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Yawn can we get some real game news not getting my money sorry cashcom #42
No They moved away from the horror theme i loved the original ones were every bullet and herb felt like it could really be your last lol #15
The Team Justus could be alot more creative though would like to some some more improvements #9
Meowth lol everyone has there opinion but that would not have been my number one Jolteon IMO #9
Gameplay looks amazing can't wait to get my hands on this one #10
Not really a metal gear game but a real damn good looking game from what i seen in this trailer #4
Kingdom Heart the Collection on The Vita Sounds like a great idea #99
can't wait looks promising #5
I Would like to see nightshade and shinobi #12
Now this is what DLC should be about something real good and of interest defiantly getting this #1
Re evaluating really now Cashcom i was a huge supporter to your games back then and im not cheap on DLC But only if its DLC that's worth ed which most of Cashcom games have not been IMO #11
Vincent Valentine Final Fantasy 7 not counting out any of the other final fantasy characters but thats who i would really want to see he didn't appear on any of the dissidia's game maybe he could make his appearance on this game #17
now this is the kinda DLC i like something real good and worth ed the but game GOTY Edition i will definitely be getting #4
epic looks to be very promising #36
dont think so but i will get the Lighting Story to see her story from a different perspective #3
epic #2
explode mode if you camp or dont move for too long you blow up lol #10
This Game look to be promising hopefully online is better then super smash bros brawl which was just terrible but that game is still great #4
LMAO Good one #2.3
Final Fantasy Versus XIII won't be at E3 because it will be be called something different to surprise everyone but that better be what Square Enix tries cause the wait is killing me Normura i know won't fail in this game in Normura i trust #44
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