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This Game Is Broken The List should be larger IMO #6
Nice #2
Still Got Mine On Reserved love and support the game a good candidate For GOTY IMO #21
Square Enix's Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary That's Maybe IMO When They May Give Us Alot Of Info heck even a release date but hey with Square Enix You Can Never be Sure #38
WOW Looks alot better then Generations i like Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 Cinematic Specials with the button mashing hope they make the team special creative on this game #4
Yawn can we get some real game news not getting my money sorry cashcom #42
No They moved away from the horror theme i loved the original ones were every bullet and herb felt like it could really be your last lol #15
The Team Justus could be alot more creative though would like to some some more improvements #9
Meowth lol everyone has there opinion but that would not have been my number one Jolteon IMO #9
Gameplay looks amazing can't wait to get my hands on this one #10
Not really a metal gear game but a real damn good looking game from what i seen in this trailer #4
Kingdom Heart the Collection on The Vita Sounds like a great idea #99
can't wait looks promising #5
I Would like to see nightshade and shinobi #12
Now this is what DLC should be about something real good and of interest defiantly getting this #1
Re evaluating really now Cashcom i was a huge supporter to your games back then and im not cheap on DLC But only if its DLC that's worth ed which most of Cashcom games have not been IMO #11
Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy 7 not counting out any of the other final fantasy characters but thats who i would really want to see he didn't appear on any of the dissidia's game maybe he could make his appearance on this game #17
now this is the kinda DLC i like something real good and worth ed the but game GOTY Edition i will definitely be getting #4
epic looks to be very promising #36
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