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Star Wars Battlefront Progress Report

13d ago - "After all the hype DICE’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront Star Wars Battlefront Progress Reportg... | PC

DICE Ensuring Star Wars Battlefront Isn't A Battlefield 4 Repeat; Republic Commando 2 Rumors

19d ago - It appears DICE is learning from their past mistakes, especially when it comes to Battlefield 4.... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Seeing Hundreds of Units On Screen And Lightsaber Duels

37d ago - Star Wars HQ writes: Star Wars Battlefront’s development takes an interesting turn, plus it seems... | PC

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Could Be A Bonus For Buying Battlefield: Hardline

47d ago - Star Wars HQ discusses Battlefield Hardline possibly including access to the Star Wars Battlefron... | PC

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Will Battlefield Hardline Grant Access To The Star Wars Battlefront Beta?

58d ago - Star Wars HQ discusses Battlefield Hardline possibly including access to the Star Wars Battlefron... | PC

VR vs. EA

79d ago - VRFocus - Electronic Arts finds itself in an interesting position of late. While the publisher is... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Unlikely To See Clone Wars Era At Launch

81d ago - DICE has confirmed that they have visited the famous LucasFilm Museum to scan key models from Sta... | PC

Star Wars Battlefront 3 Planet Tatooine Location Confirmed

86d ago - "Planet Tatooine will be making its way into the upcoming Star Wars FPS." | PC

Star Wars Battlefront Could Be Delayed to 2016

86d ago - Last week, Battlefield: Hardline was delayed to the first quarter of 2015. This decision showcase... | PC

"We're going to build the greatest Star Wars game ever created"

92d ago - EA’s iconic games studio is taking a number of big gambles. It has opened a new LA studio, giv... | PC

EA wants Star Wars Battlefront to release along the movie

92d ago - After seeing a preview for the game at E3 2014 last month, the excitement for Star Wars Battlefro... | PC

EA news: 'Star Wars Battlefront' not tied to movie, full game downloads up 90%

94d ago - EA went into some details regarding their overall revenue for the quarter, in addition to results... | PC

DICE aiming for Star Wars Battlefront to be 'the best Star Wars game ever'

99d ago - DICE is aiming for Star Wars Battlefront to be "the best Star Wars game ever created", according... | PC

Star Wars: Battlefront – Release Date Already Pushed Back?

114d ago - According to some very recent rumors, it now looks like a more likely release time-frame for the... | PC

DICE given 'creative freedom' with Star Wars license

122d ago - The boss of DICE says the studio has been given plenty of creative freedom when it comes to makin... | Dev

Star Wars: Battlefront, DICE Increasingly Looking Like Match Made in Heaven

135d ago - For a layman, the Star Wars: Battlefront trailer presented at the 2014 E3 may have been disappoin... | PC

Star Wars: Battlefront is in good hands with EA

137d ago - "To this day, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still one of my favorite games based in that galaxy far... | E3

Star Wars: Battlefront Will Have Some Sort of Single Player Mode

137d ago - OnlySP: DICE has just confirmed via Gametrailers E3 All Access stream that Star: Wars Battlefront... | PC

IMO: E3 2014 EA – Showing A lot, Revealing A Little

137d ago - At E3 2014 EA showed off very few games that we didn’t know about already, which is a shame as no... | Culture

E3 2014 | EA Press Conference Review

137d ago - One of the most looked-forward-to conferences at this year’s E3 may end up being the most disappo... | PC

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Star Wars: Battlefront Debuts at Electronic Arts' Presser With Spectacular Sneak Peek on Engine

137d ago - During the Electronic Arts Press Conference currently being held at the Electronic Entertainment... | PC

E3 2014 EA – What we should expect

137d ago - With E3 coming in the next day or two, we (the TechRaptor staff)here at TechRaptor thought we wou... | Culture

What I Want From Star Wars: Battlefront

138d ago - (Zack Garvey Writes) There are Star Wars fans currently dreaming of the day that DICE release Sta... | PC

E3 2014: What to Expect from EA

138d ago - EA's E3 conferences are normally disappointing, full of the same-old FPS and sports garbage that... | PC

Five Games to Get Hype for at E3

139d ago - Kevin from Denkiphile: "Has it already been a year? I’m assuming it has since E3 has come once ag... | PC
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Star Wars Battlefront

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