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Nomura i will take your word and wait think this game will be great just like Kingdom Hearts was #34
This list suck IMO there's alot of better from Nintendo then them #5
Damn If this is true that sucks really enjoyed the first one #62
Nice Deal if you haven't picked it up yet #5
Great game to pick up if you haven't yet #8
A Honest developer bravo bravo no DLC Charge i could buy DLC Not Cheap but only if its worth ed take notes from this developer Cashcom LOL #6
can't wait got to get this looks to be something great #2
Not A Bad List IMO but FF 7 and 8 could have been a bit higher but everyone thinks different #18
Broken Game Im Just Saying #1
good question lol #2.1
not bad Noel looks kinda cool in that Ezio costume #1
IMO pokemon is very annoying now they keep milking it with new pokemon new regions same old crap my nephew was watching it the other day and a refrigerator is a pokemon WTF LOL #4
Some news that's nice but a demo and release date is much better IMO #6
well said enjoy the multiplayer very much something different from our first person shooters in the market #1.2.1
Devil May Cry HD Collection only thing of my Interest #3
Final Fantasy Versus and Tomb Raider IMO #27
A Very bad list those original and classic games weren't very story driven but ok during that time and FFX had a great ending IMO #13
Trolls never fade away reading this review but it was A Solid and Good Game B+ IMO #7
looking at my watch hey Square Enix where's Versus some news and demo anything would be nice #4
Not a bad deal if you haven't played either yet #4
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