nice Move Sony can't wait Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 and Nightshade i would Like to see next #12
250 really people some must be cheap not a bad price with something capable of and this is coming from someone that doesn't own one yet #18
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 Nightshade Shin obi some much games step it up Sony #17
OMFG I Must Have This LOL #2
Those 4 games you can't go wrong #21
Cloud Vs Tidus #7
Madden Sucks Now Use To Be A Fan It Just Bores Me Now I Use To Love Playing NFL 2K NBA 2K Is Successful maybe EA Should give up and Just Let NFL 2K become a reality again IMO #17
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 Nightshade shinobi so many games come on Sony #20
LMAO Scary Uh NO These Older Ones From Playstation Yes #3
Good To Know the game has alot of potential to be something great can't wait to see the game load into my ps3 one day LOL #23
I Don't Know Final Fantasy Versus Still has a chance to see daylight or it might be a new name anything can happen The TGS coming Up and The Anniversary who knows Hope to hear something positive #19
Nice Sources Hope To See This Game Loading into my PS3 One day LOL #42.1
SMH FF 13 and 13-2 Was Ok but Leave It Alone Square Damn I would like to see Versus come out just from the trailer the game looks to be something great I say give Normura full control Of The Company and get those Idiots Out Of There #19
Vincent Valentine,Kuja,Kefka,Sephiroth ,Cloud,Squall,Lighting
Tifa,Tidus,Yuna,Squall Just Throwing out some names alot of Good More Characters from Final Fantasy #16
This Game Is Broken The List should be larger IMO #6
Nice #2
Still Got Mine On Reserved love and support the game a good candidate For GOTY IMO #21
Square Enix's Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary That's Maybe IMO When They May Give Us Alot Of Info heck even a release date but hey with Square Enix You Can Never be Sure #38
WOW Looks alot better then Generations i like Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 Cinematic Specials with the button mashing hope they make the team special creative on this game #4
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