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Devil May Cry HD Collection only thing of my Interest #3
Final Fantasy Versus and Tomb Raider IMO #27
A Very bad list those original and classic games weren't very story driven but ok during that time and FFX had a great ending IMO #13
Trolls never fade away reading this review but it was A Solid and Good Game B+ IMO #7
looking at my watch hey Square Enix where's Versus some news and demo anything would be nice #4
Not a bad deal if you haven't played either yet #4
Cashcom strikes again next will be super or ultimate Street Fighter vs Tekken hate this DLC Era were in now some DLC is worth ed not all IMO #4
Enjoyed 13-2 Caius was a interesting and great villain a bit more improved from the first overall IMO wasn't bad #10
Jhil not bad i guess would like to see Cid Raines since there doing characters from 13 #6
It wasn't the best in the series but i enjoyed it very much a defiant hater must of reviewed the game and post this but everyone has there opinion #5
Lie what im hearing from this story can't wait #2
Congrats #9
Cashcom strikes again LOL #10
can't wait #5
Great Game #3
Lol same here #1.1.1
Sam Fisher is good but he's no Solid Snake #10
Nice Art work #1
Nice good things come to those that wait had a feeling complete edition would be on the way will be getting this #4
nice review just finished the game couple days ago was very pleased the ending was a very interesting but WTF Moment for me lol #1
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